How to Survive a Prolonged Power Cut? 6 Safety Tips for Small Business

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When running a business, unexpected power cuts can spoil a perfectly good day! No matter how credible your power supplier is, due to some unforeseen events, power cuts are always expected at some point in time. This is the reason that everyone out there should be well prepared to deal with a prolonged power cut.

The entities which are affected the most by the unexpected and prolonged power cuts are the small businesses operating in the area. This is because small businesses use power from all things, from lighting to being able to take card payments, and are usually not well equipped and well prepared to survive the effects of a prolonged power cut.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing frequent issues with your power supply company, it is the best time to look out for a better supplier. For this purpose, a comparison of different energy rates is the first thing you have to do as a consumer. But you also have to remember that if it’s the reliability you want, the cheapest option may or may not be the most credible here.

As a business owner, you must know what to do during a power outage to keep your customers and employees happy while keeping your business safe from potential losses. This is the reason that we have listed a few safety tips for you below to follow:

Train your Employees

Do your employees know what to do in a power outage? You have to provide your employees with proper training on the safety procedures to follow when you experience a power cut. A proper power outage emergency response plan will keep your customers and employees safe while protecting the expensive equipment at work.

This emergency plan must include all the possibilities that might fall upon your employees. For example, your employees must know what to do if they are stuck in an elevator or what to do with the appliances and equipment when they are experiencing a power outage.

Keep an Emergency Kit

Emergency kits will help your employees in whatever way possible to keep them safe. You should keep emergency kits with first aid supplies, water, flashlights, rope, and other necessary items in easily accessible areas of the office.

You must provide your employees with the necessary training on how to evacuate the office in any uncertain situation and also how to help their colleagues in certain emergencies.

first aid kit

Have a Backup Power Source

Generators are considered the handiest solution to overcome a power outage. If you are in an area that frequently has outages, it is a must to invest in a good generator as a backup power source for your business. Moreover, you should also train your staff on how to safely operate the generator in the event of a power outage.

Some of the most important tips for using a generator safely include; keeping the generator in a well-ventilated area to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, never to plug in the generators into the power outlets directly, and generators must always be completely cooled off before refueling.

Invest in Surge Protection for your Equipment

The surge protectors have to keep the equipment and appliances from malfunctioning during a sudden change in the voltage. The risk of fluctuating voltage is very high during a power outage.

We are suggesting you invest in good surge protectors for your equipment as they cost a lot less than what you might have to pay with malfunctioned and damaged equipment.

Know the Difference between a Blackout and a Brownout

There is a big difference between a blackout and a brownout that you must know. Brownout is considered to be a temporary reduction in the overall capacity of your power system. While a blackout happens when the power system goes out entirely. Knowing the difference between these two can save you from a lot of hassle.

No matter if it is a blackout or a brownout, if these are happening frequently lately, then you must look out for another power supplier. Various cheap electricity options might be available from different suppliers in your area. You just have to check them and change to a better option.

Deadlines and Internet Outages

No power also can mean no internet, and in today’s times where everything seems to be done online, a lack of connectivity to the web can be just as damaging as a power outage.

The worst thing about an outage is the difficulty to meet the client’s deadlines. We know that any outage is not your fault, but sometimes the clients are not in the mood to listen to any excuse. Which is the reason that we suggest you check the frequency of internet outages on a credible source, such as Belong outages.

Being ready beforehand for a power cut is better than having a power outage surprise at your worst.

Keep the Work Environment for your Employees, Customers, and Business Safe

There are hundreds of other safety tips that you must follow to keep everyone safe. But we have listed the most important ones for you to follow. By following the described precautions, you can save the lives of others and also save your expensive equipment.


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