26 Best Personal Safety Apps For Your Smartphone in 2024

26 Best Personal Safety Apps For Your Smartphone in 2024

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This article is about the best personal safety apps., and student safety apps, most of them free, and a few paid, but, fear not (no pun intended), there are 26 safety apps to choose from.

With these Android and Apple iPhone iOS safety apps, essay writer help, people, especially women, college students, and younger people, will be able to protect themselves more easily.

It’s no secret, everyone is seeking security, especially in today’s hyper-vigilant world as we face more street riots, protests, and political confrontations which we seemed to see more of in 2020.

Especially in college, many students are living on their own for the first time. Thinking about their own safety in addition to doing things like getting college homework help or having a social life shouldn’t be a priority.

Apps That You Can  Install on Your Smartphones to Improve Online Safety

When someone goes out, their family members might remain worried till they return home. Many are worried to travel alone in cabs due to a lack of security. For example, the security experts from essaywritercheap.org say that whatever the situation, there’s a good number of safety apps, and student safety apps,  for maximum peace of mind.  Phew.  And we review 27 of them with women, college students, and younger people in mind.



With just the press of a button, this safety app, bsafe, send instant messages to your family members.

In the free version, you can use this feature so that they can react quickly if you’re in danger. In the subscribed version, you can get two levels of security, including Risk Mode and Timer Mode. Risk Mode tracks your current location with GPS technology, while Timer Mode features a programmed automatic alert feature.

The bsafe app comes with several features including:

  • Unlimited friends,
  • Alert friends,
  • I’m here
  • Fake voice call
  • Timer
  • Follow me

These features are there to make you feel safe in multiple ways.bsafe


The SafeTrek application is an emergency app that gives you a chance to alert cops when you are in a risky circumstance. Luckily, it comes with a safeguard in the event that you don’t end up needing help. When you launch the application, you put your thumb on the Safe button. On the off chance that you release your thumb from the button, you are asked to enter a 4-digit code. if you don’t enter the code, the police are notified. If you do enter it, nothing happens.

This is a decent system because, on the chance that the situation is sketchy, you have a good opportunity to caution the police. Also, you can send the call for help without being obvious about it, which could come in handy depending on your situation.


Guardly is one of the best safety apps for women and can be used in many dangerous situations. This application empowers the client to place phone calls to recorded contacts, “The emergency contacts whom you consider will react instantly to the emergency calls/messages” and give them your name, ongoing area, and sort of emergency. This feature sets it apart from any other safety smartphone app on the Google Play store.

In the subscribed version, it offers responders to be associated with phone calls. In the paid version, it offers real-time tracking capability.
guardly safety apps


“Safetipin” is a map-based free safety app that lets clients make points of interest around their neighborhood, office, or elsewhere in the city. Any post through the application in any of these circles will appear on a divider labeled for that point.

“The specific point can then be audited by the user, who can tell others whether a stretch of the street or a spot inside that circle has satisfactory road lighting or road transport so that others may maintain a strategic distance from that route,”

“The user can share pictures and express how he/she is feeling while going by any piece of the city and that data would be imparted to the separate circle. Safetipin gives a guide to its user which shows regions of the city that are unsafe (red), moderately safe (orange), or safe (green). This one is the ultimate student safety app.

“The reason behind Safetipin is that citizens in safety will create more secure neighborhoods and cities through decreasing tolerance and violence against women,”.

Famy Family Chat and Locator Safety Apps

If you are a parent who has a truculent child, or one who needs to watch over an adolescent kid who has an issue with “individual space”, this may be the locator application you require.

The application gets your precise GPS area and shares the area with the gathering. Obviously, the individual whose area is being shared can pick when their area can be disclosed, yet the app also keeps recipients informed concerning the target person’s previous locations. It will let users send an SOS message alarm when essential.

Life360 Locator Safety Apps

Life360 is a multi-purpose application for staying in contact with relatives and friends and keeping an idea about their location. This application gives you a chance to designate groups, add people to them, and see their areas on a classified guide.

Along these lines, you’ll have the ability to stay informed about your relatives’ whereabouts and confirm that they’re protected and safe. You can share your location with them, or send caution to your circle members. Moreover, after you share your location you can also utilize this application to recoup a lost or stolen mobile phone.

life 360

Women Safety Help Totem SOS

Gives you a chance to pick a mode as per the level of danger you feel. Use “green” when you feel sheltered, “yellow” when you are not certain, and the red panic button in a crisis.

The red mode gives you a chance to dial an emergency number, transmit your area, take automatic photographs at regular intervals, and record sound. Yellow mode just transmits GPS area at interim allowed by the user.

I’m Shakti App

The I’m Shakti (IMS) safety app helps keep you in control of your “Shakti” (power in Sanskrit). To access your emergency contact, press the panic button 5 times (in 2 seconds) to trigger the application.

The app allows you to send videos, images, messages, and your location to your emergency contact list with just the press of a button.


The Nirbhaya App is another app that lets the user send an SMS or call with a single touch in the event of an emergency. Whenever triggered, it will send your exact GPS area to your pre-selected contacts, with precise area redesigns every 300 meters you move.

Its different elements incorporate the Geo Fence (which keeps your contacts informed of your area), the Shake to Alert ability, and your phone’s power button to convey a distress signal.

Raksha – Women safety Alert

“The application gives data about your location to your dear ones exactly at the press of a button. The selected contacts, friends, and dear ones can see your area and you can even request that they show theirs. A distress signal, just by pressing a signal button, conveys an uproarious buzzer to your dear ones,”

Regardless of the fact that the Raksha application is switched off and isn’t running, pressing the volume key for three seconds will caution your emergency contacts. Your area is sent to them on a map which sends your location accurately.


Smart 24X7

We, unfortunately, live in an era when personal safety apps have turned into a necessity for all advanced mobile users, especially women. Smart 24X7, a personal safety app, has emerged on the scene. 24X7 is a one-of-a-kind security application that empowers someone stuck in a critical situation to be connected with loved ones, as well as the quick assistance of a 24-hour customer care center.

This personal safety application would be helpful for people of all demographics.

One can send alert messages to family and friends, or police and ambulance services are accessible nearby with these safety apps. It allows users to select five emergency contacts once the application is installed. Regardless of the cell phone model used by your primary contacts, frenzy Alerts will be sent to them at whatever point the user presses the PANIC Button. The user additionally gets a quick call from the Smart 24X7 Customer Care Center.

As the application needs to track the user’s area, one can also get assistance from the closest police or fire station, or a hospital. The geographic location of the person is also sent to the primary contact list. On the other hand, the emergency situation to know is that if the application is utilized without Internet availability, up to Rs 30 can be deducted for every press of the PANIC button. This could add up to a significant hit to your phone balance.


Made with oversight from Search and Rescue experts, the Bugle application for iPhone is composed essentially of runners, climbers, cyclists, and others that would prefer not to bring their mobile with them when they’re out. Users choose the time range that they will be gone and where they are going. If they don’t check-in for some time outside that range, their emergency contacts on their mobile are alarmed by email and text message.

This is not only for people who work out. It’s ideal in the event that you are going on a blind date, meeting, or any event where you are meeting an outsider and know when you should be back.

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is a free safety app for Apple iOS and Android gadgets ( for example, the Apple watch) that gives you a chance to assemble a circle of six friends or trusted contacts. You can rapidly call them when you’re in danger or need assistance. With one touch, the application pings these trusted friends or emergency services upon your request, along with your current location so they can find you.

Circle of 6 emergency services are principally designed to prevent domestic and sexual violence. People who may wind up in a hazardous or uncomfortable circumstance receive assistance from their closest friends, police, or other officials.

circle of 6

Self-assistance app

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 cell phones have a lot of awesome features. One of these, called “Safety Assistance,” is an inherent emergency tool that gives you a chance to rapidly tell pre-decided contacts that you may be in immediate trouble.

You can enable Safety Assistance by tapping Settings > Quick Settings > Safety Assistance > Send Help Messages. When the feature is turned on, you can send an SOS caution by squeezing your telephone’s lock button three times. Sent data can incorporate a guide of your area, photographs from your telephone’s front and back camera, and a brief voice recording. This is one of the best safety apps.
safety apps assistance mod

Note that Samsung’s Safety Assistance highlight isn’t a method to call 911. You ought to be aware that poor network conditions may postpone or obstruct these alarms.

KiteString Safety Apps

This safety app was designed by an MIT graduate student whose girlfriend requested that he check on her after she walked home from work in San Francisco. Kitestring is not quite the same as alternate applications in that it doesn’t require an activity to trigger a caution. Instead, it works based on inaction. You utilize the application by advising it that you’re in a dangerous spot or circumstance and set a time period of when it ought to check in with you.

In the event that you don’t answer when the application asks about your status, it’ll send your emergency contacts a custom message you’ve pre-programmed. Running later than you thought in light of an imbecilic public transportation delay? The app makes pushing back the registration time a piece of cake. It’s an awesome thing, as it doesn’t require the user to do anything in the case of emergency—in which, probably, you wouldn’t be in the emotional state or physically able to do.


VthU app

Nobody has time to dial an emergency number when they are in peril. The VithU App lets you skip through the number-punching and get a chance to push your power button twice. In a flash, it will send an SOS alarm to contacts.

Readied messages are conveyed at regular intervals to recorded contacts, who will get a message alongside your physical area. This will get redesigned every time the message goes out.


The inventors of the Hollaback application want to end harassment in the city such as harassment, staring, and catcalling. The Hollaback development is advocated for in 54 cities in 19 countries by local activists.

Clients can use the Hollaback! application to report grabbing, glimmering, ambush, and gender-based violence. “The blast of versatile innovation has given us an exceptional chance to end street harassment”

The application is outfitted for women and young girls. Clients can use content or pictures to report episodes that will eventually appear on a map.

Scream Alarm!

As the name recommends, a boisterous scream in a woman’s voice begins if you press the catch on the screen. You need to push the button again to stop the shouting. There are no different features, simply press the button on your Android telephone and let the women shout in the offender’s ear.
Where this application scores, it may spurn some assistance or at least harm the offenders’ ears. This may even prevent a crime from happening.

Smartshehar Women Safety Shield Protection

One of the newer safety apps, this one allows you to take photos periodically. Hit the emergency button and the photo alongside the area will go to a pre-chosen emergency contact.

Try not to stress in the event that you lose the phone before sending it — the application will naturally send the information in a few moments.
The “Walk With Me” feature will allow those on your contact list to track your moments in real-time.


In this app, one needs to enter his or her contact numbers, name, etc. They need to enter 5 contact numbers of those members who are known to them, such as emergency contacts.

If there should come an incident or an emergency he or she needs to tap on the application on the mobile phone. Then, an SOS Alert SMS will send to those 5 contact numbers. After receiving the SMS alert, the concerned contact can reach the police force at the city’s police station.

The SOS SMS will assist with knowing the area of the incident, the victim’s name, and his or her EMI number through which they can track the accused easily with a Google Maps link.

Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me is an app that lets contacts tail you on your trip remotely. The application gives you a chance to determine to what extent you need it to track your GPS area. That is until you check in from your proposed destination.

If you neglect to do such, it sends an emergency alert to your emergency contacts. On the other hand, in the event that something awful happens, you can shake your mobile to trigger an emergency alert. Then, your mobile camera will turn on and begin recording audio and video.

The application additionally lets you know if you’ve entered a high crime rate area. It is accessible in 7 cities.

Secure Her Safety Apps

If you are feeling unsafe alone in a spot, or maybe a long way from close friends or family, this may be a decent safety app.

The Secure Her app works by sending out distress signals when the mobile user double-clicks on the application’s symbol on her mobile. At that point, a call center will react to the distress signal to ensure that help reaches the user.


With the creation of DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.), the application permits the user to be tracked with the GPS on their phone or vehicle.

The user can send instant alarms to a chosen list of contacts too. The application lets your area be known regardless of the fact that there is no GPS on your mobile phone. This is because an area can be observed through the vehicle’s GPS. This is one of the most helpful safety apps.


Another extraordinary application for women’s safety is FightBack. On the off chance that you are in danger, it gives GPS, GPRS, or SMS messages and Facebook alarms through SOS messages to your pre-set contacts.


This award-winning service is one of the best safety apps for women. The application works on your mobile phone quietly. If there should arise an occurrence of an emergency, it will produce an automatic voice call to pre-set contact numbers.

Street Safe Safety Apps

With only a couple of clicks of the power button on your telephone, you will trigger alarms. Your Facebook record will list your present area so that the majority of your friends can see it. Plus, SMS and phone messages will be sent to people who you have chosen to #contact in a crisis.

So, these are the 25+ best Android or Apple iOS safety apps for 2021 for women, girls, college students, and any other type of citizen. I hope you all like this article. Sharing is Caring. Share this article with all your caring family members, and friends and create awareness.

Bonus: Other Methods of Staying Safe As A Student

Each autumn, almost 20 million students enter college. Moreover, many of them are unaware of the hazards and perils they may encounter if they are not equipped or watchful. In truth, most pupils believe that their campus is a secure haven away from the outside world. That, however, is far from reality.

Furthermore, on college campuses, crime occurs daily. Thus, even the safest communities and university campuses in America are not immune to crime. Hence, this may range from theft, harassment, and intimidation to burglaries and assaults. So, no one is safe and in peace of mind regarding security issues.

As a result, it is critical that students, particularly freshmen, understand how to keep safe while away at college. Additionally, parents should talk to their college children about being observant and secure. 

Accordingly, this includes everything from safely utilizing Uber to keeping their stuff safe and employing a buddy system. Hence, parents should impart essential safety skills before their college students leave home.

Moreover, below are some helpful safety tips to protect you.

Staying Cautious at Night 

Students should not travel around campus alone at night, particularly frequently. Instead, they should make plans to study with others and leave as a group. 

If they must go across campus alone, they should invest in some protection supplies to keep in their bag. This includes pepper spray or a high-voltage flashlight.

Adopt the Buddy System

College students should take advantage of the buddy system anytime possible, whether heading out or studying late. Moreover, it is never a brilliant idea to go to college or around a city alone, especially if unfamiliar with the region.

Thus, going out with a group for parties or nightlife is significantly safer. The important thing is to keep together and not break up. And when it’s time to leave, you all should at the same time.

Being Cautious About Ubers

Fears about college students utilizing Uber and other comparable ride-sharing services, particularly after a night out, have grown. Aside from entering a car with someone you don’t know, there have been other tales. Unfortunately, some of these are about students getting into the wrong cars or a fake Uber driver’s automobile. 

These incidents have brought to light the significance of safety features for people who use ride-sharing applications. 

Therefore, examine the car’s image on the app and compare the license plate to the one provided by the app. Moreover, always double-check before entering or attempting to remember the number when using an app to arrange a ride. 

Additionally, stay indoors while you wait for your ride, mainly if you are alone.


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