6 Best Water-resistant Smartphones in 2022

Best Water-resistant Smartphones
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The Water Resistance in smartphones was generalized a few years ago by Sony, with its model Xperia Z. But, little by little it has been spreading to new mobile and other manufacturers.

Best Water-resistant Smartphones and Live Tests to Each

So, now which waterproof mobile phones were the best of 2022? These are high-end and latest generation models, which make up the catalog of manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, or LG. Below, we tell you the details of the 6 best water-resistant smartphones of what we carry of the year.

But before, you should know that although the mobiles are sold as water-resistant, there is a small print that includes all manufacturers. Waterproof and submersible phones are not indestructible even if they are IP67 certified or higher. 

The best waterproof mobile phones and their live test are shown below. Let us see which mobiles stood in this top 6 list.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8


The Samsung Galaxy S8 has an IP68 certification which means it is dust resistant and also to be submerged in water under 1.5 meters for at least 30 minutes.

Of course, never put your mobile phone in the sea, since you can scratch the device and salt water is very harmful to electronic devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Live Water Test

2. iPhone 7 Plus


The iPhone 7 Plus is not thinking about open water dives at great depths. Moreover, it is not even recommended to use it inside a swimming pool. It has IP67 certification. It has extreme resistance to dust and the ability to withstand immersions in the water of up to 30 minutes to a maximum of one meter deep. However, this does not mean that under these circumstances it continues to function normally.

In fact, the touch system can be affected by water drops, and it is not possible to interact with the screen if it is completely submerged. Really the goal is that you do not have to worry about rain, unforeseen spills of liquids, and random dives to a shallow depth.

iPhone 7 Plus Live Water Test

3. iPhone 7


The iPhone 7 is waterproof IP67 certified, it does not mean that you should get into the pool with it for as long as you want to the depth you want. This certification makes it aquatic, but only against splashes or not too extreme cases.

And yes, the iPhone 7 is, at least in theory, submersible up to a meter and for a half-hour at most. If you introduce yourself to Apple with the circuits of your mobile completely drenched, the warranty will not cover the replacement. You just cannot check if you really dipped it a meter or less or how long you’ve done it.

So, if you want an iPhone 7 to take photos underwater, you’d better forget about it.

iPhone 7 Live Water Test

4. Samsung Galaxy S8+


The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is one of the complete mobiles of the year. This mobile phone has IP68 certified water resistance.

In addition, although we do not recommend taking a shower with the mobile, this time, fortunately, nothing will happen if the mobile gets a little wet.

Live Water Test for Samsung Galaxy S8+

5. LG G6


The LG G6 has been crowned as one of the great mobiles of 2022. The LG G6 borderless screen occupying the entire front and its resignation to the (failed) LG G5 modules have placed it in this position.

But there is more here. It has an IP68 certificate that guarantees maximum resistance against dust and water. The LG G6 is submersible in water up to 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes. It is not advisable to mess with it in the pool, but at least we make sure that the mobile will survive small accidents.

Live Water Test for LG G6

6. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the best phones for those who practice scuba diving or simply for those who can not leave their handset when they are in the shower.

In addition, the Galaxy S7 Edge resists water better than the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but not without permanent damage. The resistance of this mobile to water is one meter deep and 30 minutes.

Live Water Test for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

These are the 6 best waterproof mobiles of including both Android and iOS devices.

I hope this article helps you to get the best mobile this year 2022.

If you want any other best mobile with this specification to be included in this list, then let us know in the below comments.

If you have any experiences with the water-resistance of any mobile, share them with our readers in the comment section below.

Which waterproof mobile do you use?