Why Is PBSA Accreditation Important For Background Screening?

pbsa accreditation
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PBSA accreditation is crucial for many reasons, the most important being that it inspires confidence and trust. The PBSA standards are like gold standards for background reporting agencies.

Suppose you are looking for an employment screening company to check the background of your potential employee, then it is an excellent call to opt for one with PBSA accreditation.

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What Is PBSA Accreditation?

 Professional Background Screening Association accreditation is a nationally recognized achievement earned by the United States background screening agencies. Background screening companies are required to act by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which will make them eligible to apply for PBSA accreditation.

PBSA is an established non-profit association that has standardized strict requirements and accountability for its members through Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP).

 When selecting a background screening partner, you should remember the difference between accreditation and certification. PBSA is an industry-recognized agency that provides accreditation to only those companies that have passed the organization’s strict audit process.

At the same time, the certificates are given to any individual who has completed the Fair Credit Reporting Act Course. To become accredited, consumer reporting agencies must fulfill the standards identified in the BSAAP. The standards dictate how to protect consumer privacy and how to audit records for accuracy.

Accreditation is a way of committing to employers that they can expect compliance and excellence in their work. It guides screening companies in meeting professional requirements across areas like legal, research, data and verification service standards, etc.

Why Is PBSA Accreditation Important?

There are more than 3000 screening companies in the United States, so choosing the right one can be daunting. PBSA accreditation helps narrow your options as you can select from the top companies that offer high-quality work. PBSA aims to move professionalism forward in the background screening industry by establishing consumer protection standards and increasing awareness about legal compliance.

One of the essential reasons why it is important is that it lasts only five years and companies need to undergo the BSAAP audit again after five years to maintain their accreditation. This process prevents them from getting casual or taking their services lightly after a while. They must always uphold high standards of excellence to compete in the business.

If you opt for a PBSA-accredited company, you can be assured that they have undergone a rigorous process to obtain that mark of excellence. In addition, auditors conduct a strict on-site inspection before granting the mark.

How Does PBSA Accreditation Affect Your Background Screening Services?

Many screening companies swear that they comply with FCRA requirements and conduct background checks keeping your best interest in mind. However, choosing a PBSA-accredited company means it follows the procedures and policies to support that claim.

There is peace of mind in knowing that you are working with an agency that has the highest industry standards for compliance. Some of the main benefits you can expect from choosing a PBSA-accredited company are as follows:

1. Improving Your Screening Program

Client education is one of the standards required for PBSA accreditation, therefore to keep up with that, background check agencies should provide you with resources that will be cost-effective and help to increase efficiency. For instance, a background check company offering quarterly reviews can assist you in taking advantage of opportunities to increase automation.

2. Research And Verification Process

Following the FCRA requirements, companies having a PBSA background should include the most accurate sources of information in their background check results. Firstly they go through the primary sources and then verify information from a third-party database. This way, they can provide up-to-date screening services that minimize errors in background check reports.

3. Guidance and Support

The industry-specific screening requirements set by the United States Office of the Inspector General are followed by PBSA-accredited screening companies. If you wish to gain some practical guidance that can help to maintain compliance, working with such an agency can give you timely updates as your hiring process evolves.

4. Data security And Protection

An accredited company ensures that your information is secure with them. Especially when working in any government department, data protection is necessary. Data encryption and various other security processes are used to help protect an employee’s background information.

5. Background Screening Goals

A good background screening agency delivers the kind of service that matches the standard and timeliness of its clients. An accredited provider helps you design a screening process that can align with your hiring goals. They are aware that delivering a basic background report is insufficient, and the company should be able to produce quality work and in-depth checks.

Most Value From Background Screening Relationship

Background check companies that are not accredited offer similar screening services but may differ in levels of accuracy and compliance under the law. As a result, they have a hard time delivering the quality background check services your organization desires.

On the other hand, working with a trusted PBSA-accredited agency can be beneficial as it can lead to new insights and excellent practices that can help meet your goals. These agencies are dedicated, have a high level of accountability, and take compliance seriously. They are on top of the ever-changing legal environment and have an independent validation that follows strict industry-leading standards.

There are less than 3% of consumer reporting industries that are accredited. This means that most of them are under no legal bounds to provide you with accurate information or have official certificates that can protect your employee’s rights. PBSA accreditation is like a golden credential that shows a company’s quest for excellence. It can also save a business from losing millions of dollars in a lawsuit against improper background check practices.

PBSA is a challenging accreditation to receive; background reporting agencies must show complete transparency. Even after the initial inspection, the compliance is ongoing, and the process will be repeated after five years to ensure continued brilliance. These practices instill a strong trust of customers in these agencies, making accreditation a difficult yet essential mark to obtain.