10 Best New *Android Apps To Create Free Avatars

10 Best New *Android Apps To Create Free Avatars

This time we want to share 10 Best Free Android applications to create avatars from their Tablets or Smartphones. These avatars can then be used as the profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, forums and other social networks, share them with friends via email, messaging applications or simply set them as  contact photos on your phone.


10 Best New *Android Apps To Create Free Avatars

1. WeeMee

This app includes more than 270 items that can be used to create avatars on the phone from the many topics already included and basically function as scenarios for the characters. It also has a feature where avatars Gallery is pre-built and you can continue editing  and at any time at any point they are saved. The avatas can be used as contact images or set as wallpaper.

2. Geeky Avatar Free

You can find a more detailed description of this application from the main link. In the meantime they will tell you that you can also create custom for both male and female avatars. You can use different types of eyes, mouths, eyebrows, hair, clothes, mustaches, beards, and many other accessories, plus colors to customize avatars, which also can be configured as contacts and photos stored in the gallery of the own application for viewing or editing later.

3. Avatar Maker

In this case the avatar maker allows us to create avatars of animated, also by using a variety of elements we can include different facial features, types of hair, eyes, mouth, nose, hands, accessories like lenses, pirate patches, scarves, hats, etc. A colored box is placed as a background for the avatar created, same as at the end can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or email. This is also one of the best app among 10 best new android apps to create free avatars.

4. Androidify

Androidify is unlike other Android applications to create avatars, because Androidify differs avatars can be created depending on the nature and color of the clothes that the user usually uses. There are a lot of items to customize avatars, starting with different styles, pants, dresses, shoes, accessories, plus options to modify the size of the avatars.

5. Uface

Another Android applications to create free avatars, which have also done a review in detail , which in this case allows us to create personalized cartoons that can later be used as avatars for profile photos. The application works quite well and has many options to create fun avatars, including facial expressions, hands, face, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, accessories and multiple background images that simulate the texture dej paper.

6. FaceQ

This is a fun and easy to use this application. You can simply select the type of avatar you want to create, man or woman, and then start adding all facial features, accessories and items available. The style of the avatars that are created is similar to cartoons, so we have expressions of anger, sadness, happiness, hand signs and colorful backgrounds and speech bubbles to write custom phrases.

7. 8Bit Avatar Maker

Here is an  android application that lets you create free avatars that simulate the quality of images in 8 bits. Among the highlights we mention his/her “Random avatar” function to create random avatars and the ability to apply the skin color for face, mouth, hair, clothing and other accessories. Eventually the images will be stored in different resolutions as well as share them with friends via Facebook, SMS, elecrtronic mail, etc.

8. Chibi Me

With this application you can create avatars with facial features of animated and also easily share them with friends. After selecting the gender of your avatar simply you must keep adding all the features and accessories to personalize it. For this it will have different types of faces, hair, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, speech bubbles, hats, necklaces and a lot of colorful backgrounds to use.

9. Avatar Studios Heroes Free

This app is great because you can not only create custom avatars, but also those avatars can be of heroes that you can create by adding costumes, capes, masks, gloves, boots and basically all the accessories you usually wear superhero. There are also different images that can be used as background and a good amount of badges to identify your avatar.

10. BuddyPoke

We end this Top 10 of the best Android apps to create free avatars with this application that lets you create animated avatars even. This application has many features to customize each of the avatars, there’s even a gallery to save your creations, along with lots of accessories, facial features and elements to use.


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