Level Up your 3D Printing: Essential 3D Printer Accessories You Need To Know About

Level Up your 3D Printing: Essential 3D Printer Accessories You Need To Know About

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3D printers have revolutionized everything by offering unprecedented control over design and precision. You can virtually build everything from them, but sometimes just a printer alone would not. 3D printer accessories are just as essential. The right accessories can enhance the utility of a 3D printer and enable you to be more creative with your offerings. 

However, the market offers hundreds of accessories, which makes it a confusing choice. Like the 3D printers, much thought should go into it before purchasing an accessory. We have compiled a list of some of the best accessories available on the market and have also compiled a list of factors you should consider while buying one. So, let’s get to it. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing 3D Printer Accessories

We have enlisted some of the best 3D accessories later in the article, but no size fits all. You must consider a few factors before finding the accessory you need. Let’s take a look at them.

Compatibility With Your Printer

The first and probably the most important factor to consider while purchasing an accessory for a 3D printer is compatibility. No matter how good of an accessory, it is useless if incompatible with the printers. You must understand your printer type and look for the accessories accordingly. 

The 3D printers can be divided based on their size and the technologies used, which also influence the type of accessories that can be used with them. Some popular technologies used in 3D printers include FDM, SLA/DLP, SLS, and Binder Jetting.

Quality and Durability

While suitable accessories can enhance the efficiency of a 3D printer, bad ones can bring it down. Hence, it is crucial to look for quality accessories which can be ensured by purchasing from trusted brands and outlets. Furthermore, the accessories should be durable because some are quite expensive. You don’t want accessories to break down in the middle of printing – it would not just delay the print but can potentially damage the printer. 


Price is another primary consideration, especially regarding 3D printers used for commercial printing. It is a sort of investment with the purpose to enhance the efficiency of 3D printers. However, you must also consider the monetary benefit you can get from it. For example, getting an expensive accessory that only prints stuff that does not sell well will be bad for business. Thus, you should try to strike a balance between price and performance. You must get those accessories that justify their price tags and improve the profits if you use the printers commercially. 

Reviews and Recommendations

Reputable brands generally offer products of decent quality, but occasionally, a product slips through the manufacturer’s quality assurance. Thus, checking for user reviews and recommendations is important regardless of a brand’s reputation. It will let you know what to expect from a particular accessory.

Features and Benefits

Always look for the features and benefits a particular accessory provides. You should only get those accessories that actually have some benefit for you. Never buy an accessory only because of gimmicks. Compare its features against the price and consider whether the provided features offer you any benefit. 

Top Essential 3D Printer Accessories On The Market

3D Printer Accessories & Tools for Printing Machine

Reusable Desiccant Pouches

Reusable Desiccant Pouches

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Moisture is a major problem you must fight against while 3D printing. It can damage the product and turn it into something completely different. A simple solution to work around this problem is to get a set of reusable desiccant pouches. These pouches absorb all the moisture around the areas where a product is being printed to ensure it does not sustain any damage.

The market offers two types of descents, disposable and reusable. While the latter cost slightly more, they offer better value. You have to heat the reusable desiccants to remove the moisture, and they become suitable to go again.

Tekton Metric Hex Key Wrench Set

Tekton Metric Hex Key Wrench Set

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We all have a hex wrench set used for various applications. However, the hex wrench sets in the US are based on imperial measurements, while the 3D printers are usually based on metric systems. Hence, if you have the traditional wrench set, you will find the proper key for the nuts and bolts should anything go wrong in the printer.

Using a Metric Hex Key Wrench Set solves that problem, as it offers the keys that fit the nuts and bolts in your printers. No matter how good of a printer you have, it will run into some problems every now and then. Hence, it is essential to always have the right set of keys at your disposal.

Vastools Swivel Head Deburring Tool

Vastools Swivel Head Deburring Tool

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Most models come with sharp edges, especially when using a brim to anchor products. You can use a deburring tool to smooth the edges with a simple across them.  It is a must-have accessory, especially when you design something that has to be handled by people instead of placing it on the corner.

Honorable Mentions: Other 3D Printer Accessories Worth Considering


Precision Tweezers

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While printing a complex object, you will witness filaments oozing out of it. You can burn your fingers if you touch the nozzle’s extruder with your bare hands. Thus, having a set of tweezers to pluck the filaments more accurately and deliver a finely detailed product is good. Furthermore, purchasing a set of tweezers will also provide different sizes and shapes, meaning regardless of the type of printer you have, at least one tweezer will be suitable.


Wet & Dry Sandpaper Set

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You should get sandpapers in different grits to help with various tasks while manufacturing with 3D printers. It will allow you to bring more detail and smoothness to the products and eliminate all the rough or sharp edges from them. That said, always buy a set of sandpaper ranging from 120 grit to 1000 grit to get the most from them. Also, get the one with good reviews that lasts longer to make it cost-efficient.

Digital Caliper 

Digital Caliper

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A digital caliper is another excellent accessory for people who are detail-oriented. While printing objects from 3D printers, the more accurate your measurements are, the better the result will be. With the digital caliper, you can precisely measure the parts you want to reproduce in 3D. 

Furthermore, the digital caliber also allows you to take precise measurements of filaments before using them in the printer. Sometimes the brand advertises the wrong diameters, which can be cross-checked via digital caliper. 

How To Choose The Best 3D Printer Accessories For Your Need

As mentioned earlier, the market offers several accessories, not all of which will serve your purpose. So, there are a few steps you need to take to find the right accessories for you. Let’s look at them:

Identify The Problem

Different accessories have varying functions, making it crucial to understand why you need them in the first place. For example, if you print a very complex object but some filaments are oozing from it. You can get a set of tweezers to pluck them out without touching the hot objects with your hands. Similarly, a digital caliper can be an excellent option for users who are detail-oriented. Using the caliper will enhance the product’s details and make its finish more attractive. 

The accessories made for 3D printers are not very versatile, which limits their applications. Thus, it becomes important to get the right ones straight away.

Check For Compatibility

While some accessories will work with all printers, some are compatible with specific types of printers. For example, a heat bed platform sticker is a popular accessory that allows you to print without adhesive on the surface. However, it will work only if you pick the right size. A nozzle set is another set of accessories you must check for compatibility. 

Examples of accessories where you do not have to check for compatibility include sandpaper, a tweezer set, and cleaning and finishing solutions.

Read The Reviews & Recommendations

After narrowing down the accessories you want, read the customer’s reviews and recommendations about the product. It will let you know what to expect from a particular product and whether it is good enough to be part of your gear.

Understand The Value It Adds To Your Gear

While some accessories look great on paper, they do not add much value to your overall gear. You should compare the price of an accessory against the benefit it provides to make the decision about a particular product.


Picking the right accessories can do wonders for your 3D-printed creations. It enhances the finishing of products, allowing you to market them at better rates. The right accessories will add value even if you use the 3D printer for domestic uses. While ample accessories are on the market, you must understand what you need and pick them up accordingly.