The Ultimate List of Business and IT Certification Courses in 2022

The Ultimate List of Business and IT Certification Courses in 2022

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With new technology appearing every day, there is a tonne of options to grow skillsets in the digital era. The question then becomes how to take advantage of these opportunities and act quickly so that your company does not fall behind the countless others on the internet.

The field of business and ICT is expanding at a precedent rate. We are in the midst of the third wave of technological advancement which explains the higher demand for IT specialists.

At the same time, there is an increasing number of multinational companies and businesses that are going global and expanding. This is where the importance of the business aspect comes into play. Behind each company is a team of people who have to work and partner with other people from other companies for the business cycle to run.

As such, the industries of business and IT is projected to only keep flourishing. In such competitive settings, you will need to stand out to the employers and give them a compelling reason as to why they should hire you over the other candidates.

If business and IT are in your fields of interest, then you’re at the right place. Read on as this article gives you a breakdown of the top business and IT certification courses you are recommended to go for in 2022.

The Top 11 Business and IT Certification Courses To Go For

Getting a certification enhances your credibility. It implies that you have gone through professional and industry-standard training to obtain the relevant and necessary knowledge in the field that you have chosen.

Certifications also help you to stand out from the rest and give you an added advantage over the other candidates. They let the employers know that you are qualified to perform certain tasks and that is value-adding.

Now, let us take a look at the following trending business and IT certifications you should consider pursuing.

1. Data Science

Perhaps the most in-demand field of specialization these days is data science. Ask any student and you’ll find that many of them want to pursue a degree in data science in college. One key reason is that getting a certification in data science has a good career progression and pays well.

Some of the courses in data science that you can consider pursuing include Business Analytics, Data Science with R Programming, Data Analyst Master’s Program, and Data Scientist Master’s Program.

2. Big Data

Big data is probably a term that you’ve heard of before. Just like data science, big data is considered to be a relatively new field of study and is gaining traction extremely quickly.

What Big Data teaches you is to efficiently and effectively analyze the sheer volume of data to improve the system and any decision-making. It is a unique niche that is in high demand given that the amount of information and data online is evergrowing.

Some popular Big Data certifications include Big Data Hadoop Administrator, Big Data Hadoop and Spark, and Big Data Engineer Master’s Program.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Again, another flourishing industry. The human race has made huge progress with artificial intelligence and machine learning, so much so that we see them and use their services around us these days. Innovation and creative minds are needed to help propel the industry further than it already has.

If this sort of thing fascinates you, consider pursuing the following certifications: Machine Learning Certification Course, Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program, or Post Graduate Program in Data Science.

4. Cloud Computing

Cloud-based systems are becoming the norm as they provide users with more convenience and easier ease of navigation on the Internet. What cloud computing entail is providing a centralised software system where people can manage all their services in one spot. If you were to enter this field, you’ll be coming up with new and creative ways to improve the workings and the security of cloud-based systems to enhance the user experience.

laptop coding

The top Cloud Computing certifications include Microsoft Azure Certification, Blockchain Developer, AWS Certified Solution Architect, and AWS Developer Associate Certification.

5. Project Management

Project management is a career that will never be extinct. Projects are essentially the basis of businesses. Starting a business itself is considered to be a project.

The main differences are the type and scale of the project. Beyond the differences, the basic structures and building blocks of different kinds of projects are similar. From outsourcing resources to budget management, a project manager is crucial in ensuring that the project proceeds smoothly and successfully.

6. Digital Marketing

In this Internet age which is only projected to become more evolved in the future, digital marketing plays a significant role in many businesses.

From the ads that you see when you scroll through your feed on social media to the short clips played before the video on streaming platforms, digital marketing is responsible to push out whatever message that the business wants to announce to its target audience. Good and effective digital marketing can be the key to success.

Some digital marketing certifications you can consider are Digital Marketing Associate, Advanced Web Analytics, and Digital Marketing Specialist.

7. Cyber Security

Cyber security is vital to gaining the users’ trust in the service or platform. You probably wouldn’t engage in service if you know that it is prone to data breaches and information hacking. Thus, cyber security is essential in this Internet age and the demand for cyber security professionals is on the rise.

These are three popular cyber security certifications: Certified Information Systems Auditor, Cyber Security Expert, and Certified Ethical Hacker Training.

8. Networking

typing on laptop

Networking here in this case refers to the computer network. To ensure that a company’s network is well-maintained and efficient, networking specialists are needed to maintain and improve the company’s computer network.

If you’re interested, some networking certifications you can consider pursuing include CCNP-Routing & Switching Certification Training, and CCNA-Routing & Switching Certification Training.


And there we have it! As you can see, there are many different fields and niches in the industry of business and IT. If you were intrigued by any of the certifications that were mentioned, do spend some more time and read up more on them. All the best!