Reality Of Deep Web: Is It Truly That Scary?

Reality Of Deep Web: Is It Truly That Scary?

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Right now, on the not-so-deep web, the biggest load of crap are those trendy and catchy titles articles and videos that have taken over the internet. But, in reality, contains nothing but a shit content. You know, just looking at it retrospectively as we were just browsing through all the article, it’s very obvious that the people writing these articles or making these videos, just want to profit off, it all right. They don’t understand and appreciate the technology behind it. And, for that reason, you know you have all of these content like you know bought a mystery package from the deep web.Reality Of Deep Web: Is It Truly That Scary?

Reality Of Deep Web: Is It Truly That Scary?

Come on man, if you believe, that’s best for you, because some of the stuff is just unbelievably fake. They don’t even show any proof whatsoever of them purchasing anything. They just make all these funny little articles and videos, you know claiming to have done certain things and the Deep Web. We call it the Deep Web and we will clarify this in a second. Why it should be called the Deep Web and not the Dark Web. Whatever people call it nos, is the way it is.

It is not illegal to access the Deep Web. Let us just repeat that one more time. It is not illegal to access the Deep Web. Alright, we will repeat it one more time it is not illegal to access the Deep Web. So, the next time, we get a comment on one of our articles on Blognxt, telling us that the FBI is going to be knocking at our door. We will ignore it. But, we will hold you to a very low standard of intelligence. So, you know without further ado, lets’ get started. If you are wondering why do I sound kind of angry and that’s because of the absolute mockery of what is being made of the Deep Web and what it is. All right, now let us just explain it from the top down.

We are going to explain what it is. How it works and how to access it safely. And, why you need to access it safely. All right contrary to the other garbage, YouTube videos and articles on Google that are out there, not to say that the technique, the technical ones out there are not well. What we mean t say is some of them out there are valid. They do have good information but the others that have this sort of tabloid type of, you know vague information in regards, how it is and the fact that everything in regards to the Deep Web is illegal should be just disowned absolutely because we will explain it in a second.

All right. we will show you how to set up everything that you need to know is that’s what different between the surface web and the deep web. All right, there is no dark web. And, we will explain why? We now the deep web and the TOR browser since 2011. So, we know that we are talking about. Way before anyone one YouTube started making videos about it, all right, its that the internet is sorted into two and that’s why to the day. We will not rename any of our articles on the dark web or the darknet where they want to call it. All right, so the dark web is simply a part of the internet that is hidden from view and we will explain how and why it is hidden from view.

All right, so the surface web, as you know, as we would like to call it, what we and you are using right now to view this article’s content that can be indexed by search engines like Google or Bing. For example, and given the fact that these websites can be indexed which means, they can be found logged tracked etc. They are under constant surveillance by certain governing bodies etc. You get our idea, it’s very hard to sell illegal weapons on the surface were because the system set up for it is in a way where customer information is stored for example.

If we wanted to host the website, our details are going to be with the hosting company and you really cannot have a hosting company without disclosure based on the cont. The country in which the company is registered. Now, that approximately, we would say about 5% of the internet, that is the Surface Web when we talk about the Deep Web, all right, Deep Web is the invisible web, as it called and this is content. This is content or you know these are pages that can’t be indexed by search engines. All right, now let us explain this.

When most of us have commented on our video, saying that what we are referring to is the darknet then. And you say the difference is the fact that the Deep Web contains files and information that is private and that is not publicly available. Like for example, subdomains etc., then how come we can still access the Deep Web, with a normal browser. Those files and information that are not indexed by the search engines like for example subdomains by the way. That you can actually. You actually can be indexed by some search engines.

Some search engines can be still accessed by any browser, whether it be Firefox or Chrome, the real separation is the fact that you need to, you need special technology. And, we guess you now the technology, this is you need special technology like – The Onion Router. The Tor Browser to access the Deep Web, now why is that? When we talk about the special technology, there is the Onion Router which is the top browser, most popularly named as and you have I to P and Freenet. All right, which are alternative solutions?.

If you want us to take a look at if you want us to talk about the Deep web. The deep web has a very different structure in terms of how content is hand handle and how it is so to speak kept track of now this is very important data on. The Deep Web is not hosted traditionally where you have servers you do have hosting companies that provide your hosting service but it is not regulated in the same way as the clear web alright so files are shared on the Deep Web.

You know through a peer-to-peer network where computer connects and that’s ow data is transferred your requests are transferred from one node to another node and we’re not going to explain how tor works because we’ve made plenty of articles on how it exactly works.

All right and the fact the whole idea of using tor is not has nothing to do with how you will. So to speak, go about using the Deep Web it is simply a software that is used for anonymous communication in regards to the fact that your data is being encrypted and when you talk about the onion relay or the relay DeVitto relay, whatever you want to call it, that is simply a peer-to-peer network of computers that all host data and process each other’s requestions and so on okay and that is probably what all wanted to explain there and again as I said most of you will disagree in regards to how you would sort of the Dee Web and the document but its all about the browsers you can use and the fact that you know so -well if you hold the visible web in account to the browser that you’re using and how files can be accessed.

Remember if you’re saying that the surface or the if you’re saying that the Deep Web is files that are hidden or are not publicly available and you know many people have told me you can’t access it with that with a normal browser or you can. We can access an administration panel. It doesn’t mean that we can’t. The only thing We’ll have trouble with is authenticating myself with the control panel so the Deep Web is websites that cannot be indexed and have chosen not to be indexed by the modern search engines. For example, google. Finally, we’ll conclude explaining the whole idea of whether it’s legal or not illegal by just you know.

By just giving you a few examples so many people say it’s illegal. There are these specific channels that have these stories you know from the Deep Web and how they had you know disastrous encounter with them or whatever that garbage is the tor relay or the Tor network. Whatever you want to call. it is used by the military, governments and it is used by journalists. it is used by police for communication. Alright, listen to that very clearly for communication that is the reason the Tor relay was created it provides you with anonymity. Let’s make that as crystal clear as possible. Now, where is the separation between legal and not legal on the Deep Web?

When things get illegal is very simple to make that distraction right just as it would be in real life you cannot sell drugs, you cannot upon pornography or child pornography. We’re sorry to be vile but we have to make that clear and you cannot sell weapons on the surface web because it’s being monitored that is perhaps the only reason and that distraction is real in every aspect.

So you’re saying the clear web does not have these things. yes, because it’s been constantly monitored and the only reason these things pop up the deep web is because of the lack of being monitored and being managed. Now, it doesn’t mean that the entire Deep Wen is about weapons. You know weapons, drugs and hitmen all that garbage most of these websites like the hitman for hire websites are fake. They’re just there for entertainment purposes and we’ve reviewed this on our deeper browser series which we’ll don’t think we’ll continue.

The others thing that people get confused about is when you’re talking about cryptocurrency. The only reason cryptocurrency is used on the Deep Web is it will really defeat what purpose if we were to go on the Deep Web and sort so to speak be anonymous and then use my credit card. You know what will defeat the purpose so a decentralised currency goes very well with an anonymous network in the sense that transactions also become anonymous so they go hand in hand. There is no other special type of relationship.

Now that we’ve got all the winning out of the way and my rant out of the way I can finally show you hot access the Deep Web. No, we have made the deep web starter guide which is still very worthwhile you are reading. If you want to but for those of you asking for more of practical experience. Here you are the reason we’re making this because the Tor process has also got an update that we’ll be showing you. so the first thing we recommend is that, use virtualisation.

Now read this carefully, do not say that you should start experimenting with your virtual machines with different viruses and malware and then you all of a sudden download a virus or malware that has a VM buster in it. And, can exploit your entire system or can attack your entire system isn’t through the virtual machine. Let’s explain something virtual machines offer a very good level of isolation when it comes down to managing an operating system.

We recommend using Linux again very. Why Linux?. a lot of people ask us this, the reason being is if you are on the Deep Web. You are at a risk because you don’t know whether what you’re downloading or what files you’re transferring over to your computer whether they are safe or not again. This is the same limit the surface web it is managed which means you can every piece of content is sorted for you and is safe that’s the whole idea of the surface web you’re not going to go to a website on the surface web that again.

You could have websites that have pirated stuff that’s on you but for the most part, you are not under the same amount of threat on the clear web as you are on the Deep Web and this is all again due to irresponsibility on the Deep Web if you are just downloading files left right and center and to make thing worse executable files then you are asking for trouble so why not windows. Well that;s because many of the malware developers or the exploits that the people writing all of these exploits, they usually or most write the exploits for the Windows operating system because it is the most used operating system which means their virus and malware will be the most effective in terms of the market share of computers.

Linux we think, it’s about 6 per cent right now of market share. No one’s really focusing on Linux even though now they know that people have this knowledge and they are accessing the Deep Web through Linux and through virtual machines so they’ve started now creating malware for Linux as well with the VM posture capabilities with the whole idea of premise being the fact that you know these certain types of malware can further exploit your system and then furthermore exploit your entire host operating system through the virtualisation software.

So, for a start, I would recommend that you use VMware. It is extremely secure and it is very very easy to isolate in terms of its services. And, when we say Linux, you can use any Linux distribution that you want we recommend Ubuntu because it is the most stable and offers a very similar type of interface or workflow to that of Windows as you can see right here. We don’t think this is the latest updated version but that’s something we will get to in a second. So let’s just up firefox here and we have the Tor project website here.

This website can easily be used in the windows, Mac and Linux because remember they have designed the browser assuming that you don’t have the intent of downloading malware. You could use the top browser you know for sending emails anonymously that’s what journalists use and they use it on Windows or Mac but the reason we are saying, use Linux because many of you we know are really curious and you might want to try and download a few PDFs here and there you want to try and interact with it.

A little more actively or proactively so to stay on the safe side of things stick with Linux. Now, all of you asking us well how do we know what Linux distribution to go to. The website I use is named as and this essentially keeps a watch or a track on all the distributions available and if you go to the page hit ranking right here it will show you all the popular Linux distributions dependent on their rating or their click rate. So you have Mahna Mahna row mint elementary ubuntu Debian, it’s quite awesome that Manjaro is. It’s a very good operating system so you can try any of them out for yourself and once you have that set up in your virtual machine you then download Tor now before you get started. You can use the door service from your terminal.

This is something I will cover later but for now I just really want to explain to you isolation in your VM all right so we are just going to our VM settings and you can do this as well. Now, for a virtual machine in which you’ll be accessing the Deep Web out recommend that you keep your network adapter to NAT which means you are going to share the host operating system and you are not going to connect directly to the physical network which means you are not going to connect and replicate a virtual adapter which means that if you do that it is very easy for you.

No malware to sort of transfer from the guest operating system onto the host operating system via the adapter so I would recommend that you stick with NAT and essentially what’s this going to do. It is just going to share the hosts IP address and it’s going to isolate the connection in terms of network adapters. And, you can also specify if you wanted to connect with a specific virtual network in terms of the virtual adapters that it does provide you. For me, that is pretty much enough. Now for those of you who are asking how I would go about connecting a VPN.

Well after we have set that setting. we currently are using a VPN named north VPN as you can see we are currently connected to the United Kingdom so this will be the IP that mike might or connection will be initialised with so this will be my entry IP through the entry node which again makes sure that my activity is completely anonymous. We are not going through my ISP and we have also changed my DNS server on my host operating system. So once we have our VPN setup, we make sure that it is sharing the hosts operating systems IP address which means we are now essentially browsing from that IP which means we theoretically are in the United Kingdom.

You can then just go about browsing but now we are talking about the Deep Web have the tor browser setup on our desktop. So we have extracted it and we are just going to open it up here for some reason and it just is not opening which is quite weird. It looks like we have it open here so tor browser and you have your launcher here which just trust and launch and that is going to start the tor browser for you. So let that launch just give that a second and we believe that we had one of these search engine links right here which we will be using the onion link right there and we will wait for that to start up.

We believe it should have started up there we are fantastic to connect to tor alright and again these settings are very very simple you can configure to adjust the network settings if you are a country that senses tor the table proxy such as Egypt, China and Turkey that’s very weird we did know Egypt and Turkey were on that list but as so you can configure if you want if you are in any of these regions and hit connect and it’s going to start establishing a connection to the Tor network where you are and give that a few seconds again depending on the type of VPN if your if you are using one.

It can take a few seconds to a minute. Now, most of you have this era where it stays on this. It stays at this same location in terms of loading the network status. We will show you how to solve that so we are just going to wait for this connect. Where are loading these certificates and it is going to start loading the relay information and so if you are having that issue what we would recommend that you do is restart your network manager? So you can do that by going into your terminal here and just give that a second and again you can use your service network manager and restart. And, you can just hit enter and that will restart your adapter. The local adapter that is on the guest operating system and you should be good to go.

So that is how to restart your network manager now with the tor browser, a few things I need to tell you just before we get started never, maximize your window because your tor browser window and the reason they will tell you this is if I do it right now, you can see maximizing tor browser can allow websites to determine your monitor size which can be used to track you so it essentially is all to do with your user agent and the fact that once they get a positive ideas to.

And then they understand that this user agent has been browsing back and forth they can essentially build an identity from that, okay so it’s always recommended that you just keep your browser minimized. So we will close that up and we to go to the door to the entity of the network settings so you can look at the door security settings and as you can see it in terms of the security level. You have standard safe and safest now this is for all of you who are worried out recommends safer. So with safer, you can see that this will disable website features that are often dangerous causing some sites to lose functionality at the safest setting javascript is disabled on non HTTPS.

Some fonts and math symbols are disabled, audio and video are clicked to play so no Autoplay in terms of html5 media symbols are disabled or are not displayed and javascript is disabled on sites that are not secured. So, that is pretty much what we would leave it at but if you are going to questionable websites, we are not going to be held responsible for that and you want to stay as safe as possible. You can click on the safest we are only allowed website features required for static sites so very basic HTML type sites so javascript is going to be at a very at a minimum.

Here it’s going to be operating it at a minimum of two at a lesser extent at a complete at completely zero so these changes affect images median scripts. Javascript is disabled by default as you can see. So it;s going to be disabled completely fonts icon math symbols and images are disabled so you are not displaying any images which is a bit we would say this is just going a bit too much but we don’t know what you guys are going to be using it for so you know where you are and audio and video are clicked to play so we like living it on safer and they were like to hit okay.

Now for those of you talking about the network settings, we can click on that and you can essentially just make your changes here in regards to whether or not your connection is going through a proxy whether you are in a censored country or this computer is going through a firewall so these are con you are in a school or university or an office and you are going through a firewall. You can go ahead and click on this or if you are going through a proxy which I guess most universities are they. You can also click on that and hit okay and if you look at the other settings, we would not recommend installing any add ons that you know are very promiscuous in terms of how they shift through content.

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