How to Create a Bootable USB macOS High Sierra to Install from Scratch on a Mac

How to Create a Bootable USB macOS High Sierra to Install from Scratch on a Mac

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With the launch of MacOS High Sierra one of the best options, we can do when upgrading is to install the new operating system from scratch on our Mac.

Creating Bootable USB macOS High Sierra: Install from Scratch on a Mac

To do this, the most reliable, direct and convenient option is through a USB installation. No, copying the new version of the system on a USB is not enough, you must do it in a concrete way to make it an installable USB.


How to make a Bootable USB to install macOS High Sierra from the Terminal

To make this installation from USB which later install macOS High Sierra we simply need a USB of minimum 8 GB, preferably a USB 3.0 to save time.

Steps to Follow to create a bootable USB to install MacOS High Sierra from scratch on your Mac

  • Download macOS High Sierra from the App Store.
  • When the installer is opened, close it by pressing Cmd + Q.
  • Open Finder> Applications and find the macOS High Sierra installer.
  • Right-click the icon and choose Show Package Contents> Contents> Resources.
  • Open Terminal.
  • Type sudo followed by a space.
  • Drag the “createinstallmedia” from the installer to Terminal.
  • Write  followed by a space.
  • Connect the USB to the Mac.

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  • Drag the USB volume to the Terminal.
  • Type –applicationpath followed by a space.
  • From Finder> Applications drags macOS High Sierra to Terminal.
  • Press Enter.
  • Press Y and then Enter to confirm the action.

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That is it!

It is done, with these steps your USB will erase all the content inside and copy inside macOS High Sierra. The process will last quite easily, 20 or 30 minutes, and more so if it is not a USB with acceptable speeds. After that, you can restart the Mac and start the system from the USB to perform the clean installation from scratch.

Simple isn’t it? This way we can create our own bootable USB drive and we can install macOS from scratch on our own Mac system. I hope this article will help you to install software perfectly. If you are confused with any of the steps, please discuss them below and do not perform it on your Mac directly.

If you have queries regarding any of the above steps, let us know in the below comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

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