Best Drawing Tablets Of 2022 (Ranked and Reviewed)

Best Drawing Tablets Of 2022 (Ranked and Reviewed)

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Regardless of your requirements or range, there are a lot of excellent drawing tablets offered for beginners, enthusiasts, and experts alike. 

Actually, there are just so many options available that it might be difficult to select a drawing tablet that best suits your desires.

You’re probably thinking what tends to make one device superior to another? Why do their rates differ a lot? How near do they get to the sensation of drawing with a pencil on paper?

No need to worry; all of your questions will be addressed right here. In this in-depth article, we have ranked and reviewed 10 of the best drawing tablets that you can acquire right now.

So without further adieu, let’s get started!

The Top 10 Drawing Tablets 

1. XP-Pen Artist12 Drawing Monitor



 The XP-Pen Artist12 Drawing Monitor takes the top rank due to its versatility, adjustability, and fairly inexpensive pricing. Its Full HD+ IPS display is not the best screen offered, but with 72% NTSC color gamut fidelity, the firm’s emphasis is on recreating the artist’s work in the best details with clarity.

The benefit of utilizing an 11.6-inch panel within the drawing tablet is that you don’t have to stare at your PC when making drawings on a different platform. This gives the impression that you’re making drawings in real life.

The battery-free Hexa stylus (which looks similar to a pencil) has 8,192 points of pressure sensitivity, which allows you to achieve a hand-drawn sensation in your art compositions.

It’s highly beneficial that this tablet’s stylus doesn’t have to be charged, since it would have been one more item that needed to be powered up.

Furthermore, the XP-Pen Artist12 includes a full-height touch strip that you can configure to perform specific tasks on your PC, and also 6 distinct programmable shortcut buttons.

As a result, this transforms it from a  tablet that is only for drawing to an excellent controlling interface for your drawing software.


Excellent quality

Feature-rich stylus

Configurable buttons


The color gamut could have been higher

2. Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet 

wacom cintiq


With a market price of just under 1200 dollars, the Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet is where Wacom truly steps up its game for its premium drawing tablets.

It boasts a stylish and direct drawing pad with superb color precision and a fantastic wide surface area. With a range of adjustments from 16 to 82 degrees, you will easily be able to figure out an ideal angle for yourself.

It misses customizable keys, but that provides a larger screen area, so we will ignore them. Its program gets the work done whatsoever.

It has a 21.5-inch Full HD+ IPS screen with an excellent 96 to 98% sRGB gamut. This ensures the colors you are seeing on the display are precise and ready to get printed once you’re done.

The Cintiq 22 takes full advantage of Wacom’s Pro Pen 2, which has tilting capability and pressure sensitivity of 8,192. Plus, you don’t need to charge the pen since it gets its juice directly from the tablet.

Ultimately, if you’re searching for a digital substitute for an artboard, this tablet is made for you. This is more than just a smart drawing pad; it’s one of the finest tablets you can get with a pen.


Amazing drawing experience

Solid integrated stand

Premium Pro Pen 2


  • A bit costly

3. Gaomon PD1560 Drawing Tablet



The Gaomon PD1560 Drawing Tablet is sleek, intuitive, and provides an ideal operating pleasure by blending ease of use with excellent drawing features.

It features a big 11-inch Full HD+ IPS display with a 72% NTSC range, which gives you good quality in terms of precision, clarity, brightness, and color vibrancy.

It’s similar to the Wacom alternatives in certain aspects, but since it lacks a touch slider and stylish multi-touch, we consider it’s a better match for our one of the best choices from XP-Pen.

The Gaomon PD1560 has most of the same qualities as the XP-Pen Artist12, due to its 72% gamut coverage and pressure sensitivity of 8,192 points from its dynamic stylus.

What distinguishes it from Artist12 is that it has 10 configurable functional buttons. However, this drawing tablet will cost you almost 100 dollars extra.

The quality of its IPS screen and the additional task buttons will justify its increased cost. Although, the tablet’s overly large build means it will occupy so much area on your table.

But there’s no doubt that it’s a superb drawing tablet with outstanding stylus features. We regarded its stylus to be amazing in our evaluation but its side keys should have been more noticeable.


 Vibrant display

Intuitive stylus

Premium quality


The form factor is too large

4. Huion H610 Pro V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet



Because of its pressure sensitivity of 8192 points, 5080 LPI quality, and battery-free pen, the HP610 Pro V2 Graphic Tablet provides excellent technical precision that is required in the top drawing tablets.

These factors guarantee that your whole sketching environment will be smooth while still being precise. It also includes a tilting mechanism to ensure you retain your comfort level when making high-quality drawings.

 The tablet comes with 8 configurable keys and 16 programmable soft buttons. Its stylus also includes 2 switches that can be utilized like an eraser.

 Overall, the HP610 Pro V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet finds the ideal balance between performance and usability – all for an inexpensive cost, that’s why we couldn’t resist including it in this article.


Friendly user interface

Compact build

Various configurable buttons


Have some connectivity problems

5. VEIKK VK1560 Drawing Monitor Tablet 

This is also for experienced artists. Ths VEIKK VK1560 Drawing Monitor Tablet features a Full HD+ 15.6-inch IPS panel and a pressure sensitivity of 8192 points which allows you to make amazingly intricate motions and illustrations.

In particular, when it comes to color fidelity, this drawing tablet should be your top choice. It offers a 92% color gamut and 178° viewing angle which provides you with crisp and vibrant colors to make outstanding drawings.

Its pen is battery-free and compact. You will also get 7 distinct buttons in it, all of which can be modified and adjusted to meet your unique requirements.

You can set this tablet at any position with its customizable base for hassle-free usage. Although, some keys are located at the rear of the tablet, which can be bothersome.

This drawing tablet offers a lot of extras, including 10 alternative stylus tips, a glove, a DB-HDMI cord, and a wiping cloth.

 In addition, the VEIKK VK1560 comes with a 1-year guarantee and lifelong tech support which increases the security of your purchase.


Competitive price

Fantastic viewing angles

Comes with 10 stylus tips


Multiple bugs found in Windows and Mac drivers

6. Wacom CTL4100 Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet

wacom intuos


 If you’re fresh to digital drawing and want a basic and easy-to-use drawing tablet, then the Wacom CTL4100 Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet is perfect for you. This gadget turns your Desktop into a digital work of art, allowing you to modify images, make drawings, and do whatever you want with it.

 In addition, whether you are left or right-handed, the setup method can be easily customized to your preferences.

 The Wacom guarantees a unique artistic environment due to its pressure sensitivity of 4096 points and a battery-free stylus with EMR advancements.

 Although it’s not that powerful for experienced illustrators, being accessible with all programs, from Corel Paint to Adobe Photoshop, makes it an excellent choice for newbies.


Solid build quality

Decent stylus features

High compatibility


Mediocre connectivity

7. XP-Pen StarG640 Ultrathin Drawing Tablet

xpen star


 Tablets have to be multifunctional, handy, and lightweight, and the XP-Pen StarG640 Ultrathin Drawing Tablet shines in all of these areas. The drawing tablet features a sleek form factor and a battery-free pen, which allows you to draw whatever you decide. This tablet can be used to sketch, draw, doodle, illustrate, or even play games.

 Due to its high-pressure sensitivity, which you can modify to over 8192 distinct points, you can yield rapid and effortless strokes. As the pen’s thickness is just 2 mm, you can draw highly complex designs on this tablet.

 However, remember that the XP-Pen Star6G40 Ultrathin requires a PC since it’s not yet supported by the Chrome OS.

 Plus, you will receive a 1-year guarantee with tech assistance for life and 20 extra nibs with each order.

Overall, the XP-Pen StarG640 Ultrathin Drawing Tablet is also an ideal choice, thanks to its lightweight build and integration with Windows, Mac, and many other innovative software apps.


Can be used with both hands

Additional drivers are not required

Lightweight build


  • Issues in stylus have been reported

8. Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablet

simbans picasso


By providing a convenient platform to sketch, draw, and write notes, the Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablet allows you to shift from student to an expert role in no time.

Essentially, it doesn’t have the most remarkable specifications, but it will be enough for a standard solitary drawing tablet. It boasts a 10.1-inch HD+ IPS display with a compact stylus. It also includes the Artflow and Autodesk Sketchbook apps preloaded in it, which are two of the finest Android drawing programs for starters.

It has 32GB of internal storage capacity and a MediaTek 1.3GHz Quad-Core CPU, which optimizes processing capabilities.

As the Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablet’s IPS panel resolution is only 720p, its quality is not the best but it can provide a decent visual level.

It also eliminates all the connectivity limits due to its USB Type-C and GPS port. However, when you open some programs, it can become a bit sluggish.

In addition, this tablet includes 3 useful extra goods: a high-quality protective cover, a screen guard, and a charging dock.


All-in-one tablet

Ample 32GB storage capacity

Comes with extra accessories


Have lagging issues

9. Monoprice 110594 Graphics Drawing Tablet



If you’re searching for something versatile and portable then the Monoprice 110594 Graphic Drawing Tablet is unquestionably worth considering.

It boasts a compact and attractive build that is driven by pressure sensitivity of 2048 points, a rendering quality of 4000 DPI, and a report rate of 200 RPS.

Furthermore, this 10-inch tablet provides an adequate area for you to make your lovely drawings.

It has 8 Express Buttons and 16 Hot Cells that you can configure to control certain keystroke patterns. You can use them to access websites, activate apps, replicate certain cursor movements, and deliver emails.

The Monoprice 110594 Graphics Drawing Tablet comes with multiple software tools for MS Windows and macOS. It also has a USB port but its cable link is lengthier which can limit your agility.


Value for money

Integrated shortcut buttons

Several customizable keys


No-touch capabilities

10. Flueston Kids LCD Writing Tablet And Drawing Pad



Want something for your kids? The Flueston Kids LCD Writing Tablet is a compact and lightweight tablet that is specifically designed for your kids’ artistic and creative activities.

Its display seems to be a black LCD screen except rather than displaying active, color images, it only responds to your markings when you try to scrape away its surface which then uncovers the colorful canvas below.

What’s fascinating about it is that the company has learned to convert the mobility of its LCD panel to allow kids to apply pressure with the provided pen to give it a more marker-like feel.

As it lacks a backlit display, so it has the best usage in the light. But this will in turn improve kids’ vision by reducing the duration of usual screen time they get. Plus, since this tablet uses a non-backlit system, its battery will easily survive for up to 1 year.

Overall, It’s a brilliant drawing tablet that will provide your kids with unique artistry. It includes an eraser, a lock screen mode, and also the feature of storing sketches for subsequent viewing.


1 year of battery life

Very affordable

Decent features


Low-quality build

Wrapping Up

If you’re a seasoned artist or just starting in this field of illustrating and drawing, there is a drawing tablet available to fulfill your desires.

It’s highly essential for an illustrator to have the latest gear available to not simply ramp up their creativity but also to make sure that their work is crisp and finely drawn.

The XP-Pen Artist12 Drawing Monitor is difficult to overtake as it has the majority of the capabilities that both new and experienced artists seek.

If you prefer something a little smaller (and far less expensive), opt for the Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablet, which includes a few addons and will not break your bank.

All the tablets in our article have been chosen to assist a distinct group of people. Ranging from premium tablets for experts who want to make artworks on a pro-level to inexpensive but versatile tablets for beginners who only wish to sketch and make handwritten notes.

As drawing tablets are a specialized type of equipment and everybody’s requirements are different, you can get confused about them. Know what specs you want in your tablet, and you will be fine.