Is Learning New Tech Slowing Dish’s Wireless Release?

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It’s common for telecommunications companies to delay the start of service after they reveal a launch date.

Is Learning New Tech Slowing Dish’s Wireless Release?

Dish is among those companies and has recently pushed back the launch of its 5G network due to issues that weren’t foreseen.

The Initial Launch

Dish Network first told customers that it would have its 5G network ready to launch by the end of 2020 with the first customers being those in Las Vegas.

The goal was to test the system in Las Vegas to see if there were any issues with the network and to see how many people would subscribe to services that would be offered before Dish launched the network to other areas in the country.

Now, the company has pushed back the launch to sometime in the third quarter of 2021, which is almost a year later than predicted.

After reviewing a few details about the network, Dish has once again pushed the launch back to by the end of 2021 with Las Vegas being the targeted city of the launch.

The beta test will be conducted for about 90 days, which means that it will likely jump over into early-2022. The 5G network that Dish is launching is one that’s operating with a cloud as well as an open RAN system.

This is far different from other 5G networks that are already operational by other companies.

Confidence Waning

With all of the delays that Dish has made, some customers and investors are losing their confidence in how well the company can pull off the launch of the new system.

Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen has expressed his own concerns about whether or not the company can launch the network on time and with few issues.

There will likely be problems once the network is running in Las Vegas, which is common with most new systems. However, with the multiple delays, many people are wondering if Dish really knows how its new system will function.

The team working on the new system that Dish is scheduled to launch could have worked a bit closer together or communicated a bit more instead of telling customers to expect a new service and then not be ready a year later.

A former executive with Nokia and other important developers have been working on the system, which is another reason why people are concerned with the issue of the delays.


Dish has taken to organizing the launch of its 5G system in a different manner than what other companies have done across the country. The company has divided the United States into about four areas with over 35 markets altogether.

There have been leases signed pertaining to tower constructions in about 30 of the markets.

Managers in each region are taking care of the details pertaining to the buildouts so that Dish can focus on developing its 5G system and getting it operational and spread out to each region.


The managers in the regions are responsible for Dish sales and enlisting more customers to help the company grow. This could be an advantage to Dish as it doesn’t have to worry as much about finding more people who want the company’s services.

Instead, all Dish has to do is make sure its network delivers the services that customers want with as few issues as possible, which is why the delays in the launch are concerning.


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