7 Best Live Video Streaming Apps For iOS And Android

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You can get almost instant satisfaction from videos on YouTube or social media, but you and your viewers can get instantaneous gratification and the thrill from the live video.

Best Live Video Streaming Apps in iOS & Android to Download in 2022

The live-streaming video is the latest frontier of social media. Streaming through our webcams has gone out of fashion, and now what you get is the feeling of closeness through our mobile phones. It is precisely this reason why we all are talking so much about the live video streaming from our mobile apps. So, today we are going to list the best live video streaming apps for both iOS and Android users.
Live Streaming Apps

Best Live Video Streaming Apps For iOS And Android

Live-stream content ranges from impromptu video blogging to produced efforts by industry veterans. For small businesses, the live-streaming video may be a helpful, new way to engage an audience and establish a brand with little or no cost. As of the trend, we are going to list the top live video streaming apps that help you live-stream with your friends or the public with these seven easy-to-use apps.

1. Facebook

Facebook Live lets people, public figures, and Pages share live videos with followers and friends on Facebook. Earlier, the Live streaming facility was available only for celebrities but now each and every Facebook user can go Live. Field their burning questions, hear what’s on their minds, and check out their Live Reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going. Participants’ emissions can send video messages and hearts as a “Like”.

How to Enable Facebook Two-Step Verification

Facebook App Live Streaming
Followers will receive notifications when you go live so they tune into your broadcasts at that time. Here, you can go Live to stream for up to 90 minutes.

2. Periscope

Periscope is said to be Twitter’s live-streaming app. Whenever you Go Live here, it will instantly notify your followers, who can join, comment, and send you hearts in real-time. Periscope allows us to stream live video to everyone or to specific people very easily. Periscope allows us to manage notifications for that contact is streaming live or to receive suggestions of people to follow.
Periscope App Live Streaming
After the broadcast is over, you can make it available for replay so viewers can watch later. Replays currently last 24 hours.

3. Broadcast Me

This is a great app that lets you broadcast live video through your iOS or Android device. It runs through a multimedia server which allows RTMP publishing. This app gives you the ability to broadcast live multimedia streams from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad devices to any server that supports RTMP publishing of H.264/AAC streams.
Broadcast Me App Live Streaming
The app is charged at the App Store on iPhone and iPad. But it’s free on Android devices, but uses an older version that has not been working with DaCast channel so far.

4. BigVEncoder

If your Android supports H264 hardware encoding with its camera, then you can do live video broadcasting. BigVEncoder works with many online media servers. Here, you can mix and match video and audio sources. Pull the video from one source and the audio from another. Pull the video from a file and add narration from your microphone. Or shoot fresh video with your camera and add music from an audio file.
BigVEncoder App Live Streaming
Use BigVEncoder to convert existing files to other formats. Take your 3gp or mp4 files created by the Android’s camera app and convert them to Flash video or any one of several other formats. Use BigVEncoder to create ringtones. You can create MP3 files for your MP3 player. Just pull the audio from whatever source you would like and save the output to a file on your device.
This app does not support secure streaming, as it has no login and password field. Therefore can only be used with DaCast’s Legacy Flash option.

5. Broadcaster

Broadcaster App Live Streaming
Broadcaster App is a multi-purpose, multi-protocol live video/audio encoder. You can even directly load your publisher settings from DaCast to this app so you don’t have to manually input them. This is only compatible with legacy Flash channels.

6. Wirecast Cam

Wirecast Cam is a companion to Wirecast 6.0.1 and above live streaming production software. Wirecast Cam allows users to stream audio and video from their iOS device camera to Wirecast over Wifi. Wirecast 6, the market-leading, cross-platform, live streaming production software enables the capture, live production, and encoding of live streams for broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously.

7. Streamup

Streamup is a fun way to live stream interactive shows. Streamup announced its first slate of live-streaming originals in an effort to become a live television network for the Internet generation. Go live right from the app, or stream like a pro by using an encoder for cool special effects, overlays, filters, and more.
Streamup Live Streaming
Now you have a host of the best live video streaming apps. So, enjoy the experience with these live streaming apps.

This is all about the live video streaming apps for both iOS And Android device users. If you know any other best app for live video streaming, let us know in the below comments. Feel free to share your views with our users.

Which live video streaming app do you use?


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