Which Browser is More Secure to Use Now?

Which Browser is More Secure to Use Now?

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The safest browser does not have to match the most popular browser. Discover which browser has the most vulnerabilities and learn how to increase your security in the online network. 

Which Browser is More Secure to Use Now? Analysis of Web Browsers 2021

You may just have eyes for Chrome, love Mozilla and Internet Explorer get you out of the box but, have you ever wondered which browser is more secure to use now?


Which Browser is More Secure to Use Now?

More and more cybercriminals are on the network, making Internet safety a priority for everyone. We use our devices for everything: to look for information, to communicate, to work, to make transactions, what not. This implies that almost all our personal details and data are online, being essential that we adopt these measures to be more secure in the network.

Popularity is not synonymous with security. Chrome is the browser that is most used and praised by many users, in addition to an overwhelming majority of 58.53% of users prefer to use Chrome on the computer, and 55.2% opt for this browser on the mobile or tablet. The other browsers are far behind: in the computer Internet Explorer is the second most popular browser, but only attributed a 19.17% of users; when the mobile or tablet behind Chrome is Safari, with 29.84%.

However, Chrome is the browser that had the most vulnerabilities in 2016, with a total of 172. Chrome vulnerabilities increased between 2014 and 2015 from 127 to 187, and despite having dropped in 2016, this is a very slight decline.

The rest of the browsers also showed a notable increase of vulnerabilities between 2014 and 2015, but they seem to have dealt better with the problem than Chrome. Safari is the most secure browser with 56 vulnerabilities in 2016, a considerable drop from 135 in 2015. It is followed by Internet Explorer with 129, Mozilla Firefox with 133 and Microsoft Edge with 135.

As a result, Chrome is the one that most updates your security, every 15 days. It reveals that it has a greater need to do so, but it is also a good sign since they are working to solve it.

Keys to improving your surfing security

The reality is that no browser is completely secure; all are exposed to vulnerabilities and attacks, but there are some keys to improving your online security:

  • Configure automatic updates: An unpatched browser is equivalent to a less secure browser.  However, about 50% of Chrome users use previous versions, 75% if we refer to Internet Explorer, and 33% in the case of Mozilla and Safari.
  • Install an antivirus: Check out the best free antivirus.
  • Email: Be careful about sharing information or opening emails from unknown senders, and do not click on any suspicious links. Sometimes awareness is more important than the antivirus.

Which is a secure browser to use now?

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Which browser do you use more?