Comparison among Best Cloud Storage Services

Comparison among Best Cloud Storage Services

Best Cloud Storage

Physical storage is still a great option to keep your data safe. But did you know that you can save your files, photos, and data in the cloud and access them wherever you are and whenever you want? 

There are several services for a little money or even for free that allow you to have dozens of gigabytes to save data in the cloud.

Best Cloud Storage Services

For a decade now, cloud storage services have been running on the Internet. However, it has not been until a couple of years that these services have become very popular, mainly because of the advantages they entail. 

In cloud storage, we can save almost any type of data like photos, PDF documents, presentations, etc. Having data in an internet space can be very useful when showing photos of the holidays to friends, accessing the shopping list, downloading a guide in PDF, or even reviewing some old invoices. You can save almost anything in Cloud as long as you have adequate service.

The cloud storage servers are hosted somewhere on the planet and we access them through the Internet. Leaving our data to a third party company may seem reckless, but today it has become a necessity at the same time.

Experts do not advise against using these services but are aware that the more sensitive documents are, the more important it is to keep them in private and more secured storage. Aside from the main documents, you can save music, video files, movies, etc in the cloud storage and it is very simple. This article also enumerates the main services that offer secured cloud storage.

Storage Comparison between iCloud Services

See the comparison below of all the iCloud services that offer storage in a safe and secure way:


    • iCloud service Name: Dropbox.
    • Free space: 2 GB (expandable to 16 GB thanks to invitations)
    • Extension of payment: 1 TB for 8.25 euros per month
    • Compatible with: PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows Phone
    • Security: 256-bitAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Google Drive

    • iCloud storage service Name:  Google Drive.
    • Free space: 15 GB
    • Payment extension: 100 GB for 1.99 euros per month or 1 TB for 9.99 euros per month
    • Compatible with: PC, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone
    • Security : SSL encryption

One Drive

    • Storage Name: One Drive (Microsoft)
    • Free space: 5 GB
    • Payment extension: 50 GB for 2 euros per month; 1 TB for 7 euros per month and 5 TB for 10 euros per month
    • Compatible with: PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
    • Security: Perfect Forward Secrecy encryption (PFS)


    • Storage Name: iCloud (Apple)
    • Free space: 5 GB
    • Payment extension: 50 GB for 0.99 euros per month, 200 GB for 2.99 euros per month and 2 TB for 9.99 euros per month
    • Compatible with: iOS, Mac, and PC
    • Security: At least128-bit AES encryption

Amazon Drive

    • Storage Name: Amazon Drive.
    • Free space5 GB (unlimited photos)
    • Payment extension: unlimited for 70 euros per year
    • Compatible with: PC, Mac, Android and iOS
    • SecurityEncryption, unspecified


    • Storage Name: Box.
    • Free space10 GB
    • Payment extension: 100 GB for 8 euros per month
    • Compatible with: PC, Mac, Android and iOS
    • SecurityEncryption, unspecified


    • Storage Name: Mega
    • Free space50 GB
    • Extension of payment: 200 GB for 4.99 euros per month, 1 TB for 9.99 euros per month, 4 TB for 19.99 euros per month and 8 TB for 29.99 euros per month
    • Compatible with: PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone
    • SecurityPoint-to-point encryption


As we have seen, there is a multitude of cloud services ready to use for free. From 2 GB to 50 GB without having to pay extra, we can upload files of all kinds to the cloud and access them from any platform.

Each service presents the files with their own design, but basically, all are very simple to use. That is why we can say that the best you can do is try several to see which is the best that suits your preferences.

The most important thing is that you should feel comfortable and get the most out of cloud storage.

This is all about the comparison between cloud storage services. I hope this article will help you to choose the best cloud service to store your data. Try all the storage services and choose the best which suits your storage capacity.

Would you like to add any other information to this article or do you have any queries regarding any of the cloud storage services? Then let us know them in the comment section below and we will review it and then add them to this article in the next update.


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