Improving Productivity For Businesses: 5 Tasks To Speed Up

Improving Productivity For Businesses: 5 Tasks To Speed Up

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Some like to believe that, once the pandemic fades away, people will return to how life used to be. However, if we take a look at recent surveys and polls, it’s easy to see that work from home and the hybrid work experience are here to stay.

Whether it’s about reducing the time spent commuting each day or it’s about feeling comfortable working from home, lots of employees want to continue working remotely. This is only natural, considering that we do have the technology and the means to apply it. Still, there’s the issue of productivity and monitoring employees.

Since the workplace paradigm is different, it takes time for both employees and managers to adapt and improve upon their methods. And, while it’s true there will still be hiccups, the methods discussed below can help businesses of any size to speed things up and make sure everyone is on board.

#1: Let Automation Do Its Job

Automation in the workplace can speed things up considerably if used properly.

Due to advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms, you can entrust algorithms with a series of tasks that are redundant and time-consuming such as email campaigns, sorting through job applicants, organizing files, and even customer support (basic questions and tasks).

Businesses that use automation have a better chance at reducing time spent with redundant tasks and increasing the time spent with tasks that require creativity and complex analysis. Plus, these tools are designed to learn based on the data they receive, so as time goes by, your business will be better-taken care of.

#2: Increased Flexibility

Businesses that use rigid systems and feature micromanaging can’t make it through the age of remote working. Now is the time for tools that allow employees to move fast with their tasks and collaborate regardless of software platforms and versions.

This also means that anyone can send out information (as presentations and various documents) regardless of the file format they use. For this, employees should be able to easily convert files as needed. For instance, a tool that allows PDF to JPG conversion is a great help for productivity.

#3: Let Everyone Find Their Rhythm

One thing business owners didn’t want to understand is that not everyone has the same work rhythm. Some people are more creative in the morning, while others feel their mind clears up in the afternoon.

Plus, recent studies show the 8h workday is not designed to promote productivity. Instead, it is recommended to implement 90-minute sessions (or shorter) with breaks in between.

According to studies performed on elite performers (athletes, musicians, chess players, and others), the productivity sweet spot is a total of about 4.5h of work each day.

Studies show that people who have the option to take breaks and work in intervals are far more productive than their counterparts who are forced to work long hours.

So to promote a more productive and efficient work environment, focus on goals rather than hours spent in front of the computer. As long as your staff hits their target by the specified deadline, you should be happy.

#4: Distraction Is the Killer of Productivity

We live in an era when it’s incredibly easy to get distracted. Whether we find something interesting online or we get notifications on our smartphones, the modern human brain is always trying to do a lot of things at once. Of course, it fails spectacularly each time, which is why our attention span is getting shorter.

To help your employees get better at staying focused, find ways to eliminate distractions while working.

#5: Find Your Toolkit

Every team is different, which is why it’s important to find the toolkit that works for you. This is a collection of apps, software tools, and other items that help team members stay connected and productive.

Depending on your needs, things can vary from finding the right email marketing software solution to getting an advanced design platform your designers can use to share their thoughts and ideas.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, productivity is a skill that needs to be trained and nurtured. So to speed things up, you have to find ways to encourage better focus and less time wasted with routine, boring tasks (among others).


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