Apex Legends Basics for Beginners

Apex Legends Basics for Beginners

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Apex Legends is an action-packed battle royale shooter. For many players, Apex is a mixture of PUBG and Fortnite, where tactics and simulation of survival among enemies are combined with a lot of chips from a fantasy shooter and the implementation of a system of operatives with various skills.

The game provides a training system – players will be taught the basics of shooting, the use of skills, and the main features of the project, but knowing and being able to use these are completely different things, so in this guide we have collected all the important knowledge that may be useful to beginners.


Apex Legends has its own rank system, which is earned alone or in a squad, and in order to switch to stronger opponents, you need to constantly move up in the rankings and win matches, or occupy consistently high positions – the later you die in a match, the more experience and rating You will receive the total.

If you want to test yourself against really difficult and well-played opponents, then order apex boosting – professional players will upgrade your account and you will be able to challenge the best of the best. If this level is too tough for you, then you will simply lose your rating until you stop at your level.

Tips for pumping MMR:

  1. Don’t land in the thick of things – you’ll need to be a top-notch shooter and cover master to survive the hell that’s going to happen there. Many players choose this strategy because of the action and quick win or quick death strategy. For beginners, this path will only spoil the impression of the game – you still have time to play the American Ranger.
  2. Try to get a weapon right away – even if you land on the same point with the enemy, don’t run at him with your fists. Run in the opposite direction and look for a pistol, or an assault rifle – if you’re lucky, and only then return to the enemy and find out who will continue on to the top 1 and who will go to a new map.
  3. Do not chase the Air Drop – this is a particularly valuable weapon or equipment, but when landing, all players receive a notification and the best shooters and groups will be pulled together for prey and an inexperienced player will simply quickly get a well-aimed field and leave the game. Leave the disassembly for the slightest reason to others – your task is to survive as long as possible and gradually understand the mechanics of the game and shooting.


The best operatives for pumping MMR


  • Drone master and operative with the ability to call various aids:
  • Resuscitation Drone – Raises a fallen ally instead of an agent.
  • Resupply drone – Delivers ammo to the battle group, but gives out a hiding place – be careful.
  • Healing drone – brings a first aid kit that replenishes 100% of health. No need to look for healing on the map.


Master of tracking and fast travel

  • Uses a skill that allows you to determine the presence of an enemy, but does not give out its location.
  • Leaving the rift and disappearing from sight and imposing invisibility and invulnerability.
  • Opening portals and the ability to teleport, even to remote points on the map.


Hereditary tracker and master of hunting

  • Easily tracks the movement of the enemy along the tracks left.
  • Scans the environment for enemies and reveals even the most hidden targets.
  • Marks the enemy and makes it visible and contrast as a target for the whole group and the Bloodhound himself.


Master of deception and illusion

  • Creates a beacon, when next to which the character is not visible when an ally is resurrected.
  • Creates a copy of the character as a red herring.
  • Create a copy that can be controlled and let opponents go on the wrong trail.


Hardy and maneuverable fighter

  • If Octane stops taking damage, his health will begin to regenerate.
  • Uses stims to speed up movement for a short period of time.
  • Installing and using a trampoline for quick movements and jumps to heights and elevations.

Gunfight recommendations

Carefully track your hits on the enemy – follow the numbers and listen to the sounds.

When you shoot at an enemy, the damage numbers will be of a different color. Gold if the enemy has legendary armor, purple if epic, blue if rare, and white if common.

You should always knock down the armor first and when you succeed, you will hear the sound of breaking glass. After breaking the armor, the color of the numbers will turn red – this means that you have taken directly to the health of the enemy and there is very little left before the knockout and legal killing.

A knockout is a semi-death in which the character cannot do anything, but he can still be brought back into the game. The knocked out can either be finished off, or raised and returned to service with zero armor.