23 Types of Advertising Used by the Companies with Examples

23 Types of Advertising Used by the Companies with Examples

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Are you really aware of what types of advertising exist? Today, if we want to market our product or service we have a large number of options to communicate and reach a large number of people.

Case Study and Examples of 23 Types of Advertising Used by the Companies 

In fact, when creating the Digital Marketing Plan of a company, one of the most important parts is the communication strategy. And this is where advertising comes into play.


The problem is that we are so focused on the online world, that if we advertise on the Internet or if we advertise on social networks, etc. that many times we forget the more traditional ways.

And not because they are more traditional, they have to be less effective, in fact, depending on the objective of the company and its situation, it can even be more effective on many occasions.

But do not worry, because I’ll explain what are the types of advertising used by the companies or brands to get known and get more sales.

What types of advertising currently exist?

If you are wondering how many types of advertising currently exist, the truth is that they are more than you think.

In fact, I’m going to tell you different types, but I’d like you to leave a comment if you think I’ve left one.

Surely the vast majority sound, yes, do you know how to classify the types of advertising?

The normal thing is to count the different examples of types of advertising that exist, but we would be forgetting something very important.

Your classification.

Therefore, first of all, I will tell you what types of advertising are present according to the objective and then we will see more specific examples.

Depending on the content

  • Informative advertising
  • Comparative advertising
  • Transformative Advertising
  • Emotional advertising.

Depending on the number of advertisers

  • Individual advertising
  • Collective advertising

Depending on the activity of the advertiser

  • Advertising of the manufacturer.
  • Advertising intermediaries.

Depending on the nature of the advertiser

  • Advertising for private companies.
  • Advertising for non-profit organizations.
  • Advertising for Public Administration.

Depending on the geographical scope

  • Local advertising.
  • Regional advertising.
  • National advertising.
  • International advertising.

Depending on the diffusion medium

  • Internet publicity.
  • Print advertising.
  • Radio advertising.
  • Television advertising.
  • External advertising.
  • Telephone publicity.
  • Word of mouth advertising.

Based on the announcement

  • Product.
  • Service.
  • Establishment.

And now that we know what types of advertising exist, we will see each of them in more detail and with examples.

A. Types of advertising according to the diffusion medium

Depending on the broadcast channel we will find different types of advertising depending on whether it is online or offline.

As I mentioned above, we are so immersed in the digital world that we often forget about other ways of advertising.

But it is a mistake.

Depending on what the objectives of a company are, you will have to find those channels that are most effective.

So let’s see the different options.

1. Types of Internet Advertising

Digital advertising is experiencing the greatest growth compared to the rest of the media.

In fact, it is the only source that has not decreased in investment but has increased.

The rest of the media have either decreased or remained at the same levels.

With this, you can get an idea of how important it can be to invest in advertising.

Now, within this medium, there are also different types of advertising options.

  • a) Advertising in Social Networks

One of the types of advertising used by companies to reach their target audience and which is growing is the ads on social networks.

In fact, according to the data, the advertising investment in social networks has increased by 16% in the last year.

So, if your company is not yet investing in social media, I recommend that you seriously consider it. In addition, there are also different types of advertising on social networks, but the main ones are:

  1. Advertising on Facebook.
  2. Advertising on Instagram.
  3. Advertising on Twitter.
  4. Advertising on LinkedIn.
  5. Advertising on YouTube.
  6. Advertising on Snapchat.
  • b) Email Marketing

The Email Marketing is usually one of the most effective channels when advertising.

In fact, some studies have shown that a return on marketing investment of 122% has been achieved.

  • c) Advertising on Mobile or Mobile Ads

The mobile advertising is also experiencing tremendous growth, in fact already invested more than PC.

Here we should take these advertising types into account. The different mobile advertising formats such as

  1. Search.
  2. Banner.
  3. Video.
  • d) Video advertising

A video is one of the preferred channels for content consumption.

In fact, when we search for a tutorial many times we turn to YouTube earlier than to Google itself (which is the same thing after all).

Therefore, here we should take the different video platforms into account that accept ads such as:

  1. Youtube.
  2. Vimeo.
  3. Dailymotion.
  • e) Advertising Display

If you do not know what is Display advertising, surely the word banner sounds more to you, right?

Because in the end this type of online advertising is displayed in the form of banners on a web page.

They are usually formed by images, but also by videos or audio.

You can find them on websites or blogs and they usually appear at the top, inside the content or in the sidebar.

  • f) Advertising in Search Engines or SEM

Here we refer to all the paid campaigns that we make in the search engines, whether Google or any other.

For example, when we search for something on Google, the first results that appear are paid and are usually based on pay per click.

  • g) Retargeting

Have you ever seen a product from an online store and then the same product appeared on Facebook or when you visited another page?

That’s what remarketing is about.

To impact people we have visited and have shown interest in our products, in fact, it is one of the most effective types of advertising for the business world.

2. Print Advertising

Print advertising is one of the ways to advertise that the media use to try to make money.

There are different types of print advertising but the best known are:

  • Press.
  • Journals.
  • Posters.
  • Flyers.
  • Direct mail.

3. Radio Advertising

Here we would take into account the typical announcements we heard on the radio.

Although more and more people are listening to the podcast, so we could also consider a new advertising format in the podcast.

In fact, it is usual that when a Podcast starts talking about the sponsors.

4. Television Advertising

Perhaps it is the type of advertising which is more known and more used mainly by the big brands due to its cost.

And also one of the formats that favour more branding.

Some of the most used types of television advertising are:

  • Spot.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Advertisements.
  • Telemarketing.

5. Outdoor Advertising

We usually find outdoor advertising in public spaces.

The problem with this type of advertising is that it is very difficult to measure its advertising effectiveness and we are also impacting all kinds of people.

Some types of outdoor advertising are:

  • Billboards.
  • Advertising banners.
  • Urban furniture.

6. Word of mouth advertising

Personally, I consider word of mouth as one of the most effective types of advertising type, especially when we are talking about products with a high price.

When we are thinking of buying an expensive product, the first thing we do is look for opinions or ask people who have used it.

In addition, the closer the people we ask are, the more effective it will be because the more we trust the product and/or service.

7. Telephone Advertising

Surely more than once they have called you to offer you the services or products of a brand.

In fact, this is a marketing strategy widely used by mobile phone companies to attract new customers.

It is also a highly recommended format to close sales of more expensive products and/or services.

The higher the price, the more difficult it is to make a purchase decision and being able to speak with a person to answer their questions is usually a good way to unblock the sale.

B. Types of advertising depending on the content

We will find different types of advertising depending on the objective we want to achieve with our ads.

This will depend mainly on a series of factors such as:

  • A degree of knowledge of our product.
  • Price of the product.
  • Use of the product

Informative Advertising

The objective of informative advertising focuses on educating clients about the possible uses of a product and the benefits of its use.

It is usually used in high-priced products or that have a high level of involvement to try to make people understand what problems the product and/or service solves.

Comparative Advertising

Comparative advertising consists (as the word goes) of comparing our product or brand with that of the competition.

The main objective is to highlight the characteristics and/or benefits of what we offer compared to what the competition offers.

Of course, you have to be careful because the data you compare must be true, otherwise, it will not be legal.

Transformative Advertising

Transformative advertising is aimed at transmitting the values that the product itself is not capable of transmitting.

People buy solutions to our problems.

Solutions that make us move from point A (where we are) to point B (where we want to reach).

And this is mainly used for this type of advertising so that we understand what transformation we are going to achieve if we buy or carry out certain actions.

Emotional Advertising

Emotional advertising seeks to awaken the emotions of the person who is watching the ad.

When there is a high level of competition, it is no longer enough to highlight the benefits of our product.

We have to go a step further and pull imagination and creativity to provoke and awaken an emotional response.

For example, Coca-Cola ads do not talk about how refreshed the product is, but about the emotions that are lived beyond its consumption.

C. Types of advertising based on the number of advertisers

Advertising based on the advertiser number can be classified mainly into two groups:

Individual advertising

When there is only one advertiser.

Collective Advertising

It is usually used when complementary products are promoted in its consumption.

D. Types of advertising depending on the nature of the advertiser

Depending on the nature of the advertiser, the ways of doing advertising go to several because they have to adapt to the objectives of each entity.

Based on this, we can distinguish mainly three groups:

Advertising for private companies.

It is the type of advertising that we tend to be more accustomed to because we see it in our day to day life.

Its objective is to influence the purchasing behaviour of a product and/or service marketed by a private company.

Advertising for non-profit organizations

No product and/or service is sold here.

Mainly it is about raising awareness in society about the activities carried out by this type of organizations and also trying to attract more people interested in this type of initiatives.

Advertising for Public Administration

As in the previous case, no product is sold directly here either, but it is about boosting the brand image of the Public Administration.

Either through advertising from the Autonomous Community itself to try to increase tourist visits or to report on certain aspects.

E. Types of advertising depending on the geographical scope

Depending on the geographical level there will be different ways of advertising.

Regardless of which you are going to carry out, you must analyze the market very well in which you are going to address.

You have to study what peculiarities exist at each of the levels, their characteristics, customs and culture.

Local or retail advertising

Local advertising is really important for those businesses that want to impact people in specific geographical areas such as cities.

It is a type of advertising that allows reinforcing the brand image and is used mainly to make promotional actions at specific points.

Here you can also think about different advertising formats, from a local SEO strategy, Facebook Ads campaigns based on the postal code or the typical techniques of mail.

Regional Advertising

Regional marketing is more focused on fostering cultural or regional motivations.

Regardless of whether the object is the promotion of a product or service, what is sought is to associate behaviours or characteristics that are related to the geographical area.

This type of advertising is practised mainly at the regional level, but also at the province or autonomous community level.

National Advertising

With national publicity, we intend to impact the entire nation.

That is, there are no regional limits as in the previous case.

At the geographic scope level it is the most common type of advertising.

International Advertising

While the objective of this type of advertising is the dissemination of the product and/or service of the company but worldwide.

That is, there are no geographical limits.

Of course, when doing international advertising you have to take into account the different cultures and customs of each country.

If you try to do the same type of advertising you will be wasting your time and money because the first thing you should do is analyze the market.

F. Types of advertising depending on the target

Finally, we also have to take into account the type of people we are going to address.

Advertising for businesses is not the same as for consumers.

Moreover, depending on what our target is going to include also in the media that we select to try to reach them.

Normally, the most common target types are:

B2B advertising

B2B advertising is one that goes from companies to other companies. That is, in this case, the final consumer are other companies.

When it comes to B2B marketing, we must bear in mind that there are different characteristics, for example:

  • There are fewer clients.
  • The purchase process is more complex.
  • The billing is usually higher.

In this case, social networks like LinkedIn work really well when looking for potential customers.

B2C advertising

B2C marketing is an abbreviation of the English ” Business to Consumer ” and basically it is the marketing between businesses and consumers.

That is, all the types of advertising that we have seen previously, but whose target audience is only consumers, would come into play.

C2C Advertising

C2C advertising means ” Consumer to Consumer ” that is, commercial activity occurs among the consumers themselves.

Here it is usually given in second-hand applications where individuals put their products on sale to be purchased by other individuals.

For this, they usually use different pages to publish free ads like Milanuncios, Wallapop, etc.


Have you seen how many types of advertising exist? Did you think there were so many?

As you have seen there are endless possibilities when it comes to promoting the products or our own business.

The choice of the type of medium will depend mainly on what our objectives are and the budget that we can invest.

What I recommend is that before doing anything have a clear idea about who is your target audience and always measure the results of your actions to see what types of advertising are most effective for your business.

Finally, if you have any other queries or want to share something regarding the advertising types, let us know them in the below comment box. We will definitely get back to you to answer all your questions.