Good News to all Paint Lovers, Paint will Not Go Away

Good News to all Paint Lovers, Paint will Not Go Away

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Microsoft has announced that Paint is here to stay, just going to the Windows Store where it will be available for free download.

Yesterday thousands of users lamented the death of Paint in the networks after a publication in which Microsoft announced which programs would be obsolete with the update of Windows 10. It seemed that the 32 years of a life of the mythical program came to an end.


Good News to all Paint Lovers, Paint will Not Go Away

Today the day begins with good news for fans of the MS Paint. Microsoft has officially announced that Paint will not disappear but it will be moved to the Windows Store, where users will be able to download it for free.

The company has expressed its gratitude to the netizens who showed their appreciation for the memorable program. ” Today we have seen an outpouring of support and nostalgia for MS Paint. If there is something we have learned is that, after 32 years, MS Paint has many fans, “they said in his blog.

Thus, they announced proudly that ” MS Paint is here to stay , just have a new home soon in the Windows Store, where it is available for free “.

They also took the opportunity to stress that Paint 3D is also available for free download in Windows 10 Update Creators, offering new features that include both 3D tools like the traditional functions of the original Paint.

I think everyone are very happy after reading this article. Now, you can happily update your Windows 10 to without any worries.