6 Marketing Trends That You Must Apply in Your Small Business

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Marketing entails all the activities that a business partakes in to bring in customers and increase recognition of the products and services offered by the organization. Marketing evolves daily with new trends and strategies applied by companies.

Small businesses can follow these trends and apply them. They are useful for the rest of 2021, 2022, and beyond. Access to small business grants can help businesses fund these marketing strategies.

Virtual Events

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic increased the popularity of virtual events, and they are here to stay. Check the event planning platforms like Top brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung used virtual events for product announcements, launches, and webinars.

You can do the same too as a small brand. With virtual events, you can project your business to anyone around the globe and host it on platforms like YouTube, Instagram Live, Twitch, and more.

If you want to do a bit more than just branding, you could even make a virtual event with different speakers, 1 on 1 room, and on-demand access. Of course, for this, you’ll need a full-fledged event planning platform like EventMobi.

You are good to go once you have those. You need to have the right camera equipment and video editing tools. Small business grants can give you the money you need to purchase such equipment for your business.

Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses

In the past years, AI used to be a thing that large corporations could only use. Today, it is available for all kinds of small businesses, and it isn’t as expensive as you may think.

Improve your customer experience with chatbots that reply to customers in real-time and attend to their inquiries and orders. These bots are so well built that they respond to customers and handle complex conversations like a natural person.

You can implement these chatbots into your website and your Facebook page.

Small businesses can also use AI to discover trends in data and make necessary decisions that will transform a business.

WiFi Marketing

Do you know that you can now use free public WiFi offered at your business premises to improve your business marketing? Yes, you can. You can make push-up offers to them when their devices are connected to your WiFi.

You can also track how many times a device has been connected to your WiFi, the particular days it joined, how long the device was at your premises, and more. You can use this to study customer behavior and improve your business offerings.

Social Media Storytelling

Almost every modern business owner has heard about social media marketing, but not many engage in social media storytelling.

Social media storytelling entails giving your business a humane face on your social media platforms and using personal stories, memes, movie trends, and jokes to engage your audience.

It makes you stand out from other brands and make people more willing to purchase your goods and services. The Netflix Twitter handle is an excellent example of a company using this strategy to sell its brands.

Creating great social media stories involves understanding the brand’s story, audience needs and popular storytelling models. Businesses can craft successful stories by using consistent language throughout the story, choosing interesting visuals that are relevant to the story, and finding creative ways to package their content. Most businesses collaborate with a certified storytelling coach to create a meaningful story that holds the audience’s interest from start to finish, rolls out in a logical order, and provides enough detail that it resonates with its target audience. Careful planning is key so that each of these aspects works together to create a well-told and powerful narrative.

Short, Snappy Videos

Videos are a popular marketing trend, but the newest trend is the short, snappy video. Attention spans are very short, and you must do what you can to attract people as fast as possible.

The rise of TikTok, Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, YouTube stories, WhatsApp statuses, and more have given rise to short videos’ popularity.

These short videos were adopted mainly by teenagers and young adults. But today, companies are now hopping on the trend.

Videos perform better for SEO marketing and creating videos using an online video editor can help you better convert people to paying customers than images and text.

Hop on the short video trend now for your company’s marketing.

Voice Search Optimization

The increase in popularity and use of smart speakers and virtual voice search assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Voice, Microsoft’s Siri, and Samsung’s Bixby has led to the need for voice search optimization.

More customers now use voice search as opposed to traditional type and search. Your business should incorporate voice search keywords in its website and the contents it puts out.


These are the most recent marketing trends that a small business should apply. Obtaining small business grants was necessary to implement these ideas as they can exponentially turn your business around for good.


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