Free Facebook Wi-Fi – The Best Way to Promote your Business

Free Facebook Wi-Fi – The Best Way to Promote your Business

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms rendering incredible features to all its users like sharing their views with one another and much more.

Tested Ways on Promoting your Business through the Free Facebook WiFi

It is not just a platform for sharing your ideas and thoughts but it is much more as it can be used as a platform for managing business activities. The giant social media has brought a swift and convenient way for businesses to offer their customers free Wi-Fi access whilst concurrently enhancing social media engagement. Blending the privileges of social media and free guest Wi-Fi to largely increase efficiency, customer experience, and brand awareness, social media has introduced this new Facebook Wi-Fi.

What is Facebook Wi-Fi?

Facebook Wi-Fi is an innovative way to connect with a number of customers and expand your business. One can use Facebook Wi-Fi to allow your customers to check in on Facebook and utilize the web for free. The Product Managers Erik Tseng and Joanna Lee from Facebook partnered Cisco Meraki Wireless Product Manager Raj Krishna for an interactive webinar on how to render an integrated Wi-Fi sign-on platform using Facebook. They’ve planned to bring the social Wi-Fi option to more businesses after a meagre but profitable guide of the system in around 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses.
Facebook Wi-Fi - Best way to Enhance your Business
Facebook Wi-Fi transforms your router into a Wi-Fi hotspot, provoking customers seeking for Wi-Fi to check in and like your Facebook Page before utilizing the web for free. This unlocks the entrance to developing friendly relationships with your customers by sharing offers and announcements, building engagement on your Facebook page, and obtaining complete insights about your customer base.

Highlights of Facebook Wi-Fi

You might be wondering how this Facebook Wi-Fi helps the users of social media. One of the best highlights of this free Facebook Wi-Fi is that with just two mouse clicks, you can create a splash page that allows users check-in to your business page in exchange for free WiFi, instantly providing access to your current news and deals. You can do a lot more using Facebook Wi-Fi.
Free Wi-Fi Provided by Facebook

  • You can offer exclusive deals to your trustworthy customers.
  • You can also learn more about the customers connecting to your network to generate a better user experience and promote engagement.
  • The customers can check in to your business’ Facebook page so that they can gain access to the internet.
  • Facebook Wi-Fi is one less password to remember, one less hassle for your customers, and the obvious way to create a lasting connection.
  • It doesn’t require any expensive third-party services or Wi-Fi passwords.

All your customers need to do is just check in to your Facebook page on their laptop, tablet or smartphone and they can begin browsing the web. It’s a perfect Wi-Fi solution for most businesses like restaurants, retailers, hotels, convention halls, and any other business wherein people may wish to surf the web during their visit.

Why Facebook Wi-Fi?

You will no longer need to waste time and resources providing a Wi-Fi password to guests. ‘You’ in the sense it refers to a business that offers free Wi-Fi to its customer or client. The business might include a restaurant, hotel, conventional halls, etc. Collectively with the spontaneous setup flow (without any additional maintenance), Facebook Wi-Fi involves a better user experience for both you and your customers.

Benefits of Facebook Wi-Fi

  • For business owners, this is an amazingly comfortable and hassle-free means to provide your customers with free Wi-Fi access.
  • It enhances the visibility and activity of your Facebook page. As there would be more check-ins and engagement, it eventually boosts activity on your page which in turn increases your page ranks.
  • Extra check-ins can also drive to a new business. When people check-in to your Facebook page, it sends an automatic notification to their friends which includes your business name and address. This means that you are approaching new potential customers via the best possible avenue.
  • Consequently, these people will also be able to like and engage with your Facebook page before proceeding to browse the internet.

How does it work?

Facebook Wi-Fi is pretty simple to set up and is free to use. If you’re owning a business and planning to offer free Wi-Fi to your customers or clients, you can do it in a simple way without any hassles.

  • You can set up your router so your customers can access free Wi-Fi by checking in on your location on Facebook.
  • Customers can instantly and easily access free internet by selecting the business’ Wi-Fi access from their connections list.
  • Once your customers check into your place, they will get the option to like your Facebook Page, so you can proceed to communicate them with your future posts.
  • You can share offers and promotions on your page so that when people check in they can see all those on the page. No passwords or security codes are required.

How to set up Facebook Wi-Fi at your Business?

Make sure that you’re an admin for your business’s Facebook Page and that your Page has a valid location. If you don’t have a page then, learn how to set up Facebook Wi-Fi for your business.
Step 1: Log into Facebook.
Step 2: Make sure you have a router that supports Facebook Wi-Fi.
Step 3: Enable the sign on with a Facebook option. This process will be different depending on the router you use:

  • Meraki: Launch your wireless router’s admin console and select Sign on with Facebook in the Splash Page section.
  • NETGEAR: Visit and click the Advanced tab. Then, click Facebook Wi-Fi >> Configure.
  • D-Link: Visit dlinkrouter.local. and click the Setup tab >> Guest Zone. Check the boxes Enable Guest Zones and Enable Facebook Wi-Fi.
  • Cisco: Log into your Connect & Engage dashboard from the Cisco Mobility Service Engine 8.0 and select Facebook Wi-Fi on the menu.
  • Open-Mesh: Log in to your network at and select Facebook Wi-Fi in the SSID #1 Splash Page section.
  • Ruckus Wireless: Log into ZoneDirector. Click Configure >> WLANs >> Create WLAN >> for WLAN Type, select Social Media >> for Social Media Login, select Facebook.
  • Aruba: Select Facebook Wi-Fi for sign-on then set the session length and terms of service.
  • Intelbras: Visit the IP address provided in your manual, then start the install wizard and select Facebook for Wi-Fi access.

Step 4: The Facebook Wi-Fi Configuration panel will open in a new window. In the dropdown menu, select the Facebook Page associated with your business’s location.
How to Set up Facebook Wi-Fi
Step 5: In the Bypass Mode section, you can pick whether customers can use a Wi-Fi code that you give them or click on a link to skip checking in.
Step 6: Once you’re done, just click Save Settings.

Will it truly Benefit my Business?

Facebook has run initial pilots with local merchants who all witnessed a significant improvement in their number of check-ins, upon installing Facebook Wi-Fi. Check-ins can assist make your business more perceptible, as check-ins can show up in News Feed, and help folks spot you in Graph Search.

Wanna set up Facebook Wi-Fi for your business? Just click here.