How to Reset Amazon Firestick

How to Reset Amazon Firestick

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Firesticks are incredible devices designed to help users stream online content.

How to Reset Amazon Firestick

The tech behind Firestick enables one to upload apps and enjoy movies, TV shows, music, live TV, and more.

This the best alternative for cable TV, and it’s highly embraced globally. However, the gadgets sometimes misbehave if there are some technical hitches. The question on how to reset the firestick or how to restart the firestick. It’s often raised by streams worldwide.

Reset or restarting is a common practice when solving issues with Firestick. The user is also advised to delete some of the third-party apps, which may cause buffering in the contents or Firestick not working completely.

Note some apps contain malware or tamper with copyright details which are harmful to your device. One should work with apps that don’t interfere with privacy issues to be safe.

However, one can also implement VPN software to help hide identity and streamed content.

Factory rest on Amazon Firestick device

  • Go to the Amazon Firestick setting page.
  • Choose the device and proceed to reset to factory default.
  • Enter the Pin which you require to rest the device.
  • Click reset under the restore to the factory default screen.
  • The system will start the reset process.

Method 2

The second method requires users to have the Firestick remote to proceed.

  • First, plug the Firestick device on your TV.
  • On the remote, click the back and right buttons simultaneously until the reset screen appears.
  • Select the reset button and give time for the reset factory Firestick process is complete.
  • Now you can set up your device and start streaming again.

How to reset Amazon Firestick remote

The Firestick issue might be on the Firestick remote. The user can reset the remote and continue enjoying the services. First, you need to remove the batteries and put them back again. However, if the problem persists, you need to reset the remote.

  • The user should open the back cover and remove the remote batteries.
  • Take some time and insert back the batteries.
  • Try to use the remote and see whether it works.
  • If not, place the remote near the TV and long-press the select tab.
  • The button is at the center of the remote and surrounded by the navigator buttons.
  • The system will enable the pairing mode.
  • Next, hold the select and play button simultaneously for 5-10 minutes.
  • The action will restart the TV.

Amazon Firestick factory rest without PIN

Reset factory setting should be the last option after trying other options. Resting a device
interferes with the data and apps. However, before resetting, ensure you have all login details.

  • Plugin your Firestick device into the TV.
  • Next, turn the device and go settings page.
  • Select the tab “My Fire TV” using the remote.
  • Proceed to reset factory defaults and a select reset button.
  • The option will request a PIN to proceed.
  • If you have forgotten the PIN select the "reset" tab, and the device will use the original settings.
  • Next, press the proper navigation and return button at the same time.
  • Repeat the action several times until the system skips the PIN page.

How to reset Amazon Firestick rest factor setting without Firestick remote

  • The Amazon Firestick contains a number on Android and IOS devices.
  • First, download them from the play store and connect them to the same WIFI network that the TV uses.
  • Choose the name of the Firestick from the app to help connect.
  • The page will display a code on your TV; enter the code to access the TV.
  • Go to the settings page and select the " My Fire TV" tab.
  • The option will prompt the menu to open.
  • Now select the option factory reset Firestick under the factory default section.
  • Click the reset option under the confirmation screen to start the resetting process.
  • All settings will convert to default, and you must configure them again.
  • The user can use HDMI-CEC tech on a normal TV remote to act as the Fire TV remote.