How Safe Is It to Buy a Turkish Apartment in Installments?

How Safe Is It to Buy a Turkish Apartment in Installments?

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How safe is it to buy Turkish real estate in installments? Can buyers be sure that after making the mandatory payments, they will receive the right of ownership?

How can you protect yourself during the transaction and be sure that the apartment will not be sold? A source has the answers to these questions.

Conditions for Obtaining Installments in Turkey 

Taking an installment plan to buy a house is a common phenomenon, including in Turkey. Most of the real estate transactions here are concluded with installments. Depending on the developer and the region, the conditions may be different.

For example, in Alanya, when buying off-plan real estate, developers give it for 1-2 years. In Istanbul, on the contrary, you can pay the cost of an apartment for 4-5 years.

As a rule, developers require an initial payment. Its size can be from 10 to 50% of the cost of housing. On average, they ask for 30%.

Developers provide installments, offer good bonuses and discounts to buyers who initially pay 50% or more. If the buyer pays the cost of the housing, he will receive a discount of 1-2%, in some cases – 3-5%.

The payment schedule is calculated individually for each client. These are monthly or quarterly payments. Sometimes, buyers can make payments once every six months.

Is It Safe to Trust Turkish Developers? 

According to the law, only licensed developers can put up property for sale in Turkey. Only licensed agents can provide real estate services. The Turkish government strictly regulates the housing sector. Therefore, persons who have not been certified do not have the right to offer their services.

Important! Before you start working with a specialist, check that he has the appropriate license.

Protection Against Risks


Although the risks of being deceived by scammers in the Turkish housing market are now minimized, it is necessary to check how conscientious the agent and the developer are and make sure that they have the appropriate license.

Delaying or Freezing Construction

The contract contains the construction completion date, and it always includes 2-3 for the force majeure situations. Cases with a serious delay in construction seldom happen in the market, as the company is interested in putting the project into operation.

Changing Important Aspects of the Project

A developer in Turkey does not have the right not to create, for example, infrastructure next to a residential complex, etc., as the project is being approved even before construction begins. The state will not allow the company to deviate from the approved plan.

Assistance in Purchasing a Property in Turkey 

Find your dream apartment from a broad range of properties in Turk.Estate. You can contact the company’s manager for detailed advice on how to buy or sell real estate in Turkey.


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