These are the Most Used Programming Languages ​​of 2023

These are the Most Used Programming Languages ​​of 2023

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IEEE Spectrum, one of the most popular engineering journals for more than 50 years, has again published the statistics of the most used programming languages. The original list consists of 48 languages, although we will only focus on the top 10.

Most Used Programming Languages of 2023

The list of top 10 widely used Programming languages of 2023 are as follows.

1. Python


This year, undoubtedly Python stood the top of the most used programming language list. It has been positioned from the third position to the first. It is characterised by being a very simple but capable language so that since it was designed in 1991 has been used to perform analysis tools.

Python is not only the most used level language but also the most programming language.

2. C Programming language


C is an efficient language, with all the letters of the word. It is very useful programming language because it can be mixed with other languages as an assembler or direct access to computer hardware. Second position both in mobile, as in professional environments and embedded systems (an embedded system is, for example, an Arduino).

3. Java


Most popular language Java, a programming language designed to be cross-platform. As it runs in a web browser, we can run it on a mobile phone or a desktop. Usually, Java runs on the web.

4. C ++


C ++ was developed in the mid-1980s. C ++ was designed to provide C with the execution of object-oriented programming in addition to structured programming. Leads the same markets as C: mobile, desktop and embedded systems.

5. C #


Developed by Microsoft in 2000, C # is a better alternative to C / C ++. The ‘#’ has been commonly given the meaning of ‘++++’ because it is better than the previous ones. Let’s say it is a compendium of the best features of Java, C and C ++, in addition to other languages. In this case, it is not used in embedded systems, but on the web, computer and telephony.

6. R


R is the preferred program for statistical analysis (with the permission of Python, of course) and to perform what is known as data mining (diving between large databases).

7. Javascript


Javascript is a web language intended for objects. It is used from the client side and does not require compilation, although there is also the possibility of running it on the server side (Server Side Javascript). The syntax is similar to C.

8. PHP


PHP, on the other hand, is a language intended for the web environment that runs on the server side. It was one of the first to run on the server side and at the same time could be incorporated into an HTML code. You need a module that processes PHP on the server to be executed, of course.

9. Go


Last year Go programming language was at the position 10 and this year it climbs one. It is inspired by the syntax of C, like many others, and who is behind is Google.

10. Swift


Swift is a new language introduced by Apple in WWDC 2014 for both iOS and Mac OS X. It can call C functions.

Widely used Programming Languages Comparison Table

Here is the comparison table of the most used Programming Languages of 2023

These are the top 10 most used programming languages in the year 2023. If you are going to complete your degree or already completed or planning to go Software industry, then this article could help you to select the best platform.

If you have any queries regarding any of the programming languages, let us know through the comments section below. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible.

If you are already into any of the programming languages, share your experiences and opinions with our readers for better understanding.

Which programming language do you prefer most?