How to Activate WhatsApp’s Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp Video Calling
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WhatsApp’s many free services are a large reason for its popularity.

Now, the tech giant has come up with another awesome feature we’ve been patiently waiting for—WhatsApp video calling!

WhatsApp’s video calling feature is now live on a beta version of the app (v2.16.80) for Android devices. The APK file, which is ready for download from APK Mirror, has the new feature live on it already.

This new beta app helps you access video calls through WhatsApp. The calls can be performed through the Call button. But, it is not functional just yet. The app is only available to beta testers from Google Play’s testing program.

However, WhatsApp’s video-calling will be revolutionary in many ways. For starters, WhatsApp has close to 1 billion monthly active users yet claims to be totally end-to-end encrypted. We’re assuming that given their obsession with privacy, they will extend the same effort to their video call feature.

It’s yet to be seen how they will optimize this service on WhatsApp, given that the app is so popular in India where network connectivity is notoriously patchy. Also, whether or not video calling will be supported for WhatsApp group chats is another unknown.

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Download WhatsApp Video calls APK:

So, here you can download the beta version of WhatsApp video calls. As we’ve discussed, the video calls are not functioning perfectly yet but if you want to give them a try, download the APK version below.

Use below URL to install it on your Android mobile device and start making WhatsApp video calls!

Download the WhatsApp desktop app for Windows and Mac OS:

Right now, the WhatsApp desktop app is available for Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9+ users. It can also sync with WhatsApp on your mobile device. Because the app runs natively on your desktop, you’ll have support for native desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts, and more.

There it is, everything to know about the upcoming WhatsApp video calling feature. We will update the latest version of WhatsApp video calling feature for Android, iOS devices as soon as we get the official announcement from the WhatsApp team. If anyone are able to make a WhatsApp video calls or if you are facing any issues with this update, let us know in below comments.