Want to Improvise Email Marketing Campaign? 7 Tricks to Consider

Want to Improvise Email Marketing Campaign? 7 Tricks to Consider

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With COVID-19 halting the marketing scenario, email marketing remains an affordable and practical part of reaching your existing customers and new prospects. Many people find social media to be the critical tactic, but email marketing is effective, considering the low costs involved in getting the strategy to action.

7 Tricks to Consider When Improvising Your Email Marketing Campaigns

With ample room for improvement, you can grow your business with successful email campaigns. Despite dozens of email marketers guiding light to enhance the email campaigns, it turns out that there are plenty of strategies involved to consider in an email marketing campaign.

To improvise your email marketing campaign, we are listing seven tricks or tips that you can consider to measure and increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns:

Try market segmentation

Segmenting your subscribers into various groups can drive your email marketing to hit the right channels. This segmentation can help you tailor email content aligned with a group audience, allowing you to generate new campaigns as per market preferences. Subscribers even react positively to campaigns that contain infographics that provide a detailed explanation on a specific topic. Most of the business email campaigns segment the email receivers according to geographic location or time zone as, through analytics, it has shown some improvement in open rates.

Other group segments also include a list of subscribers who are interested in specific discounts or promotional events. Additional segmentation criteria could consist of education level, job type, customer persona, and break their lists with creative content strategy, thus enabling fewer unsubscribes.

Make it personable

Knowing your email subscribers is an easy way to make your content more personalized. Take time to learn more about them by integrating email campaign management services and creating automated nurture sequences to target your clients. To make it more personable, you need to send the email with the owner’s name as customers appreciate this and act more valuable to your business mails. Without proper personalized customization, your recipients won’t resonate, thus giving less impact to your campaigns. So, improvise and adapt to personalization and increase your click-throughs.

Play with your subject lines and make them compelling

To encourage or persuade your client to open the mail, you need to focus on the subtleties of messaging. Your email campaign strategy should be interactive and friendly enough to enhance your subject line. It must convey your main point without being too pushy as they are the most important ones for any recipient to open their inbox, or else, they might delete it.

Using some of the advanced data makes your email subjects compelling, or you can say quite intriguing. Having such impactful and teasing content can help to catch your subscriber’s attention. So, try to use specific familiar language using some of the tracking tools and create a variation as they can make or break a campaign.

Include a call to action

Having a clear call to action feature will help to drive the initial intention of your emails. Content that drives urgency gets higher open rates and increases engagement, thus converting it into more revenue. To get the customer’s attention, your newly launched products or directing them to your webpage needs a call to action, and this can be possible only if we place them concisely with less scrolling.

These call-to-action features are available in a wide range of tools, especially for email marketing, and you can use them from mobile QR codes to last-minute online coupons. Recipients should find these buttons or links easily to take the proper action and get engaged.

Use a mobile-responsive template

To attract your reader from unexpected avenues and drive the traffic to your page, you need to design a proper mobile responsive template. It should showcase your clear purpose and communicate with the customers in different ways. It ensures to view your content across device platforms and garner a higher mobile click-to-open rate.

So, opt for a single-column design that is eye-catching and engaging on a smartphone, & make sure your CTA buttons are large enough to get higher responsiveness.

Try A/B testing always

To improvise your email marketing campaign, try to pit two strategies against each other. Observing this deductive approach can help you to discover which technique performs best and ensure more accurate results. It relatively improves your open click-through rates and even gets more customer engagement. Finding such an unexpected strategy can help you adapt to and appeal to younger audiences and push them towards buying.

Updating and cleaning your email list

Lastly, give priority to keep your email list well maintained. Saving all your variable subtle ensures keeping your recipients’ plan as clean as possible to get higher engagement. Remove those addresses that are not in use or those that are not engaged in a long time. This action, in turn, will help to segment your neglected lists and impact your email delivery rates drastically. By continually keeping this in check can improve your email marketing campaign efforts.

Addressing new and changing customer needs, you need to be on your toes to position your products and services without forcing your customers and including the right tone, length, and time of day to post your email campaigns. With all the tricks mentioned above, you may get a renewed focus to execute best practices in mind, especially for email marketing campaigns.

Author Bio

Chris Donald is the Director of InboxArmy, a full-service email marketing agency that specializes in providing email marketing services from production to deployment. He has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs and government bodies in all facets of their email marketing services and email campaign management programs for almost 2 decades. Chris’s success track record covers building email programs at competitive email marketing pricing and using data-driven strategies to turn around underperforming accounts.