15 Amazing Tricks About Internet, I bet you don’t know these

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The internet has become a basic amenity for every individual in this technologically advanced world.

Amazing Tips and Tricks About the Internet Every User Should Know

We can’t even imagine our life without access to the internet for reasons ranging from social networking to handling projects and accumulating some essential information. By browsing the internet, we find numerous things sometimes more bizarre things which we might not know it before. By taking help of the internet, we try to perform most of out tedious chores regardless of personal works, business or some other official work.
As we all know, the Internet is the most user-friendly platform that assists everyone in whatever way you wish to be. But, not many of us know some hidden tricks and other important facts about the internet. Many of us may not be aware of these interesting tricks of the Internet that can either learn something new or waste your time. It’s not like dissipating your time but, it provides you much more knowledge about the thing which you’ve been using it for ages. So, take some time to have a look at the interesting and cool tricks about the internet that you never knew it before. Have fun!!

15 Amazing Tricks About The Internet That You Never Know It Before

1. Hold ‘S’ + Right Click on an Image to do Image Search in Google Chrome.

2. Search in Google with Incomplete Sentences.

Sometimes, we only remember a little bit of the song but you actually need the complete song. If you’re looking for the complete song, you just need to place an asterisk (**) in the words.
If you do not remember the phrase that comes next, you can use this simple trick so that Google will recognize it as an incomplete sentence, finds what you’ve been searching for and displays plenty of relevant results.

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3. Have Fun with the Chat on Gmail!

If you’re a regular user of Gmail and if you frequently use Gmail chat, have you ever noticed the hidden trick? You can spice up your conversation not only with emoji but with different animations, such as ponies.

All that you need to do is simply type /pitchforks, /shydino or /ponystream and italicized and see fun animations out.

3. Turn your Browser into a Notepad

Need a notepad in Google Chrome, Firefox or any other browser? Just do the following.

  • Copy and paste this code in the address bar of your browser:


  • You can do this by opening a new tab and you can write anything. You can even save it to your PC or Laptop.

4. Do the Same thing but in Night mode.

  • Copy and paste this code in the address bar of your browser:


5. Find your Profile Number on Facebook.

Are you a frequent user of the giant social networking site, Facebook? Have you ever tried to check your profile number on Facebook? If not, then here’s a hidden trick that reveals your Facebook Profile number.
Just log in to your Facebook account as usual.
In the URL link, you can see https://www.facebook.com/anyrandomnumber. 
After that, just place any random number say ‘5’. For Eg: https://www.facebook.com/5
Try it!!

6. Play a Game!

How about a fun game? If you enterzerg rush‘ into Google.
You’ll face an unusual attack of the letter ‘O’ on your search results.

7. Do a Barrel Roll!

Google has much more hidden tricks than just search results. Here’s a tricky and unknown feature you may not know it before.
Enter ‘do a barrel roll’ in the search box of your Chrome browser. Watch the fun!
Just try out some other fun terms. ‘Tilt’, ‘anagram’ and ‘recursion’.

8. Turn your Browser into a Full Screen!

  • If you are browsing on a small screen and want to change it to a full screen to view websites in a larger mode, just press F11. If you’re a Windows 8 or above users, just press Fn+F11
  • Your browser will then remove all toolbars, address bar, and the full-screen size will be utilized to view the website.
  • To switch to normal mode, press F11 again.

9. Calculate the Bacon Number of any Celebrity.

Really curious to know about how many degrees of separation your favorite celebrity is from Kevin Bacon? Just do the following.

  • Enter their name andBacon number into Google’s search window. If they’re connected to Kevin Bacon, Google will tell you how.
  • Try and find someone with a Bacon number above “2”.

10. Play a Retro Video Game in Google Images.

Remember the game ‘Breakout’? If you like a game, just do a search for ‘Atari Breakout’ in Google Images.

11. Destroy this Random Website.

Simply go to daskeyboard.com, Go to the bottom of that page and click “destroy this site”.
Blow the page to pieces, Space Invaders style! You can do this on all browsers.

12. Zooming IN and OUT in Browser.

  • Just Hold “Ctrl” Key and Scroll Up/Down of the Mouse Wheel to Zoom In and Out in any browser.
  • In order to reset the browser to the original font size, hold Ctrl Key and press ‘0’. (Ctrl + 0). 

13. Get Retro Google.

Google search for “google in 1998” to see the original homepage.

14. Open a New Incognito Window!

Press CTRL+SHIFT+N to open an Incognito Window in a Browser.

15. Add .com to Any Word in the URL Bar.

  • Just press Ctrl+Enter to add ‘.com’ to any word you type in the Address bar.
  • Pressing “shift” produces .net and “shift/ctrl” is .org.
  • You can check it out on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Know your Internet Browser Shortcuts

1. Ctrl + N opens a new window. If we want a new tab will have to use Ctrl + T.
2. Ctrl + Shift + T will help us to recover the last tab you’ve closed. To close, we can also use Ctrl + W, which can also be closed if we click on the scroll wheel of the mouse over the tab.
3. Ctrl + F is one of the most useful to me, opens a search box where you can search for words within the website you are visiting. This helps us to locate the information you need much faster in a document.
4. Ctrl + Tab allows us to move from one tab to the next. If you use Ctrl + Shift + Tab, we go back to the previous tab. Very useful when we are working with two pages and we have a double screen to display information in one and work on the other. If we go to the third tab you have open, for example, we will press Ctrl + 3
5. Ctrl + Enter allows us to complete a web address without writing or www. and .com, the trouble is not used for other extensions such as * .com
6. Ctrl + L will serve to select the web page you are browsing. Then we’ll just make a Ctrl + C to copy it to the clipboard for pasting where we want.
7. Ctrl + Shift + R cleanses the browser cache and reload the page you’re seeing, which is useful if you need to refresh quickly to see if a change has taken us on a web page or blog.
8. Ctrl + + to increase and Ctrl + – to decrease it. Ctrl + 0 restores the original text size. Can also Ctrl + scroll made to increase or decrease the zoom we do on a page.
9. Ctrl + U to see the source code of a page that opens in a new tab. Very useful if we are dedicated to SEO or web development.
10. Alt + right arrow will advance to the last page stored in the record, if you click with the left arrow, go back one page in history.
Try out these hidden cool and funny tricks. Have Fun!!