13 Creative Ideas To Keep Your Brand Always Innovative In Social Networks

13 Creative Ideas To Keep Your Brand Always Innovative In Social Networks

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Having creativity in your company’s social media strategy makes all the difference when it comes to attracting your audience and, thus, increases reach and delivers real results for the brand. To help you with this, we have listed 13 creative ideas to apply to your social networks. Look at them!

Creative Ideas to keep your Brand innovative in Social Networks

Being in social networks is one thing, but causing an impact on them is another, quite different. What group will your brand be part of?


The answer depends, to a great extent, on your ability to adapt to the use of the resources offered by each network in the best possible way and your ability to innovate among so many companies that seek to excel.

In addition to competing with other brands for the greatest possible attention, there is also the challenge of maintaining several social profiles at the same time and innovating in all of them without losing the identity of the brand.

Do you want a little help to solve this problem? Then, you will like the 13 creative tips to maintain innovation in social networks.

Let us see all the innovative ideas below.

1. Follow an editorial calendar

The editorial calendar is the most efficient way to organize your publications on social networks and is key to keep innovation growing.

Just a brief look at the calendar to see if you are being too repetitive in the shared links or in the content format.

It is true that maintaining coherence is important, but not innovating is very expensive in terms of scope and commitment.

Finally, the editorial calendar also facilitates the planning of special content for important dates.

2. Bet on user-generated content

Instead of publishing only what your internal team produces, why not kill two birds with one stone using user-generated content?

In addition to reducing your team’s work, this attitude increases the public’s commitment to the brand and has an even greater potential to generate results such as conversions.

And best of all, it is not complicated to apply this advice. Some options are:

  • Monitor positive messages about your brand and republish them on your page.
  • Ask followers to send photos, videos or messages (you can use a hashtag for this).

3. Make live broadcasts

The power of videos in marketing is growing, so there is no reason why your social networks do not take advantage of this resource.

One of the most popular ways is to broadcast live for your audience.

People already like videos, but knowing that they are being broadcast live gives a new dimension to people’s curiosity, encouraging a sense of urgency and an objection to loss.

This is because, when social networks warn their followers that the broadcast has begun, users want to know what will be shown in the video – and they have to see it at that exact moment.

This also makes live broadcasts an excellent way to “steal” the public’s attention from whatever else they’re doing.

4. Publish visual content

In a place full of outdoors, what effect will a message have on the wall? If the goal is to impact a large number of people, none. The same happens with social networks.

The public loves visual stimuli, and brands have already realized this for some time. The result is increasingly flashy feeds.

In the case of networks such as Instagram, images and videos are required, while the text is optional.

Publishing visual content has become essential.

Investing time and money to cultivate a brand that nobody sees and that nobody notices are not exactly the best example of innovation.

5. Do surveys with your audience

There is no better way to maintain innovation in social networks than by interacting with your followers.

What they have to tell you is valuable to your brand. You just have to know how to listen and be willing to apply what you learn.

Creating a survey allows you to do this in a simple and fun way. But here is one word to keep in mind: balance.

It is important not to fall into any of the extremes.

The first would be to ask only random questions, without any relevance. That would give the idea that the survey was done only to follow the trend, not to generate value.

The second would be to question the audience with many questions and always on deep issues.

Choose the middle term, asking what kind of content the public wants to see on the blog, among other similar things.

6. Use in a good mood

Emojis, GIFs and memes deserve a remarkable place in your marketing strategy.

Even if you are a business profile, it is important to take into account the environment, which is naturally relaxed.

Enjoy whenever possible and put good humour in your publications.

This humanizes the brand and brings it closer to people, in addition to increasing commitment when the post is well done.

Just remember to have moderation and do not make fun of all the competitors or joke about sensitive issues.

7. Interact with other brands

We do not always see brands interacting with each other on social networks, which is a good opportunity to attract public attention and innovate without too much additional work.

Many companies take the opportunity to mark others when they are associated or even when they launch public challenges in the rare cases of declared rivalries that exist in the world of marketing.

8. Contest

Who does not like to participate in fun actions and apply to win prizes? It is not surprising that competitions are among the best ways to involve followers in social networks.

According to Tailwind, Instagram accounts that have contests grow 70% faster, and 91% of posts with more than 1,000 comments are related to contests.

To run a contest you only need the following:

  • An award to motivate participation;
  • Terms and conditions to regulate the contest;
  • Some contact channel to ask questions to the participants;
  • The action that the participants must take (it can be related to the generation of content, which will help you to apply the advice).

9. Respond to user reviews

Not only praise and good publications live a brand on social networks.

Even if you have a good presence, that hooks fans and impacts the audience you want, it is inevitable that you face criticism from time to time.

The way to respond to this type of situation makes the difference.

Ignoring is not the best solution, as it passes the idea that the brand does not care about the needs of customers or does not like to receive contrary opinions.

Responding with irony is even worse.

Try to direct the call to a private conversation or show opening to solve the problem quickly.

10. Use the chatbots for messenger

Some time ago, social networks are no longer just channels of content exchange, but also customer service.

With the advance of digital transformation, chatbots have emerged, robots that automate customer service and allow quality support 24 hours a day.

The chatbots guarantee the quality of the service and allow you to meet a large number of people without mobilizing any assistant, which will give you more time to focus on the content strategy.

11. Content Cure

Instead of sharing only the content your brand produces, it’s worth taking the time to curate content and present your audience with different materials that are still relevant to your interests.

This also opens the doors for you to apply Tip # 7 and mark the brands whose content you are sharing.

This creates value for your followers, for those who create the content and for your brand, who positions itself as an authority and, nevertheless, forms new spontaneous association relationships that can even generate opportunities for future joint marketing.

12. Take insights from the metric analysis

Analyzing the metrics of your social profiles may seem a boring task, but the truth is that the data hide powerful information that can greatly strengthen your overall strategy.

Obviously, it is necessary to know how to track the correct data and understand what they indicate about the business.

Based on the analysis performed, you will have greater clarity to make decisions related to factors such as:

  • The frequency of publication.
  • Types of content you should share.
  • Better moments to reach a wider audience.

13. Offer exclusive benefits

Do you want to make sure that your audience stays loyal in social networks, even if they already follow your blog or consume your products?

It offers exclusive benefits, which are not offered in any other communication channel of the brand other than those networks.

The opportunity for followers to stay tuned and committed not to miss the next round of rewards are excellent.

What kind of benefits could you give?

Discounts on new products, invitations to events, unique content and chat sessions with members of your team are relevant to the public while reinforcing the power of influence of the brand.

Maintaining innovation in social networks can become an almost impossible task if your brand is not updated with the best practices in the market and with the capabilities offered by each network.

So, in addition to following the advice you’ve seen here, be sure to follow the news and test your own strategy.

That is it! These are the creative ideas which helps to keep our brand innovative all the times in the social networks. If you have any other queries let us know them in the below comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.