How To Login & Link Your YouTube Account with Gmail Account

How To Login & Link Your YouTube Account with Gmail Account
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How To Login & Link Your YouTube Account with Gmail Account: You must already be knowing about the login.

Steps on How To Login and Link Your YouTube Account with Gmail Account

But, linking is a little bit different. At the same time, the best part is that – YouTube-Account Linking With Gmail Account is a very simple three steps process. Here they are – So, here’s how to add an Account to your Gmail. Open your favourite browser. Go to Enter username and Password. Click Sign in to log in to your Gmail Account. Click the gear icon at the top right corner of the page. Select settings from the drop-down menu. Click on the Accounts and Import tab. Scroll down and click on Add another account link.

How To Login & Link Your YouTube Account with Gmail Account

In the empty box, type in the e-mail address of your other account. Once you have done that, click on the Next Step. Double-check the e-Mail Address you entered. Now, click on Send e-mail to gran access button. Now log out of this account and login with your other account to confirm the addition. Check your inbox for an e-mail that should contain a link to confirm your new addition. Click on that link and you are done. This is how you can add another account to your Gmail. Besides, this, if you are willing to grow your YouTube Channel, here’s something important for you – Just focus on the YouTube Fundamentals.

Going with the famous saying – get the fundamentals down and the level of everything, yo do will rise. It’s a great quote from one of the greats of NBA history that applies to every industry and definitely on YouTube. So, ask yourself – are you doing the basic thing right? Are you focussing on a good title? Are you focussing on a good thumbnail? Are you tagging your videos? Often when people start, they discount things like tags, and they are not properly letting YouTube know what’s inside of their content. So, you have got to do this. We can tell you this, every YouTube Success story starts with basics.How To Login & Link Your YouTube Account with Gmail Account

Absolutely, and if you didn’t know about some resources available for this, there is a lot to learn, but even YouTube has put together The Creator Academy or the Creator Playbook. Study the basics. Study the fundamentals. And, don’t just study them, work on mastering them. Because, when you are trying to grow your YouTube Channel, you are trying to learn graphics design, you are trying to learn to brand, you are trying to learn how to be on Camera.

There is a lot to learn. So, put in the time. Practice and work the fundamentals. Another important tip is Content – you know we are talking about the fundamentals, We are talking about other things you should be focussed on and don’t forget about your content. You know, one of the first things we can tell you about that when it comes to getting subscribers is Add Value to someone’s life. Your video making someone laugh, it is answering a question, is this solving a problem, what is it doing for someone’s life. If you can answer that and make that happen to your content, you are on the right track.

We have all probably heard the phrase content is king. And, so at the end of the day, success on YouTube comes down to consistent strategic quality content and one of our biggest tips is before you press record, to some research and some preparation. Spend some time going to the YouTube search bar looking for ideas as it you type in a couple of words. It starts predicting some, you know searching that gives you some ideas for your videos or articles if you are a blogger.

And, for your titles, spend some time even asking questions on Twitter or on in the community looking for hot topics that are trending in culture and then plan out your videos. That will improve the strength of your content. Lastly, we cannot emphasize enough about consistency. So, important to commit long term to be consistent, we suggest at least one video a week. Long term, because you are going to learn so much from those uploads. You know, realize as time goes on and you observe the results, you are going to learn the strategies that work. You are going to learn the tactics that get people interested in your videos.

Their attention on your content and ultimately subscribing. For when you are starting from scratch if the focus on creating searchable videos. You know, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. And, so, if someone types in something, that are interested in, trying to learn about makeup or cooking or interior decoring or gaming whatever it is you want your videos to show up in those top search results. 

Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How To Login & Link Your YouTube Account with Gmail Account, still if you are facing any problems or questions regarding the topic that is How To Login & Link Your YouTube Account with Gmail Account, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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