5 Android File Managers Who never Know Till Now

Android File Manager
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This time, however, we want to show five powerful file manager for Android that although they are not as well known, offer a wealth of features and functions to make virtually any management task in our phones and Tablets.

5 Android File Managers Which We Have Never Known Until on These Days

For users who recently have begun using Android, a file manager should be one of the first applications to install. As the name implies, this is an application that allows us to manage all content stored on the phone, including documents, photos, music, videos, applications, etc.

What is a file manager and what is it?

Often includes functions to open, create, copy, paste, cut, move, rename and delete files or folders, installing and uninstalling applications, view images, play audio, compress files, search or select, organize files by name, type or size, plus it can also include advanced features for those users with rooted phones.

5 File Managers for Android

1. FX File Explorer

The latest version of this file manager comes with a new user interface based on Material Design. Once you install you are multi-functional and powerful tools such as displays and text editors, integrated media player, extractor RAR files, file encryption Zip AES-128/256, dual panel mode and displays Unlimited. You also have all the basic operations for renaming files, copy or move, delete and create new folders or files.

2. Amaze File Manager

This is another file manager for Android that we highly recommend because it has all the functions that we need to keep the content organized. With this application you can copy, cut, delete, compress and extract files, also you can work with multiple tabs at the same time and explore as root file system. Also you have options to install or uninstall applications, create backups and ability to customize their interface with different themes and icons available.

3. Explorer MK

It also stands as one of the best applications for managing files on Android, manage the contents of the microSD card, as well as its function ROOT access. Supports Material Design, dual pane to display files, thumbnails for images, videos and APK files even has an integrated text editor, ZIP compression and file browser.

4. MiXplorer

In this case it is a file manager that is highly customized and allows you to select any color for UI. Along with this, comes with unlimited tabs and dual pane to navigate the content. There are also different display modes and various options for sorting folders separately, you can even open ZIP files and access to all the advanced features ROOT browser .

5. Simple Explorer

Finally we have this application as its name suggests, is a file manager for Android that features the most basic features to manage the content of our phones and Android Tablets. Comes with two display modes, support for thumbnails and show hidden files, copy, rename, delete, share, archive files, built-in search and options to create new files or folders.