5 Best Apps to Download HD Wallpapers from Mobiles

5 Best Apps to Download HD Wallpapers from Mobiles

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It is true that there are many pages and sites on the Internet to download HD wallpapers from the computer.

5 Best Apps Where You Can Download HD Wallpapers from Mobile Phones

However, downloading HD wallpapers from the phone is not such a simple process. It is best to install an application that allows you to download this content and even set the image as wallpaper directly on your phone, Whatsapp, or for any wallpaper.

Thus, here we share five applications to download free Android HD wallpapers.

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1. Premium HD

With this application you can download wallpapers of animation, cars, wallpapers fantasy, flowers, animals, wallpapers cities and more. In fact there are 29 categories to choose from, plus three sections where the latest display is the best qualified and downloads. The application gives you the option to download the image and save on your phone, but you can also set the wallpaper directly and even resize it.

2. Background HD Wallpapers

This application allows you to download free Android HD wallpapers and set the image as wallpaper or simply download it to your phone. There are many categories and varied, there is also a section of bookmarks and history, where all the images you set as wallpaper is. You can also browse the most popular wallpapers and used as contact pictures.

3. Best Wallpapers QHD

What is the interesting thing about Best Wallpapers QHD, is the application you can show funds that are most popular of  the Day and display, and the same continues with the week or month. You can also browse the different categories and add those images that you like the favorites section. The application does not have an option to set the picture as wallpaper directly on the phone, however if we can download the wallpapers and even use as a contact picture.

4 Plus HD Wallpaper

This application has several interesting sections that allow you to find just the wallpapers you are looking for. From the Gallery section you can access all categories of wallpapers available, although you can also display images randomly and when you click on a Wallpaper have navigation controls to browse all the images, plus you can download or set them directly as wallpapers.

5. Cool Wallpapers HD

We end this top 5 apps to download HD wallpapers with this free Android application that includes many wallpapers in different categories and a search box to search for specific funds screen. Like most, Cool Wallpapers HD also allows you to set the images as wallpaper directly, or if you store them in your phone’s gallery.