iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Which is Better?

iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Which is Better?

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Here is a look at the new spot at each of these platforms offers us. So, you get points to Compare and define which one fits your needs. So, let’s see iOS or Android or Windows phone.

iOS 8, the ‘smart’ redesign Apple

iOS is known for being a friendly and intuitive operating system, with 1.2 million apps in the App Store. The improvement from the iOS 7 is lower, but helped in improving of user experience. These are some of its advantages.

Perfect Ecosystem:

One of the highlight of the Apple family is that its ecosystem works perfectly. IPad, Mac, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV communicate with each other smoothly. iOS 8 takes this integration to a new level.

Calls from any device:

iOS 8 lets you to make and receive calls from an iPad or from a Mac. The condition is compatible with iOS 8 and are connected to the same WiFi network of the iPhone.

Share family:

iOS 8 includes a feature that allows users to share applications, songs, movies, books and podcast, among others, with other family members. Each family has an “organizer” who will add you or delete members of the group and makes the payments for the contents.


The iMessage messaging system only works in the Apple universe. Now integrated with other devices and allows to send voice messages.


An advantage of iOS is that it is very safe. According to Kaspersky Labs, 98 percent of malicious codes are created for Android. Less than 1 percent affects Apple platform. This reflects, in particular, for two reasons: the controls exercised by the apple app store are very rigorous and is a closed system, which hinders the creation and spread of viruses on this platform.

Lollipop, ReEngineering

Single interface:

This will be your biggest change. It is an interface called Material Design (Design Material), which is at 60 frames per second, with layers and shadows in high definition. It gives the user a feeling of operation that is never felt nor seen before. It is very fluid, natural and showy runs, looking very surprising. It will be the biggest redesign of appearance in the history of Android. It includes new customization options too.

Multitasking in tabs:

The new operating system from Google, which is in line with names related to the goodies so called as Lollipop (Columbian) code – mimics the Chrome browser to provide a display of running applications. By clicking the icon ‘recent apps’ get a deployment tabs to jump from one to another, closing, etc.


Lollipop integrates ‘Volta Project’ say the next big thing to improve energy autonomy of mobiles. This feature helps developers to optimize energy consumption of their apps. It also includes a battery saving feature that promises to extend the duration to 90 minutes, compared to the current Android.

Pay calm to his ‘smartphone’:

The function of multiple users incorporates several improvements. With the mode of ‘guest’, or by creating or profiles, it is now possible that your phone or tablet with multiple user accounts that protect data, apps and content of each.

Backup and configuration:

Copying iOS, but improved. With the new setup wizard is much easier to retrieve user information, such as Google and mobile applications when you change a new one. Take your old phone or tablet, turn on the NFC, turn on your new phone, move them closer and ready. All your settings, accounts, data, etc., from one side to another. It is very simple to transfer your data from old mobile to new one.

Windows Phone 8.1, upward

The mobile operating system from Microsoft has positioned itself as the third most used worldwide, down from Android and iOS. In Colombia it has a special user base, through the impetus of Nokia Lumia and smartphone models input, i.e., affordable prices. Some of the main strengths of Windows Phone are part of their ability to interact with other computers and Microsoft ecosystem services, such as Office, Outlook and Xbox, which adds points to the operating system. These are some of the new features: 

Action Center:

One improvement that allows windows phone for better manage and control the system notifications: emails, messages, missed calls, trills, social network updates, easy and handy. Very similar to Android (unfold sliding the top of the screen down), now include access to specific functions of mobile as networking and connectivity, among others.

Best camera:

It is now possible to shoot burst style and add multiple ‘ apps’ for editing photos and videos, in addition to those already brings factory equipment. Along with Carl Zeiss optics Nokia has on their computers, Windows Phone makes it one of the best phones to take pictures and videos.

Universal applications:

From this year, developers have the ‘Universal App’ function, which allows you to create programs that run on any computer ecosystem Microsoft (Windows Phone, PC, tablets and Xbox One) , much like iOS, which means that you will see on your computer, console and mobile, the same application, no matter from which device you downloaded.

Auto Wifi:

A function that has sparked controversy, but is quite useful. You should not be looking open WiFi. Windows Phone does, and is automatically configured when ‘hears’ a network for public use, leaving the mobile connected without intervention of the person.