Best Online Jobs that Can Make You Rich in 2023

Best Online Jobs that Can Make You Rich in 2023

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What is your resolution for the year 2023?  Well, I don’t about yours but I definitely know my New Year resolution. This year I will be looking for online jobs that can be really rich. I am not interested in online jobs that are paying few dollars every month enough for paying my electricity and phone bills only.

I will be looking for jobs that can buy me a home and a car. So are there any such online jobs that can make you rich in 2023?  I believe the answer yes. I know many such jobs that can really make you rich if you are ready to work hard.


Although there are dozens of online jobs for extra income today I am going to discuss 6 such online jobs that can make you rich in year 2023.  You don’t have to try all of them. You can choose just one job which suits you the most.  So here is the list.

Best Online Jobs can  Make You Rich in 2023

Selling a Lot of Stuff Online

In recent year e-commerce has grown exponentially. Now people are buying stuff online. Whether it is grocery or furniture or clothes or tickets or laptop, they are doing everything online. Hence it gives an opportunity for merchants and other affiliates to make money. If you become eBay or Amazon seller then you can sell a lot of products on their behalf to customers online.

For selling each product you get a commission. Commission can be up to 30% at times.

Similarly, you can sell for other sites also. These products can be physical products like gadgets, furniture, clothes etc or downloadable eProducts like eBooks and software. If you have some experience with marketing then you can really become rich selling stuff online.

However instead of selling offline here you have to sell online. So you need to know about creating websites and sales page. You are not going to become rich overnight. But if you work hard for at least a year then you might start generating enough money that can buy you a home and a car. Selling online is harder than blogging. However, the money is 10 times more than blogging. 

Charlie Bit My Finger – Make a Viral Video

The third option is creating viral videos. Do you remember the video “Charlie Bit My Finger”? The owner of this video made a ton of money with just one video. If you can create videos like “Charlie Bit My Finger” then you can also become rich overnight. It is not necessary that you have to create just one video; you can create a series of videos that can go viral.

You might know about YouTube partner program where artists partner with YouTube and get paid for creating videos.  More the views you receive for a video more money you make.  Although creating viral videos is not for everyone but if you can do it then this is a great way to become rich in 2023.

A Blog on a Right Niche

The great online job that I will be looking for is blogging. Blogging is really hot now. The best part is it is for real and with some effort; you can definitely make a lot of money from such online jobs. Initially you have to work hard but after some time it will be easier to make money.

There are bloggers in this world who are making up to $100,000 a month. In fact, there are some who are making even more.  However if you want to be successful then you have to find a right niche. You have to decide what your new blog is going to be.

It will depend upon your area of expertise. If you are a traveller then you might like to start a blog about travelling, if you love cooking then start a blog about cooking, a music person would like to write about music.  So you have to decide a niche.

To make your blog popular you have to create good content and do some SEO. You have to get more and more traffic if you want to make around $100,000 a month.  Blogging is for everyone.

An Innovative Web Solution   

How about creating a new Google or Facebook?  

Well not everyone can create a new Google or Facebook but they can create a web service that can solve people’s problem. Hundreds of web applications are developed every week. These applications solve all kinds of problem like booking tickets online, payment gateways, paying bills etc.

You can also create or buy mobile applications. However, for creating a web solution or a mobile app you must have some background in developing apps.  You must know about coding. You also have to work with a team to create an application. If you create a good product or a service then you can definitely become rich. 

Buying and Selling Domain Names

Again buying and selling domain names need some prior experience. They are just like buying and selling a piece of real state. In fact, buying and selling domains are the online version of buying and selling real estate. You buy a domain name for a cheaper price and sell it for 20 to 30 times more.

In fact, people have made millions of dollars selling domain names.  You can buy a domain name now and in future as the demand grows, big companies would like to buy the domain name from you.  You can sell it for a higher price. However, you must know which domain name is going to become very popular in future.

Forex and Day Trading

I don’t think there is anything new about trading. You can trade online and become rich quickly. But if you don’t know about trading then you can also lose money. So you have to gain some experience before you start making money.  There is no limit on the amount of money that you can make with trading online.

You can make millions of dollars every month. But there is a risk involved. If you are ready to learn and take some risk then online trading can definitely make you rich in 2023. So these were 6 online jobs that can make you rich in 2023. You can choose anyone of them depending upon your expertise and area of interest.  Just one is enough to make you rich in 2023.