Kanjoose-A chrome plugin for price comparison in online shopping (Exclusive Review)

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Kanjoose, is a chrome browser plugin which is an easy and faster price comparison plugin for saving money and time while shopping online, it supports major online shopping sites like Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and many other online shopping sites, here is the full list, it supports!

Features of Kanjoose – Chrome plugin for price comparison in eCommerce

Kanjoose-A chrome plugin for price comparison in online shopping (Exclusive Review)

This is an exclusive review of Kanjoose chrome plugin, like the first time on net, and only available in ALLTOP9, developer of kanjoose plugin, contacted us, and we tested it, and it’s working like charm. Let’s get back to the basics, what actually happening now around?

Generally, we search for coupons and try to waste time in google to know the less product price and try to compare from other sites, for example, if you found a product on eBay and it costs around 7450/- but you want to know how much the price will be in Flipkart or Snapdeal or other eCommerce site and you try to compare all the prices and you will choose the price which is lower and apt for the product.

Well it’s a long process and you should try to open every site in order to know the exact price of the product and you should need to remember the old price of the product in other site, so you can compare it with the price in other eCommerce site, well it well get messed up for sure and you try to buy from major sites like Flipkart or ebay and you try to buy from the site in what ever the price is! (this is what most of the online buyers do)
But now we have Kanjoose, it’s just a chrome plugin that will save your money by showing the least prices possible from the above-mentioned sites and decreases the product search time and you can stop searching products on multiple eCommerce sites to know the prices of that product!

Installing Kanjoose Plugin to your chrome browser:

Step 1: Visit the chrome web store and search for “kanjoose” or visit this link and install the plugin. It will look like this, just click on +free and add it to your chrome browser, it will automatically get’s installed and runs on background (doesn’t eat up any ram or records your personal data)

Step 2: That’s it, now you just need to do the shopping stuff, let me show you how I saved money with this plugin, well i am trying to buy a book on “SBI PO Exam: Probationary Officer Success Master” I went to Amazon and tried to search for this book and found this with a price of 339 rs +49 rs for shipping, well, i want to know which site provides less cost (of course free shipping too) well, this is before using Kanjoose plugin,
Step 3: Let’s see what happens after using Kanjoose plugin,  Every time when you search for a product in any ecommerce site mentioned above, you can see ‘K’ symbol like this!

Step4: Just click on the ‘K’ symbol and you can see a popup prices like the screenshot below!

You can clearly see amazon price is 339 rs and ebay price is comparatively higher than amazon as it is 399rs (so it is in red) remaining all the sites have less price compared to the amazon, and out of all Infibeam provides the lowest price, so just click on that Infibeam and you will redirected to the product page, see it is that simple!
In Short: Just go to any ecommerce site, and search for your favorite product, click on K besides the image, you can see list of prices, compare with all other prices, choose which is cheap and best! Click on the link and buy it! very simple right?

so, let’s see how actually this chrome plugin works

Kanjoose working functionality :

Kanjoose compare and provides prices of the selected product on the multiple Ecommerce sites (Flipkart, Indiatimes, Homeshop18, Infibeam, Naaptol ,snapdeal etc as mentioned above).

Now , Kanjoose Plugin supports more than 21 Ecommerce sites and it is still in development and in next releases it will be supporting more Ecommerce sites .

The working functionality of this chrome plugin is it will work in the background and gets activated only when you visit inside product detail page (it doesn’t track any personal data). If the plugin finds a lower price on the product detail page, it alerts you with a little note inserted right into the left page you are browsing.

This plugin works as-promised and what’s commendable about the plugin is that it doesn’t really expects users to ‘initiate’ anything and works in the background. Kanjoose is developed, so as to be the most relevant price comparison plugin.

It alerts user about the lowest price in the green colour and highest price in red colour number along with the Ecommerce sites logo before the price in which they are available . When you will click on the logo it will divert you to the website which you choose .

It also provide the information of the various hot deals of the day that are available on the multiple Ecommerce sites
so mainly it saves money and time of the user by searching product on multiple Ecommerce sites which are having product availability as Kanjoose means miser person in English, it apts for this plugin and it works pretty much great as promised!

As it is still in initial stage (beta) you might face some errors, please report it to us, and we will try to contact the developer and we will try to resolve the issue/bug asap!