Protecting Mobile Assets with Real-Time Tracking

Protecting Mobile Assets with Real-Time Tracking

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In modern fleet tracking systems, you can often get tracking systems that combine vehicle monitoring devices with GPS to create a more complete method of tracking mobile assets.

These usually offer a great return on your investment since they reduce fuel costs and improve your fleet’s safety. There are several ways to protect mobile assets using these systems.

Tracking Location

Systems to track your vehicles offer information on location since tracking devices can often offer information at certain times. You can use GPS fleet tracking software and solutions to track your fleet equipment with real-time GPS data for several purposes.

You can collect information in a central location, such as a transportation management system. By monitoring this information, you can ensure assets are moving on schedule. And this data also helps you give information to drivers on complex routes.

Better Driver Safety

If you want to protect mobile assets and help your team make the most of their day, it’s critical to offer regular training to employees and other drivers. Logistics teams are often spread out, so it’s important to make sure that the team knows the best way to respond depending on the situation.

A tracking system often supports your efforts since it offers data in real-time about driver behaviors. You can use this data to improve training courses since they will address areas of concern.

The right system will also alert planners and drivers about inappropriate driving behavior, such as speeding, hard braking, or too much acceleration. Installing a camera in the cab can help you collect even more data in case there are disputes while on the road.

If there is ever any legal dispute, you can use the video, audio, and other information you have collected to defend your company and your drivers. It is also helpful in the case of an insurance dispute.

No matter your approach, you have many options when it comes to managing the way you train drivers and ensuring they stay safe while on the road.

Recovery After Theft

Vehicles are valuable assets for many organizations and adding tracking devices to each one will help deter potential thieves. These devices can also warn you in advance if the vehicle is moving when it is not authorized to. One way of staying on track is by using geofencing.

This means you can program a specific area in the software, so if the tracking device moves beyond the area, an alert will be sent. You can often add a tracker to both the vehicle and the trailer in case they are separated for any reason.

Impact on the Environment

Another way a real-time tracing system can protect your mobile assets is that they reduce your environmental impact. Both local and international regulations are putting pressure on businesses to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Going over tracking data can help you identify more efficient methods, lowering operational costs. In turn, this helps you better plan future upgrades that will have a lesser impact on the environment. Using electronic tracking systems gives you better insight into performance.


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