Stay Ahead of the Game: Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes

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Can you rank your blog or website top on Google without knowing the rules of the game? No, right. Well, do not worry about that.

Comprehensive Guide on All Google Algorithms Updated List

After this quick guide on the different algorithms that Google has implemented, you will be much closer to your goal that is to reach the first page of Google.


Finally, and before starting the post I have to warn you. Taking these algorithms into account is not important, it is VERY IMPORTANT. Keep in mind that if you use SEO practices that are not allowed by these algorithms on your website you will get an SEO penalty and we do not want that, right?

What is Google’s algorithm and how does it work?

The algorithm of Google is the mathematical formula that will be responsible for deciding which position is right for your website within Google for each keyword based on a series of parameters.

This algorithm can change up to 100 times a year and it is difficult (if not impossible) to keep track of it.

For this reason, you should only adapt your project to the changes made in the Google algorithm as long as they are relatively important such as a change in Google Panda, Penguin, etc.

Now that you know what the Google algorithm is, you will ask yourself: How does it work?

Well, the algorithm is based on a mathematical formula that will be responsible for carrying out a ranking process (rank) of the thousands and thousands of web pages that exist on the internet based on key aspects such as the content offered, the popularity on the internet, etc.

For all this, and reminding you that the algorithm changes more than 100 times a year, I recommend that you do not obsess over the algorithm. Simply, dedicate yourself to do things well (offer good content and quality and natural link building) and you will not have any problems getting to the front page in Google.

Types of algorithms that Google has

As you’ve seen before, it’s impossible to keep track of the Google algorithm. For this reason, you should only be aware of important updates of this.

These big changes in the algorithm will come given by modifications in the algorithms that I will explain to you next.

Anyway, if you want to know the changes that are being made to Google’s mathematical formula, it is best to check the SEMRush Sensor every day. This tool will indicate when Google is more altered and when it is not.

And yes, we got 5 important Google Algorithms.

2.1 Google Panda Algorithm


Google Panda is Google’s algorithm focused mainly on quality content.

This algorithm will reward all those web pages that offer useful and quality content for users.

This funny panda made its appearance for the first time in 2011 penalizing all those web pages whose content was of low quality ( Thin content ). That is, Google panda will be in charge of penalizing all that content that is too short, that is duplicated in other websites, that does not provide value, etc.

Therefore, if the content of your website is useful for your users, it is original and of quality, you will not have to worry about the action of this beautiful panda.

2.2 Google Penguin Algorithm


Google Penguin appeared in 2012 penalizing all those web pages that were based on poor quality links.

In the early days of the internet, everything was much simpler. You created a web page, you put thousands and thousands of links in directories, link farms and you were able to position yourself.

With the arrival of Google Penguin all that changed radically. From then on, Google began to reward web pages that got the links naturally. That is, they began to take into account quality over quantity when it comes to getting links.

Logically, this algorithm is not infallible and links can continue replicating and buying. However, if you do not want this cute penguin to penalize your website, it will be best to get links related to your topic.

2.3 Hummingbird


Hummingbird was launched by Google in 2013 to analyze the semantic search and knowledge graph of web pages.

This is totally a new algorithm used parts of the old algorithms and introduced new things to get a more natural content and searches. This was a total revolution at the time. Keep in mind that its arrival affected 90% of searches.

Hummingbird was intended to change and improve the conversational search so that in this way the Google search and the results were more natural and simple for the user.

In summary, Hummingbird was created in order to focus on the user’s search intent.

2.4 Google Pigeon


Google Pigeon appeared on the market in 2014. However, even today it is one of the most unknown algorithms by webmasters.

This algorithm was launched with a clear objective, to debug local searches. In fact, this algorithm was created at the request of the famous local search engine YELP.

With this new animal, Google tried to create a mathematical formula that will be responsible for prioritizing content and local backlinks over global ones. As long as it was a clear local business.

For this reason, if you are interested in local SEO, you should not lose sight of this friendly pigeon. Without a doubt, it will be the cause of your local business appearing in the top positions.

2.5 Google Fred


Google Fred was launched on the market in the year 2017 and its implementation took a toll especially on websites in the United States.

In fact, it caught everyone by surprise as there was no official confirmation from Google when launching this algorithm.

This algorithm mainly affected all those web pages that sought to earn money through advertising (except with Google Adsense), prioritizing this objective over the user experience and the quality of the content.

Therefore, if your website is of quality, however, if your website has good content with a good advertisement, you should not have problems with poor Fred. In case you were wondering, Fred’s name is a tribute to the name of Fred Flintstone.

What benefits can an algorithm change in Google?

When Google decides to make changes to its algorithm it simply does so in order to refine and improve this to offer a better response to the user.

Keep in mind that every time Google makes a big change in this algorithm it is spending a lot of money to re-track and sort millions and millions of web pages.

For this reason, changes in the algorithm are not bad (as long as your website is good) are simply ways to improve a system that, after all, does not stop being based on an algorithm.

For all this, every time that Google makes a change in its algorithm what it intends with it is:

  • Focus more on the user: That is, offer quality content that really answers your question. Keep in mind that the main reason you access Google is that it offers the best results, right? Because of this, they want to continue being the best.
  • Elimination of bad quality content: Google is not perfect, and for this reason, from time to time, contents are leaked into the results that are not relevant to the user. For this reason, changes in the algorithms are intended to eliminate this type of useless content for the user.
  • Encourage updated and fresh content: Every day Google rewards increasingly those live and updated content as it understands that these will be best in responding to the user’s question.
  • Improve link building towards the brand and stop altering results artificially: The algorithm of Google does not stop being a mathematical formula vulnerable to manipulations. Therefore, more and more Google tries to reward the brand over the keyword search (especially in link building issues).
  • That you spend more time in Google: There is a war for the user as you can check in the Amazon vs Google war. For this reason, Google tries every time (within its possibilities) to spend as much time as possible in it. For this reason, Google is favouring those web pages that respond to the user in the shortest possible time (as in the Rich Snippets or position on Google).


As you have seen throughout the post, the most important thing for Google has always been and will be to answer the user’s question in the best possible way so that he/she is completely satisfied with the service that Google offers.

It is clear that Google is a company that will have to earn money to maintain itself (Therefore the SEM will always exist). However, what will really matter to Google is to remain the market’s leading search engine and this will only be achieved by perfecting its algorithm so that it responds to the user in the best possible way.

For all this, the most important thing for you to position your website will be that you offer quality information in the shortest possible time.

I hope this article helps you to learn about all the important Google Algorithms and its updates. If you have any queries, let us know them in the below comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

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