Difference Between Fake and Real Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

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Present Xiaomi is the trend going on in Mobile industry. As Xiaomi owing its better quality and required features it got a good response from the people.

Identifying the Differences Between Fake and Real Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Due to this craze towards Xiaomi, many of them turning this opportunity to make some few bucks by selling Fake Xiaomi (Mi) Power bank. This is one of the live experience of mine and one of my friend Chandra, who bought it through online from a fame eCommerce website. Couldn’t reveal the name of the eCommerce name here. But, I suggest everyone be careful and analyse the product that it is a real or fake. But, the question is how to find the Xiaomi mi power bank as real or fake? Here, I show you some differences between Fake Xiaomi Mi power bank and Real Xiaomi Mi power bank.

How to spot a fake My Power Bank?

In the following images, I will show you how you can detect a Mi Power Bank is fake or real.

1. Indicator lights, microUSB port and USB

Figure 1: Power button and peripherals Mi Power Bank
  • The indicator lights have a much larger diameter than the original
  • The microUSB port on the false have a black colour, while the original is white
  • The USB port on the false have a white colour compared to the original is of a beige

2. Product Info

Figure 2: Scripture Xiaomi

Letters written in the top right of the Power Bank are fake blur that compared to the real, these are very clear

3. Logo Xiaomi “Mi” on the front

The logo My barely visible in the Power fake Bank. In the true Power Bank is very clear

4. Batteries LG Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

The Power Bank used batteries LG true. Batteries and connections in Printed Circuit (Printed Circuit Board) are very well managed. Power regarding false Banks, batteries are of different brands. The connections of the positive and negative poles are connected with a very thin wire, which can be heated easily.

5. Postcards

The real Xiaomi Power Bank uses a chip from Texas Instruments,  BQ24195. This is the square chip that is in the centre on the left side of Figure 5 (white background).
One more important thing is “MI 20800mAh” power bank is fake in our few eCommerce websites. So, don’t buy blindly. Here, are few fake images of Mi 20800mAh power bank bought by one of my Friend Chandra.
“Roosh Int.  Mi only sells original Banks Power acquired the official supplier.”
This is how we find the differences between real Xiaomi and Fake Xiaomi Mi Power bank. If you have faced any issues with Xiaomi Mi Power bank, kindly let us know in the below comments to get awareness on this.