This is How Apple Checks the Battery Status of iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch

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Seeing the controversy generated with the latest news about the performance of the battery in iOS devices, Apple has decided to put all the cards on the table and apply a series of measures to make clear that the intentions of the company were in no way weaken the battery of the terminals intentionally.

How Apple Checks the Battery Status of iPhone, iPad and an Apple Watch

Among those measures is a future iOS update in which we, the users, can see the state of the battery and the specific reasons why it is losing capacity over time. Now, this is something that Apple can do right now in its own diagnostics. And even if those tests are internal, there is enough information on the web to get a good idea of how they work.

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How to check the iPhone/iPad/iWatch Battery Status

The first thing we need to understand is that iOS records the performance of the device’s battery.  Always. Proof of this is that we can always check your status. But until now the user could do it very superficially, while Apple has access to much more information through an internal diagnostic tool.

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Only an Apple-authorized technicians have access to that tool and can do remotely as explained in this blog reflected by Mashable. In this tool you can see both the general state of the battery and its daily consumption rhythm with graphics like this image:

Notice how we can check that the battery while charging, keeps 100% of that load going up only when it starts to go down. As soon as you stop charging the load level decreases depending on the use we give you. The diagnostic tool is able to tell us the applications that consume more battery, although that is something that we can also see ourselves in iOS.

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But the summary that most interests us is in this chart here:

This scheme is quite simple to understand: The white point is the state of our battery. When the device is new, it should be in the upper left corner indicating an optimal state. 100% health And as we use the terminal, loading and unloading it, the white point goes down diagonally to the right and down.

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It is important to understand that there is no situation in which the white point moves horizontally to the right indicating optimal health as time passes. It is impossible to happen, the battery always ends up degrading over time and moving down and to the right through the three zones of the graph.

  1. The green zone indicates a state of the battery that Apple considers good, concluding that it is not necessary to replace it.
  2. The yellow zone indicates that the battery has behaved as expected, and that simply the time and the use has caused that its life has already been enough affected suggesting that a change of the battery would bring benefits. This is not considered a hardware failure, in the same way, that it is not considered a breakdown that the tire of a car will wear out over time.
  3. The red zone indicates a problem. The battery has deteriorated too fast (it has moved faster downwards than to the right) or it has a defect. It is imperative to change it.

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Apple may have modified or replaced this diagnosis at any time and is not obligated to tell you anything about it. Remember: we are talking about internal tools.

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Do not look for this diagnostic tool anywhere, because you either work for Apple or for one of its authorized centres or you have no way to access it. Although it can be found on the web, this tool is theoretically private and reserved for Apple technicians.

If one of these technicians decides to take the test, do not ask or explain the details of this diagnosis. Apple may have changed it at any time and has no obligation to show you its concrete results beyond explaining your conclusions and the reasons why they change or do not change your device’s battery.

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My bet is that the company, in a future iOS update, will offer this information (or at least part of it) directly to the user and will no longer be reserved for the technicians. And that, from the point of view of informing the user well, is going to be very good news.

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So, this is how our Apple Inc, checks our iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch devices Battery status. I hope this article will help you to gain some important knowledge.

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