Apps to translate text from other languages ​​with the camera

Apps to translate text from other languages ​​with the camera

Living in a new country is a fun and exciting experience. However, it is common to encounter some language barriers in the first few months of adaptation until we learn the new language. If you can control with English then it is not a big problem, but if you are not able to do that, for sure we need extra help. 

A translator application is an essential element when we have to understand another language. One of the biggest advantages of having a smartphone is that we can use it to translate any words, signs to our required language. Today we are going to introduce you to three applications which are essential to translate text with the camera.

Yes! you heard it right. You can translate any language text to our language with just a camera. With these apps, you only have to focus the mobile camera on the text you want to translate and it will automatically appear in the image in the language you choose.

3 Apps to translate text from other languages with Camera

1. Google Translator

The first application is a Google translator. Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the low level of Google’s translations, but over time it has progressed far enough to be one of the best free translators in the market.

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If we test this application we can see that it allows us to translate text that we write on the screen, translate our voice and even translate the text with the camera. The use of the camera is quite curious.

  • In this below image, you can change the language of translation and the language of the text you are going to enter. Also, you can use a voice translator, by just clicking on the voice (like button) on the translator. This is a web version.


How to use the camera to translate text in Google Translator?

Well, if we point to an image with the camera, it will alter the image in real time and shows the translated text in our required language. Amazing isn’t it? A highly recommended translator, which also has support for Android wear. Google translator supports both Android and iOS devices. 




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  • Supports offline language recognition


  • Good level of translations.


  • Do not recognise handwriting very well. But, to some extent, it does well.


  • With the help of a camera, it will only work well with posters.

2. Microsoft Translator

The main competition of Google in Android is none other than Microsoft. The guys from Redmond have come up with an alternative to the Google translator that is also free and very complete. Like the Google translator, it allows us to translate text and audio, as well as being able to translate text with the camera. It is also compatible with Android Wear and allows us to send messages in another language to our watch. This is a very curious feature. Isn’t it?

You can use Microsoft translator for your personal use or for Business purpose.


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How to use the camera to translate text in Microsoft Translator?

Regarding the translation of the camera, its performance is decent, although it is a little below its main rivals. The application does not translate in real time but takes a photo and analyses the text that is in it and shows the translations in the original text. Like the Google translator, it does not recognise handwriting very well. Microsoft translator supports both Android and iOS devices. 



  • Supports offline translation.


  • Microsoft Translator provides many tools such as, can translate speech conversation across two languages, can learn useful phrases and can have group translated conversations across the devices using speech and the text options. 



  • Slow recognition.

3. Camera Translator

Finally, we have an application that along with Google and Microsoft could be considered as a small alternative, but still worth taking into an account. The app named as Camera translator and its main functions is to translate text with the camera.

How to use the camera to translate text in Camera Translator?

Camera translator only allows us to use the camera and needs an internet connection to do the translations. But the truth is that it has better optical recognition than the alternates of Google and Microsoft. The most important feature of Camera Translator is, it even recognises the handwritten text and shows the recommendations of similar words at the top of the screen. Camera Translator supports only Android devices. 



  • Best optical recognition.


    • Only translates with the Camera.
  • It does not support offline recognition.

These are the three best apps which help us to translate any language text to our required language. If you face any issues while using these apps, let us know in the below comments.

If you know any other best apps which translate any language text to our language, and worth including in this article, write them in the below comments. We will include them in our article in the next update.

Which app do you use most to translate any language to our language?



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