How Many Social Media Sharing Buttons You Should Use On Your Blog

How Many Social Media Sharing Buttons You Should Use On Your Blog
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How Many Social Media Sharing Buttons You Should Use On Your Blog: The answer to this question mainly depends on your audience and device from which your website is accessed  (Most of the times).

Number of Social Media Sharing Buttons That You Should Apply in Blogs

What is the best plugin for WordPress to add social media sharing buttons and other important social media features to your website? In this article, you will find out. Apart from that, you will also learn – How many social sharing buttons should you use.

How Many Social Media Sharing Buttons You Should Use On Your Blog

We also had a run through these plugins of adding social media sharing buttons. If you want to have social media sharing buttons and maybe share counters and things like that on your website as you often see on the news, websites and various blogs. What’s the best way to do that, these kinds of sharing buttons can play an important role in content marketing if you are creating content to attract visitors and get people to know you and know your brand.

Then obviously, you want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to share your content. So, they can send you more traffic. But, if you go looking for Social Media button plugins for WordPress, you will find that many of them are charging an overwhelming amount. So, how do you choose the right one now? In this article, that we wrote, we go into great detail on everything that matters about the best plugins out there. This is an active growth review after very thorough research. We want to keep it relatively short. So, we will give you a summary and overview and we will tell you which plugins are the best one to use and why. And, then if you want more details, you can check out the article. So, first of all, how do we decide which is the best plugin.

Now, we have many factors that we tested, these plugins against but the most important ones are the following. Number 1 is Speed: Your Social Media Sharing Plugin has to be as fast as possible. Your website has to be as fast as possible. So, if you are adding some social buttons to it, and you know makes everything load one second or two seconds slowers or something like that, is just not acceptable. Right? This has to be as lean and fast as possible. So, it doesn’t slow down your website.How Many Social Media Sharing Buttons You Should Use On Your Blog

Number two – there has to be a mobile optimization component to it. Because, if someone comes to your website, on a large screen, then maybe you want to have fairly prominent sharing buttons. But, it’s no good if one a smaller screen like one a phone, you know these sharing buttons end up taking half of the screen. That’s terrible. So, there has to be some way to optimize and maybe make a difference between this is what shows on desktop and this is what shows on a phone. Also, there are some sharing buttons like share on WhatsApp, that only makes sense on a phone and there has to be some way to show that to visitors were looking at your site on a phone. But not to visitors who are looking at your website on a desktop. Next up we looked at GDP compliance.

So, if you want to keep your website compliant with, GDP is which plugins help you do that and which ones don’t and then finally of course price. You don’t want a social sharing plugin to break the bank. We looked at many social sharing plugins, but the first thing we did is we gave them a sniff test kind of had a look at what are the features, what do they look like etc.

And, you will be completely shocked to know that we rejected the majority of them We disqualified all the non-eligible ones. Just immediately. Our goals were to only test the very best social media plugins and then decide which of those is the best one. So here are the candidates that made it into the final round of testing. We tested Mashshare, Monarch by Elegant Themes, Shareaholic, Ultimately Social, Socialwarfare, Sumo and EasySocialShareButtons.

Now, instead of going through all the details, let us just tell you which plugins we disqualified and why so. First of all, Sumo and Ultimatelysocial – both dropped out of the race because they are too heavy and too slow. So, out of all the plugins, we compared most of them had very little impact on your page loading time which is good. But, the native social share buttons, so if you use the official social share buttons from websites like Facebook and Twitters on those are the worst. Those are super slow. Don’t use those.

But, then so those were too slow. But then, Sumo also slowed down the sides significantly and ultimately social also have this problem that just made pages noticeably slower. Those are out of the race. Next up is Shareaholic. We disqualified this one because it’s not mobile responsive. It acts weird basically. It doesn’t have the kind of mobile options we were looking for and that some of the other plugins have. And, also, we are not entirely convinced that their GDP compliant, they say we found one statement saying yes to GDP. 

Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How Many Social Media Sharing Buttons You Should Use On Your Blog, still if you are facing any question or problem regarding the topic that is How Many Social Media Sharing Buttons You Should Use On Your Blog, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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