Telegram for PC – Windows, Linux and Mac – Installation and Configuration

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Telegram for PC: Telegram is one of the best messaging applications for Android , however, not only it can be used from the mobile phone, but also can be used in a computer. We can also send and receive messages from your computer thanks to the release of PC Telegram. That is, there is a version of Telegram for Windows, a version of Telegram to Linux and a version of Telegram for Mac, all available for free download through the official website, which also has access to the version of Telegram online.

Install, configure and use PC Telegram

The procedure followed to install, configure and use PC Telegram is virtually the same on all platforms, including both Windows version to Linux version. It does not require any installation on your system, even in the case of Windows if an installation file is available.

Telegram for Windows

Telegram for Windows PCs can run from a portable version, ie, without installing the system, or by downloading the installation file to install Windows Telegram as any free program. To download Telegram just need to access this link , click on ” Get Telegram for Windows “or possibly download the portable version.
In any case, once the application is running and access the configuration window you should click ” Start Messaging “and then proceed to enter the data like country code and phone number. At the end, you just have to click ” Next “and then wait for us to be sent an SMS message with an activation code to use Windows-Telegram.

Telegram for Linux

The process to download Telegram Linux is just as easy as we do above. So, we simply access the official website and then find and click on the link ” Telegram for Windows / Mac / Linux . ” By default, the service detects the version of Linux you are using and then gives us the corresponding download link either Telegram Linux Telegram 32bit or 64bit Linux.
When you unzip the file you downloaded, you will have the Telegram folder and two files in it: ” Telegram “and” Updater “. Then we should do double click on the file and then Telegram from the initial window, click ” Start Messaging . ” Then you have to enter the country code, our mobile phone number and click ” Next “. Finally, after entering the activation code and we use Linux Telegram.

Telegram for Mac

For Mac users, there is an application that you can download Telegram from iTunes, however, it is only compatible with versions of Mac OS X 10.7 and 64-bit processors. Its download size is 5.1 MB but unlike the versions of Linux and Windows.

Regarding installation and configuration, the procedure for both Windows, and Linux are given in this article. So, after installing Mac Telegram simply you must enter the country code, telephone number and when you received the activation code, enter it and begin using the application.
This is all about the Telegram for PC-Windows, Linux and Mac Installation and Configuration. If any doubts let me know through your comments.