Facebook Launched New Application to Manage Groups

Facebook Launched New Application to Manage Groups

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We have many Facebook applications for Messaging, Pages managing, etc on iOS and Android for reliable use. Now, we got a new Facebook Application to Manage groups for iOS and Android. Now you can download the application and can maintain the groups from your mobiles. This new Facebook application brings all the groups together in one place. Here, you can post content and receive notifications about what your friends are publishing in the groups.

Many applications are today have chosen to have an option to form groups of people.
In Whatsapp, you can create groups of friends to talk about personal matters or to be aware of what happens in the office, surroundings, etc. In Twitter’s lists allow us to be aware of what they write some personal included in the list. The circles on Google+ is easier to read and find us some publications. And Facebook groups allow us to know and share with people with similar tastes to ours.
And today is that the amount of information, photographs and videos that can be shared over the network that is essential to have a way to organize it.

Groups of Facebook

Yesterday Shirley Sun, Product Manager, announced the launch of a new application for Facebook. Facebook Groups will help you to “keep in touch with family, collaborate on projects, plan trips and offer support to friends”.
This new project of Creative Labs was created intentionally to those most of the people who use Facebook Groups. This new Facebook application is now available for iOS and Android for free. And this new Facebook application lets you see all your Facebook groups in one place. This new application of Facebook sorts the groups you use most on top. Simply touch the “plus” to easily create a new group. You can check the notifications specifically for your groups and control what you want to see.
Also includes a section called “Find groups”, suggests the groups that may be interested in you, based on the groups that you already follow in those of friends or groups that exist in your area.
Your Facebook groups in the desktop version will not disappear but will now be much easier to check them from anywhere.
Click here for Facebook New Application to Manage Groups.