How To Get More Likes On Facebook With 10 Easy Ways

How To Get More Likes On Facebook With 10 Easy Ways

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Achieving more engagement in our publications on Facebook is usually one of the main objectives. We mainly manage our Social Network just because we seek to get “likes”, Comments and shares.

Tips and Tricks on How To Get More Likes On Facebook With 10 Easy Ways

But, this task is not easy because a good facilitator is needed ( Community Manager) you can get the fan community is very active and involved in everything we do.It is very common to see corporate sites with thousands of fans but no engagement capability, and this is motivated by his/her lack of interest, mismanagement or abandoning Facebook account.

How To Get More Likes On Facebook With 10 Easy Ways

SEO Factors on Facebook

Facebook is a Social Network that more factors are involved in the positioning, specifically it has 4 of the 10 most important SEO factors which are mentioned as follows:

  • SHARE on Facebook.
  • LIKE
  • Comments.
  • Total of all interactions.

Here I leave 10 quick ways regarding how to  get more “likes” on Facebook which will surely very useful to get many likes.

10 quick ways to get more “likes” on Facebook

1. Post Continuously

Public continuously, preferably 6 times a week. Try to share photos and videos alike, this will help you to always be in the minds of your fans.

2. Short and Concise

It has been shown that short and concise post get to have 60% more likely to be shared.
Write post on Facebook from 100 to 150 characters (approximately 3 lines of text).

3. Original

To your fans like who you are and what you do. Do not post content that is already published elsewhere. It creates unique content that only your fans find you.
A very important aspect of Facebook is to be different, creative and original.

4. Relevant

Show your fans that you care about. Post content that suits you and remember you can always hear from your fans to help you prepare for your next content.

5. Respond to fans

When your fans comment on your posts, respond to them as quickly as possible and show that you care. If you need time to figure out the answer you have to indicate it to your fan.

6. Post on holidays

Create images with narrative texts to share in the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc.).
These publications are shared up to 70% longer than ordinary publications.

7. Teaches the way

Ask them directly to give your fans “like” your posts and photos. It has been shown that it is effective, but not always do it because you abuse your fans and get tired and give an impression of desperation.

8. Offers value

Before posting anything to Facebook post to ask yourself if you share really has value and will be useful for your fans.
If you think a post is worthless do not post it on Social Networks

9. Questions

Publications formulating a question are more likely to have comments. According KISSmetrics they can have twice as common comments publications.

10. Post photos

The photos can have 53% more “likes”, 104% more comments and 84 more clicks, which published text or links.
These are the top 10 and best tips to get more fans and likes on our Facebook Account. I hope this will work for sure. And if anyone of you implement then spare your time to share your experiences with our visitors.