Google Chrome Starts Blocking Ads with its Own Google Ad Blocker

Google Chrome Starts Blocking Ads with its Own Google Ad Blocker

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Google has decided to block the annoying ads in Chrome in the year 2018 with the integration of its own adblocker

Despite what may seem inconsistent from a company where ads generate about 89% of revenue, the fact is that this filter will only block those annoying for the user and not meeting the criteria of Google. 

From today, we can try out the Google Chrome adblocker with the release of the Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary versions on Android.

Why would Google block ads, when a company is financed basically with advertising?

Google is at war with intrusive ads, which are also not part of its AdSense platform, and also against advertising blockers like AdBlock Plus, which allows you to block all advertising without distinction. To combat these two enemies, Google has created their own Chrome adblocker. This feature that only Chrome has, is the only reason I don’t Change my Browser

Google Chrome Starts Blocking Ads with its Own Google Ad Blocker

The Internet giant has just released the first two versions that will feature its new adblocker. As we know, the development cycle of Google Chrome “passes” through several phases known as Canary, Dev, Beta, and Final, ordered from more unstable to more stable. We tell you how to try the preliminary versions of Google Chrome with a few simple steps.

Although there are still months to go before the ad blocker is available in the final version of Google Chrome, the feature just made its appearance in the early stages of development. Google “loses” a lot of money because of blocked ads and so it wants to catch the bull by the horns with a tool of its own.

In addition, it is a native function of the operating system that should work better and have a lower resource consumption. Google would be looking to do away with third-party alternatives that have been so popularised using their own weapons. The ad blocker will reach desktop versions of Google Chrome to kill popups, video ads that automatically play with sound, and other “annoying” formats.

As always, all this will be at Google’s discretion. This will decide what content is annoying and what content is acceptable so that the blocked ads do not act on it. For now, we can take a look at the tool in the versions Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary for Android. 

Steps to Turn on Google Chrome Ad Blocker

  • You can find them in Menu> Settings> Site settings
  • There you can find a new function called Ads
  • After selecting the Ads section, a button is displayed to activate the intrusive advertising block.

But what is an intrusive advertisement? Google does not want to be a judge and part, so it will let it be the Coalition for Better Ads, which decides what advertising is blocked, and which is not.

It is possible that the arrival of the function is done progressively, so some users may not see it until after a few hours. 

Users who have the function can activate it. After activation, the description indicates that it “blocks ads from websites that tend to display intrusive advertising “.

For now, as we have discussed above, this feature is in the test phase, so it may still not work properly. At the moment we have to wait for several months, probably until the end of this year or early 2018 to see how this function reaches all the users of Google Chrome, both mobile and PC.

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