Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Website Traffic with Pinterest

Best Tips and Tricks to Increase Website Traffic with Pinterest

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As we all know Social Media is also very important to drive traffic for our blogs/websites. The main Social Media sites are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Stumbleupon and the another major traffic driving site is Pinterest.

Ways and Strategies on How to Increase Websites Traffic with Pinterest

Yes! Pinterest is a major source to drive traffic to our sites. So, today in this tutorial I will explain about increasing website traffic with Pinterest.


Increase Website Traffic with Pinterest – Tips and Tricks

I will explain how to optimize and drive immense of traffic to your blogs. Let’s get started now!!!

1. Optimize your Pinterest account

This is a common thing but an important thing to configure your Pinterest accout profile. Fill your profile with necessary data. It is must to create an professional account on Pinterest. Just like other network profiles.
The best practice in our case is to have a business page on Pinterest, so that we can enjoy all the extra features that are offered by Pinterest and it marks as business and professionals..
Do not forget to talk about attracting more web traffic!
In order to drive more traffic to our website, we need to know about Pinterest well. For example, if we don’t have access to Pinterest Analytics and we don’t know what pins are and how do they work as well.
Loss of traffic happens due to poorly and unprofessional designed page of Pinterest. I mean, Pinterest has its own search engine within the same platform. This tool allows you to find and share pin without the slightest need to follow the owner of that content. That is essential to have a complete and strategically well-designed features, which also draw the attention of those people.

2. Optimize your website images to Pinterest

All social networks are very visual! Even Twitter. Therefore, proper optimization of the images on our website or blog, is an issue of vital importance to our content strategy which generates more virality, especially on a platform like Pinterest.
Furthermore, if we do relatively well, we can create images that work on almost all social platform. Think there measures, sizes, styles or designs of visual content that could be ideal for both Tumblr, Instagram, Google+ or Facebook, to Pinterest.

Design images also can become more attractive and quality pin. For example:

  • Photographs or infographics are more vertical than horizontal pin ads.
  • Vertical images with an aspect ratio of 2 × 3 and 3 × 5 receive more repins and generate more web traffic.
  • Infographics with less than 40% of text, get more clickthroughs.
  • In the photos, it is better to have several colors, but not too dark nor strident.
  • The images that are saturated to about 50%, often have more impact than highly saturated.
  • The background of any image should be interested, it should try to be more or less than 30%.

3. Generate more typical visual content and quality

As we all know content is king to rank first in a Google search engine. At the same time Images act as Queen, where people will get attracted to the Images as well. So, well designed and perfect designed images plays a key role in any content. One image can speak 1000’s of words as a quote. So, it is must to create a best and unique quality image which attracts more users and helps you to drive more traffic.
It is said that 60% of Pinterest pins are repines within the same platform. That is why it is an original content creator makes us almost automatically in most influential users. Besides we get more traffic to our site.

4. Include a title with keyword images in your web

You must also include images of your website with a little description with keywords as a title, because being pineadas those pictures, the text is causing the positioning pin or not that searches within the same social network.
So, if you want to increase website traffic, not just worring about optimizing your images for SEO, but also for the pin-it and generally Pinterest button.

5. Customize the images on your website and design more infographics

The infographics are hugely popular on the Internet and Pinterest is no exception to the rule. In addition to this customized images are more recognizable by our readers, followers, customers, fans, etc. In a short this will create a brand to you and for your business.
There are many tools where you can create customized images with high quality definition. Personally I use Photoshop, Picasa, Photoscape and some of the online tools. These tools makes our work easier and faster.

6. Make your website or blog a friendly place to Pinterest

There are many studies that says as images receives a higher percentage of visits then others do not. However, I still see few blogs that does not include good pictures in your articles or that they use are of very poor quality and with wrong sizes. This leads to user disappointed, text or image missing due to wrong sizes.
So, it is always necessary to use an customized and fit images to any network and for pinterest it is main as it works only on the images. So, know the sizes of any network and upload the images for higher reach in audience, which makes our blog more professional and attracts users. In this way we have to grab users eyes as much as we can.

7. Use the form to capture the attention of more users

Within this social network users have their own search engine, which enables them to find new content or pins.
So if you’re trying to position your content on Pinterest, you should optimize your titles and descriptions with hashtags and keywords to improve the chances that you find more potential visitors in any searches.
Pins will appear on every user profile as per they follow those categories. Here, the question is how do they follow your pins and how they come to know that there is your pin board. For this what you need is a clear and perfect profile with outstanding images with high quality and atleast daily 5 pins to be pinned. So, that your pins can be viewed to all and there is scope to get more traffic for your website.

Conclusion and final reflection

As a final recommendation, I want to emphasize that it is vital that all “our own images” that let us go directly to Pinterest should have a link or URL pointing to our website or blog (product page or post).
The idea of being able to increase web traffic without including the link to the pins that drive or point to our website, is much more than a mere. If a reader or potential customer clicks on a pin and do not lead anywhere, What good is that image?
Pinterest lets you display your side more attractive and visual!
Throughout the post we have said many times that image is a powerful way to capture the attention of people. That’s why Pinterest is an excellent platform to interact differently with your potential customers or readers.
Similarly, if you can be original and creative enough with your infographics and pictures in general, they surely visualise on that platform exponentially and will attract a lot of traffic to your blog or website.
This is all about the Pinterest and traffic-driving tricks and tips. I hope this will help to increase your blog rankings.
Experiment yourself with different images. Implement different strategies and find which is working best for you. Self learning never fails.