Using Facebook Mini Hack you can Track Friends Sleeping Habits

Using Facebook Mini Hack you can Track Friends Sleeping Habits

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Facebook has been profoundly assimilated in our style of living to such an extent that you have the possibility of tracking the sleeping patterns of your friends.

How You Can Track Your Friends Sleeping Habit Using Facebook Mini Hack

People have been highly accustomed to the popular social media platform especially Facebook rather than any other microblogging sites like Twitter. Most of the youth are completely addicted to this Facebook mania and they’re totally into that world simply overlooking at their family all around. Some of them even go insane getting involved in irrelevant activities like chatting with strangers, waiting madly for more likes and comments on their photos or status posted on their timeline.
Track your Friends Sleeping habits using Facebook
Looking into this crazily, people don’t even wish to sleep peacefully and staying back online even after late midnight which is eventually causing insomnia (inability to sleep) and many other disorders. Facebook is not just to conjoin friends, share one’s ideas or thoughts rather it is much more beneficial. In order to track the sleeping habits of your friends or beloved ones, you can spy on that using Facebook itself. A Denmark-based developer has found out a means to track a person’s sleep pattern based on his Facebook usage.

Track Your Friend’s Sleep Patterns Using Facebook

A software developer in Denmark namely Soren Louv-Jansen has created a way to track the sleep customs of his Facebook friends using only the activity data available on the social network. He says that we can now track the sleeping patterns of anyone just by using the social media Facebook. Depending on their usage of Facebook, you can now figure out the sleeping habits in their day-to-day life. Soren Louv-Jansen takes aid from the activity timestamps that Facebook stores in its website and the Messenger app, a factor that most of the common folks are forgetting to.
Tool to track sleeping habits of Facebook users

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Next, the app finds its source in the essential use pattern that people check Facebook in the morning and before going to sleep. So, using facebook, you can now track the sleeping habits of your friends with much ease. The tool, which is developed by Søren Louv-Jansen, is based on the activity timestamps that Facebook stores on users of its site and Messenger app. Louv-Jansen was capable enough to analyze collectively regarding the information on their sleeping habits as most of the people check Facebook in the morning and before they go to bed at night.

How the Tool Works?

The tool developed by Soren Louv-Jansen has already been submitted to GitHub repository. He published the source code for his tool on Github and explained how it works in a medium post. The software checks the database of a Facebook’s user every ten minutes to build its results. Based on the research, the team of Louv-Jansen has also discovered that their friends were consistent throughout the week and it was seldom that the sleeping pattern was broken.
Sleeping Patterns of Facebook users
His friends’ sleep was mostly uniform throughout the work week, for instance, and more irregular on the weekend.

Here’s is the Source Code.

On the other hand, Facebook obviously isn’t happy about it. This tool appears to have shattered out the social media who are impeding others from using the tool as it allegedly violates website’s term of service. As of now already 1000 people have downloaded the source code from Github and the developer has made it clear that he won’t pull down the tool.

“My point was not to spy on my friends,” Louv-Jansen tells the Post. “I want people to be aware that they’re leaving some digital footsteps everywhere they go.”

In an interview, Louv-Jansen said the company asked him to warn others from using his software. But the developer has denied to remove it from the site, stating he developed it as a means to build awareness about how much personal data can be harvested from loosely available information.

Watch the Video How the Tool Works:

People might be excited about how one software can track your sleeping customs so correctly but Facebook doesn’t seem to be quite happy about it. However, you can try it out once whether the tool works accurately or not, and track out your friend’s sleeping patterns.
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