How to Get 100 FAST Subscribers on YouTube with a Simple Strategy

How to Get 100 FAST Subscribers on YouTube with a Simple Strategy

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Did you know that to earn money on YouTube you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing?

Ways on Getting 100 FAST Subscribers on YouTube with a Simple Strategy

Well, that’s where we’re going to start. Before showing you how to generate income on YouTube, I will explain how to quickly get your first subscribers.


Would you like to know how to get 100 subscribers on YouTube quickly? Then do not go! What I’m going to tell you WORKS!

The first 100 subscribers cost …

The first 15-20 are easy, nothing to spread the word between your family and your colleagues.

But between 15 and 100 … it can be done uphill.

Do you want to get those first 100 subscribers quickly? How?

How to position on Youtube with long tail keyword videos

The keywords of the long tail are the words that people look for but that do not have much competition. And we are going to take advantage of this to the full because it WORKS.

But, let us start at the beginning.

What is the first big problem with YouTube?

Well, making videos costs. And what happens to many people is that they find that those videos, in which they have invested so much time and work, nobody sees them.

As a result, subscribers do not arrive either and, therefore, there is also no opportunity to earn money with YouTube.

The strategy of Long Tail will help you to make your videos stop being in the limbo of YouTube. And the good thing is that this works regardless of the theme or sector. The long tail is good for everything!

This strategy is easy and free. In fact, you only need to use your own YouTube search engine.

Let’s see it with an example:

Let’s say that your channel is dedicated to the “fortnite” sector. A very competitive issue that, a priority, it might seem that everything that can be said has already been talked about. Well, I’m going to show you no.

If we do a generic search on Youtube, the search engine will show us with the “autocomplete” other related searches that people do, ordered from highest to lowest popularity.


How to find long-tail keywords on YouTube

The issue here is that if you make a video called “Fortnite” you can forget, nobody will find it. You will find the most powerful channels in the sector. But neither would they find you if you made a video of “fortnite Android” or “fortnite dance”. The competition would still be too high.

Solution? Bet on your videos by the combination of keywords that have to do with “fortnite”.


The longer the keyword is, the more likely it is that it will have fewer searches, but it will also be much easier to position. And we are talking about that, to a greater or lesser extent, they are words that people are looking for, because Youtube itself is telling us.

Positioning yourself for long tail searches will allow you to reach the people who still do not know you. And that is the beginning to get out of limbo and get your first 100 subscribers.

To refine, we will use the “autocomplete” of Youtube with the strategy of adding and playing with adverbs and prepositions, to see what related searches it shows us:


Here we already have longer and more specific searches. And if they appear here, it’s because people are looking for this.

If, for example, we search in YouTube “how to get legendary weapons in fortnite”, we can verify that even the best positioned videos do not have the long tail keyword directly in their title.


What does this mean? That if you did it, surely you could position yourself quickly. The people who look for that will find you, they will know you and, if you give them what they want, they will subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

The asterisk strategy

But … We can still go further with the strategy of the long tail keyword How? Adding asterisk to the formula which would come to function as a kind of wildcard.

We can put it wherever we want, at the beginning, at the end or in the middle, and with this we would be indicating to the autocomplete of YouTube that we look for more words associated with the search we are doing.

This will give you a lot of possibilities to find long-tail keywords that have little competition and that will allow you to gain visibility more quickly.

These are the first videos you should do on your YouTube channel because they are the ones that will help you reach people who do not yet know you exist and quickly win those first 100 subscribers to take off.

From there, you can use other strategies that I will teach you to position yourself for stronger keywords.

So you already know what you have to do: start looking for long tail keywords for your videos directly within YouTube and go making a list to go creating your first videos.

What do you think about this strategy? Ask your questions and share your thoughts on the same in the below comment box.

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