How to make Incredible ASCII Art with Photos on Facebook & Instagram

How to make Incredible ASCII Art with Photos on Facebook & Instagram

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Facebook is a popular social networking site where people spend most of their time uploading unique statuses, gorgeous photos, and some other funny videos.

How to make an Incredible ASCII Art With Photos on Facebook, Instagram

Upon uploading a photo to one of the giant social media like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll certainly get huge likes and comments. If you’ve ever uploaded a photo or image to Facebook or Instagram, possibilities are there are hidden ASCII renderings of them out there, if you know where to look. The giant social media has been creating incredible ASCII art which means recreating your images out of text characters from your photos and anyone can notice it.

What is ASCII Art?

ASCII art was a phenomenon in the Unix days very back Emojis and GIFs took over the Internet. These are pictures which are illustrated using the characters on a keyboard. As everything is in plain text on your normal photo, you can view the ASCII image in your browser or even inside a text editor. In order to such ASCII art using your pictures, you don’t have to be an artist to create ASCII pictures.

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There are readymade tools to help you convert your usual images or photos into ASCII art. Suppose, if you are on Mac OS, you can just launch the terminal window and say “banner {{text}}” to convert the normal text to ASCII. But there’s an even better way. You can upload your photograph to either Facebook or Instagram, set the privacy to public, and you’ll have an ASCII version of the image ready spontaneously.
Normal Image:
HTML images
After the Conversion:
Image to HTML Text
Mathias Bynens noticed this amazing trick of converting normal photos into ASCII art. Here is a step-by-step procedure for converting photos to text on Facebook and Instagram. Check it out!

How to Convert Normal Photos to ASCII Art on Facebook?

Here’s the trick on how to convert normal photos to ASCII art on the giant social media Facebook. Check it out and try it on your photo!
Step 1: Go to on your PC and open any of your photo that has the privacy set to public.
Step 2: Right-click anywhere within the photo and choose “Open Image in new tab”. Once you click on that option, the image will be opened in a new browser tab outside the Facebook website. Here’s the image:
How to convert normal image into ASCII art
Step 3: Go to the browser address bar and add .html to the photo URL. Just press Enter. Facebook will present a HTML version of the image (see example). If you wish to save that HTML image to your desktop, you can press Ctrl+S in your browser.
ASCII text on images
>> Just check out the other example here:

How to make ASCII Art with Instagram Photos?

Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook supports image to text conversion. However, this conversion on Instagram needs more work to get the photo URL since Instagram blocks right-click contextual menu. Here’s a simple trick to get the URL, you can either use Chrome Developer Tools.
Step 1: Initially, open any Instagram photo on a web page. You should simply open the standalone photo and not an Instagram profile.
Step 2: Add “media” at the Instagram photo URL to get the direct link to the JPG image.
Image on Instagram
Step 3: Once you get the direct link of the image, just add .html to the image URL and the Instagram photo will be converted into colored ASCII HTML.
Image into ASCII text

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Step 4: You can either add .txt for plain ASCII text version of the image so that the picture turns into an ASCII text as shown below:
Instagram - Conversion of Normal Image into ASCII text
Note: This simple trick will only work on “public” photos. If the URL of a photo doesn’t end with a .jpg, it means that the picture is not public and thus, the ASCII conversion will not work.
Converting your normal photo into some unusual art seems a kind of play. Wanna try this on your photo? Then just head over to your Facebook account and turn your image into incredible art. Have Fun!!