A Perfect Content Plan: Few Steps to Creating a Working Content Strategy

A Perfect Content Plan: Few Steps to Creating a Working Content Strategy

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What do you think will happen if you start building a house without a plan? You can build it, but there is no guarantee it will stay stable for a long period of time.

It’s the same in business – you can’t survive for long on one idea and need to develop your social networks, blog, YouTube channel with a clear content plan.

Nowadays the content plan is a must for any social media platform – for example even if you write articles on gambling and betting (by the way, check the latest horse racing odds to stay informed about the latest news in the beautiful world of betting), you also need to work on a clear structure of your posts and publish them regularly.

A Content Plan: A Definition

So, what is a content plan? It is a schedule of publications with a specific topic, date, and time, which are arranged in a certain sequence. It’s also part of a larger content marketing tool.

And it’s a far cry from a media plan, which includes promotional activities with a written budget and advertising platforms.

By the way, it can also look as you like, there are no certain templates.

It can be a special table to keep a calendar that schedules posts, dates, and times of their release or a simple list on a piece of paper (examples below), or a table in excel.

Target Audience – The Very First Step to Your Success

That is quite interesting, but many people are not used to working in a planned way, especially when it comes to social media.

To do this, you need not only analyze your group and competitors (for example, with a special analytics service) but even analyze groups where your subscribers are sitting.

And also choose the time when your target audience will see your posts. For example, moms with small children prefer to read news on social networks from 12.00 to 14.00 and after 22.00, when their children are sleeping. And it is just one example.

5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Content Plan

For a perfect content plan, you need to run yourself through a series of questions beforehand:

  1. What will be the frequency of publication per day/week?
  2. What time and day of the week will the post be published?
  3. What topics will be covered in each post?
  4. What publication format will be used in each topic?  (text, video, pictures, etc.)
  5. What hashtags will be used in posts?

Some Important Rules to Realize in Your Content Plan to Sell Products

It must be noted, that if you only publish posts with calls to action to buy, that’s very bad. And it will also be bad to educate people and not sell them anything.

That’s why a good content plan must have a certain formula. There are quite a large number of them. The famous ones are the so-called 4-1 formula and 90-10 formula:

The 4-1 sequence means that for four regular posts (entertaining, informational, educational, or engaging) there is one selling post.

And the 90-10 rule is relevant for more advanced users with more than one piece of content per day.

This formula means that all posts in a content plan should be a certain percentage: 90% regular content and 10% selling content.

Starting to Write a Content Plan: What to Remember

So, you have decided on a table in Excel to make an illustrative content plan with certain sections. Think about the type of your content: each post solves a different problem.

Your post may be selling, entertaining, engaging, or educating.  Think about the names of columns for your content plan.

It could be for example type of your post, the social platform, time, any day of the week the information is to be posted.

A Key for the Best Content Plan

As you can see, creating a content plan is a stick with two ends. On the one hand, it’s a huge investment of time to research your target audience, their preferences.

On the other hand, it is a clear strategy, which will help you to promote your social networks much faster.

Anyway, the world is changing fast, which means your content plan will never be a permanent solution for all your posts and social networks. Just know that some will have it for a month, some for six months, and some for several years.


The bottom line is that it will still pay for itself several times over.

And there is one tip: if you have never made a content plan before, try to make the first one for no more than a week, and then analyze the results, and continue working on it. Good luck!


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