Top 10 tips for writing a resume for freshers/high school students/Under graduates

Top 10 tips for writing a resume for freshers/high school students/Under graduates

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Top 10 tips for writing a resume for freshers/high school students /undergraduates
It’s about the end of June, and many people are graduating this year, and more freshers are coming out and looking for a job, and we, the Alltop9 team had already published the top 10 most popular job websites and as they are online, the main thing you need to build/write/have a perfect Resume in order to submit on those job sites we mentioned!

So, today we came up with this idea, why don’t write a few tips so,  freshers and high school students can make a perfect resume for applying for a job,  so, before going to the tips for resume and how long should a resume be made sure your page layout’s orientation is “portrait”, margins are “Normal” and page size is strict “A4” and font style is “Times New Roman (as it gives the official look), now let’s start the top 10 tips for writing a resume

Top 10 tips for writing a resume

1.  Heading 

Heading is very important, and make sure it’s not Resume as heading and make heading as your name
you can follow two rules here, whether you can write your name in CAPITAL LETTERS or your name in SENTENCE CASE, whatever the rule you follow, make sure you use the same rule in the entire resume
for example, your HEADING is in capital letters, so OBJECTIVE, TECHNICAL EXPERTISE, etc should also be in capital letters and must have the same font style and same font size and BOLD is mandatory
Now, in the next line make sure you mentioned your contact number and email id, you can use the tab key for placing them at the proper position, one can be at the extreme left and one can be at the extreme right

2. Objective

Objective, this is the main thing that every interviewer reads, you should clearly mention why you are applying for their company, and the interviewer may ask some questions regarding your objective like “what do you know about our company?” etc, and you must use proper Vocabulary words in writing the objectives,
Note: Interviewers might have seen many resumes, and they know well regarding this stuff, so they will easily get to know, whether you wrote the resume yourself or you copied it from other, so, we advise to prepare the objective by yourself using your own words, you can Google for sample objectives

3. Academic Profile

Here you will fill all your academic details, you can use a table as you are going to mention, your college/school name and your percentage too (if possible academic years), so placing all these details in a table will give a good impression on the interviewer, so he can easily get your academic information,
Note: While writing the Academic Profile, you need to start from Higher Education, for example, if your highest degree is Under graduation, then you need to start from Under graduation and then High school (intermediate) and then school (CBSE/SSC) and while mentioning percentages, you no need to write the symbol % again, if it’s a table, you can just mention at the top of the column

4. Technical skills:

As we are concentrating on this resume, for freshers and high school students, this technical section is very important, as you need to write the stuff which you know well, for example, you are good at C language but not C++, then don’t mention the C++, you need to write the technical skills, only if you know, if you wrote anything new skill, then the interviewer might ask questions based on the skill, and you must be in a position in order to answer that, so you should write only the skills you know,

5. Other skills:

This is the one that highlights your resume, Interviewer not only looks for a techie person but also looks for a person with more skills, so update your other skills, like if you know how to write articles, update it is as you are a freelancer or an affiliate marketer, basically you need to write the other skills based on the job, if it’s a software job, update the skills as you are a webmaster, logo designer, etc! so it adds ups your possibility in getting a job

6. Accomplishments:

well, most of us participated in seminars, workshops, debates, JAM etc, so you need to update your academic accomplishments in a detailed way,
Interviewer sees whether you are a book worm or a social guy, this section will show you are a competitive guy, don’t think you can’t update this as you never won a prize, well, participation is important, and most of the people failed to update this section, as they concentrated well on percentages, but not on events and social activities, so interviewers throw the candidates easily!

7. Extracurricular activities:

As we can see, accomplishments show how much competition you are and this will show you how social you are, whether you can manage any events, etc, Here update the information if you have managed to conduct an event (like in a tech-fest or in a workshop) or whether you visit any place (like an industrial tour or for project purpose)

8. Projects handled/Academic project:

Give a short detail regarding your projects here, you can follow the below procedure in representing the project:

Project title:
Team size:
Role in the project:

and this information is enough and mostly they will ask based on your abstract, so write the Project’s Abstract correctly and it should justify the project title

9. Personal information:

Most people commit a mistake while writing personal information, Think that we are applying for a job, and we are not signing up for a social account, first let me give an example of the correct way to write personal information, it should contain:

Father’s Name:  (the apostrophe is important, make sure you use that or …)
Languages are known:

and this information is enough, and in the heading, you already mentioned email id and contact number, so no need to mention it again here, and you may leave the name field too!
So, possible mistakes done by freshers, are that they mention their ethnicity, marital status, caste, etc? well why do interviewers need those information, they are not going to give a job, if you belong to a lower caste or if you are unmarried, so avoid those stuff in the personal information

10: References:

References are very important, and you should give possibly 2 references if you know someone in the company you can use their details in references, and other can be from your college lecturers or the Head of the department, please note that the people you are going to give in the references must know you well, so take care while giving the references
Please note references is not like recommendations!
so, readers, these are the top 10 tips, one must follow while writing a resume, and this resume is especially for Freshers, high school students/undergraduates!

Want to see one example of a resume in this format, contact us through our contact form or through our Facebook page or comment here with your mail id and we are sure we will reply to you with sample resumes asap! please comment your suggestions too, if you want to tip us some more!