How to Download Songs From SoundCloud for Free

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Soundcloud is one of the most famously used online music streaming websites. Thousands of songs are uploaded into SoundCloud per day and also lakhs of minutes audio is also streamed using SoundCloud. Thus making it one of the most used audio streamer worldwide.


Nowadays many artists are very much interested to add their music in SoundCloud platform. Even the SoundCloud offers you to host your song and release it exactly at the time you want. Thus SoundCloud site makes it easy for you to promote your songs online to a very large music community at free of cost. The best part is that you can also connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and some other networks that you are fond of.

Thus SoundCloud allows you to upload your own songs or albums online and it promotes it to all music fans. It helps you to create your own fan base at free of cost. Also, it helps to create your own set of a playlist with a set of your favourite songs. You can maintain as many playlists as you need.

Ok, now comes the tricky part. What if you need to download and save the songs from SoundCloud to hear later while you are offline? Does SoundCloud provide a way to do so? As of today, the answer is no.

Don’t worry. Still, it allows us to do download the songs using their CDN. Yes, SoundCloud songs can be downloaded easily from the CDN network. But it will be little difficult to do manually. We can simply use some tools to do that work for you.

These are two types of Soundcloud song downloaders we have seen. One set of people download their favourite songs separate. Song people like to download the entire playlist. Here we will show you how to download SoundCloud songs of both types.

We have tested some of the available downloading tools by using them to download our favourite songs. We have found many of the tools are not working properly or they work partially. Like they were able to download single tracks but doesn’t download playlists. So you need to go to some other downloader that does them both. Here we would like to present you the best SoundCloud downloader rated by many of our customers as the best downloader of the year.

Let us help you to download the SoundCloud tracks or playlist using the simple web app singlemango. Shall we begin? is a SoundCloud downloader website that gives you complete ways to download whatever the songs that you need from the SoundCloud. You can easily download single tracks and also the entire playlists. What’s the best part? You can download songs with the song names. Other downloaders will name your songs as 0001,0002,0003 and so on. That makes no sense and difficult to identify the song you need to play when there are many numbered songs in the same folder. SingleMango names you mp3 with song name so that it will be easy for you to select the play the song next time.

Methods to download Soundcloud songs using SingleMango

There are two methods.

  1. Single tracks
  2. Playlist Songs

Downloading Single Tracks songs from SoundCloud

Like the other downloaders downloading a single track is easy because all you need is to get/copy the URL of the song that is available in the browser and paste it in the textbox that is in the home of the singlemango site. After pasting just hit the download button on the right. Now it will redirect you into the download page where you will have a download button contains your download link. Just hit the button and the song will get downloaded in mp3 format. The good news is that it will get downloaded and renamed. You will also have the album art available there.

If you are a lover of the understanding by pictures then take a look at the below pictures and follow the steps.

Downloading the complete or entire SoundCloud playlists

This is the tricky part. Most of the downloaders that are available so far are best only in downloading single tracks that too without giving you mp3s renamed. No downloader provides you with the complete playlist download.

In singlemango, we have separate downloader for a playlist and you can check that out here. Now follow the below steps to get your complete playlist downloaded in seconds.

Did you know? SingleMango has been awarded as “Best and fastest playlist downloader of 2018”

Step 1:

Get your playlist link from the website or if you have already stored it somewhere then that’s great.

Step 2:

Go to this link. Then paste the link in the textbox and click download.

Follow the images if you need. Within 3-4 seconds boom. You will get your complete playlist download links. Awesome isn’t it. And the tool is absolutely free and will be free for the lifetime.

Now let me give you the answer for some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • Where can I see my downloaded SoundCloud songs?

It purely depends on the type of browser that you are using. Every browser has a configured download path and that’s where the songs get downloaded.

  • Can I use this tool from my mobile phone to download songs ?

Yes of course. This tool is compatible with all the latest android mobile. As you know iPhones don’t allow external files to be downloaded in the phone it is nearly not possible to use it in jnon-jailbreaked iPhones.

  • Am I able to download entire playlist in one shot ?

Yes of course. All kinds of playlist with unlimited number of songs can be downloaded in a second. Of course with the name on it.

  • Is it tool legal?

Yes it’s legal. Only when you use it to download the songs that you have the right to download and use it. Otherwise download songs and use it for personal use only.

  • Do you store any kinds of user data in any format?

A big no. All users of this tool are completely anonymous and we don’t gather or store any kind of user data for selling or distributing. No data is taken or stored. We follow strict privacy policy.

  • What should I do if the tool isn’t working?

There is only 0.001% for this tool to not work. But still if you find this tool not working then you have the right to ask us to fix this tool. We are always online and waiting for your feedback and complaints.

Some Cool Features

  • Notable features of the SingleMango is that you can download SoundCloud songs in both 128 and 320 Kbps format.
  • All songs that you download will have their name as the file name which is really a cool feature.
  • Fastest According to users comments and feedbacks.

Glad that you have learnt how to download SoundCloud songs easy and fast. Just comment below if you have any doubts regarding this. We are happy to help you.

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